Friday, August 11, 2006


If you read SLCSpin, you know the stadium negotiations have been all over the place. Heather May at the Tribune just posted the most current deal may be unraveling. I suppose that means RSL is going to make another counter offer. Tonight on Nightside, Mayor Rocky Anderson talked about a 10am groundbreaking but that is looking less and less likely he also accused the County Mayor's office of making last minute changes to an approved plan before sending it to RSL, thus rendering it unacceptable. My own sources indicate the plan before RSL right now is the exact plan the County Council, Mayor's office, and financial advisors signed off on. So tonight, the RSL has the reigns.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Find something else to blog about. I am sick and tried of this city and county kissing up to the great Dave Checketts I could barf. It may be a great game watched by more people than go the church on any given Sunday but it also has the shame of inciting some of the most violent displays of unsportsmanlike conduct on the face of the Earth. Massive riots, hooliganism all the things that make the game great. Fortunately, I hope, that has not reached the U.S. yet. Fans get over yourselves and tell Checketts to put up or shutup.

8/13/2006 05:40:00 PM  

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