Tuesday, August 29, 2006

More On The Money

Pete Ashdown has enough personal wealth to close the cash gap with Senator Orrin Hatch. But he doesn't. Because he's NOT Senator Orrin Hatch. Nor is he anything like those who insulate the Senator from the public, who smugly point to his riches as some sort of validation. Riches, I should add, accumulated on the backs of Utahns. So why doesn't Pete Ashdown cut himself a check? Because he understands the dangerous game of men like Senator Orrin Hatch. And he will play no part in it. The mere presence of Pete in this race is a triumph for Utahns. There is a new generation moving into the scene. Old men like Senator Hatch use millions to stay in as long as they can, but they will be forced to the side to make way for openness, communication, and the triumph of innovation.


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