Monday, July 31, 2006

Too Good For Utah

I once ran into a woman who said she wasn't going to vote in the city election because she only votes in important elections. You know, the Presidential election. I think it was this woman.

Pete Ashdown

You Can't Buy Class

Former Utah Governor Mikey (The Hair) Leavitt and his family have been roundly thumped across the country for hiding millions in assets in a very shady charity scheme. Mikey insists his family did nothing ILLEGAL, but surely a man who spent so much of his political career smiling for cameras on the front row of LDS General Conference understands the difference between legality and morality. Just because its legal doesn't mean its right. The real lesson here is that no matter how far Mikey's ambitions take him, the Leavitt family is a big fish small pond operation. You can't buy class, man.

Keith Christensen

Being endorsed by Mayor Anderson is not the same as being Mayor Anderson. When we interviewed Keith Christensen Friday, he talked the whole time about how we should remember SLC Mayor is a non- affiliated race. I completely agree with him, and I believe the non- affiliated status should be strictly respected by candidates. But Mayor Anderson just finished a City Council battle in District 3 where his loyal base argued for months that Party affiliation DOES matter even in a non partisan race. All we heard about was party affiliation. The campaign's admitted strategy was "I'm a Democrat, I'm a Democrat, I'm a Democrat. Did I mention I'm a Democrat?"

Friday, July 28, 2006

It's True

Mayor Rocky Anderson will not have a third term. He and Keith Christensen are holding a joint press conference Monday where they will most likely announce that Christensen is a candidate, and he is endorsed by the Mayor.

Mayor Anderson Not Running?

That's the buzz. We'll have it live on the Nightside Project. 102.7fm. We go on at 7.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Why I'm With Pete

It has nothing to do with money, or polls. It has nothing to do with campaign strategies, or political operatives. It's all about my self- respect. I feel good supporting Pete Ashdown. And in November, it's going to be great to punch that ticket for him. I won't be holding my nose, I won't be closing my eyes, and I won't be wishing I had another choice. It will be a good moment for me. Make it a good moment for yourself as well.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

A Senator For Utah

We need Pete Ashdown. Read about the photo.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Death Throes

Salt Lake County Councilman Cort Ashton has put a revamped Sandy Stadium plan on the agenda for Salt Lake County Council's August 8th Committee of the Whole. He's trying to get enough votes to send the plan to the Debt Review Committee. He's just doing his job as a resident of Sandy.

Senator Senior Moment: Little White Liar

Some of you have seen the video of Senator Orrin Hatch giving Park City TV "the finger". PCTV blurred it when they aired it, and the version online shows the blurred hand. Senator Orrin Hatch told the Salt Lake Tribune that he didn't really display his special finger. This put the pressure on PCTVwho clarified today they have the raw footage, and the Senator really did flip the bird. I didn't care about the hand gesture. I do care about the moronic, useless lie. Ahh yes, 30 years of bringing honor and respect to the United States Senate.

Reporting Tragedy, High Emotions, And 4- Letter Words

The coverage of the tragic Destiny Norton story has provided insight into local reporting styles. This observation was passed along to me earlier today. SL Tribune: "They told us they searched these buildings four f------ times," Norton family spokeswoman Jeannie Hill said of police. “They did not do their jobs." DesNews: family friend Jeannie Hill said. "They told us they'd searched these buildings four (expletive) times. They did not do their job." KSL: Jeannie Norton, a friend of the family for 10 years, said police had said they searched the buildings four times. "They did not do their jobs," she said.

Craig Roger Gregerson

Monday, July 24, 2006


Destiny Norton's body was found tonight in the basement of a neighbor's house. Police arrested Craig Roger Gregerson. Freaky thing: KSL interviewed a Cadie Gregerson last week. She was a neighbor volunteering in the search. The Deseret News article on this claimed Craig Gregerson was the sole occupant of the house in which Destiny's body was found. But The KSL boards are buzzing over this website that seems to show Craig Gregerson as a family man. It certainly looks like him. update: the Gregerson family website seems to have exceeded its traffic limit and is shut down.

Ice Cream And Politics

Mayor Anderson is hosting a "Town Meeting" on global warming. His press release announces "Open Public Forum & Announcement" Announcement, eh? Is this the moment we've been waiting for? Will Mayor Rocky Anderson announce whether he'll continue his career as Mayor? It's Friday at 6:00pm at the Downtown Library. Hey, free ice cream.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

No One Cares About The Fans

Sports teams don't care about fans. Yet amazingly, fans hold all of the strings. Fans buy the merchandise, watch and listen to broadcasts, and pay to attend games. RSL knows its consumers want their own stadium, and they want that stadium to be downtown and as cheap and simple as possible. But what actually happened? RSL put together a FAILURE of a plan that was in Sandy, extremely expensive, and mindbogglingly complex economically and politically. 1) RSL knew it could just get new fans in Sandy 2) Organized "fans" wrote this deadly blank check,"we don't care where or how, we'll still show up."

Saturday, July 22, 2006


At the RSL/Dallas game a few hours ago, I had an epipheny. Athletes are a group team management are a group fans are a group. They use each other, but don't always respect each other. They definitely don't understand each other.

Friday, July 21, 2006

It's Not Too Late

More Religion And Politics

Thursday, July 20, 2006

The Nightside Project

I know some of you already know about The Nightside Project some of you even heard it. Bill Frost did. The Nightside Project is an evening news and talk show at KSL. Tonight will be its first night in its real time slot: Weeknights 7pm- 11pm. I'm responsible for the political content. So you know it will be fun. Give it a listen, and let me know what you think about it. 102.7 fm

Religion And Politics

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

How Do You Decide When To Care?

Mayor Rocky Anderson hosted a candlelight vigil for Elizabeth Smart 4 days after her disappearance Ed Smart said: "We really appreciate Rocky. He has just been there every step of the way in supporting us" Mayor Anderson left yesterday with no statement on Destiny Norton and no plans to get involved beyond having "full faith in the police". Don't you think Destiny Norton's family would love their Mayor to "be there every step"? What about "a few of the steps"?


Mayor Rocky Anderson on Elizabeth Smart (not an actual Elizabeth Smart image) Mayor Rocky Anderson on Destiny Norton He left yesterday morning.

Monday, July 17, 2006

1st Amendment Watch: Day 25

Mayor Rocky Anderson loves to blacklist reporters who dare look at his administration with a critical eye. Which tells me he's not interested in going back to the ACLU. He talks big, but he's the classic example of what happens when ego overtakes ideology. All you get is a politician. What a fraud.

This Just In

KSL just reported the developers of the Geneva Steel site have offered to purchase Real Salt Lake if it will help get the team there. Stunning development, but I don't think it will help. Watch for another downtown plan to emerge. In the mean time, SLCo Mayor Peter Corroon is on vacation, so the revamped Sandy deal desperately put together by interested parties is going to have to sit on a desk for a week. Bad news for Sandy, great news for anyone else wanting to take a shot at the stadium

Friday, July 14, 2006

It's Called The First Amendment, Bitch! Day 22

It's day 22 of Mayor Rocky Anderson's blacklisting of The Deseret News in response to some hard questions put to him by reporter Kersten Swinyard. Mayor Anderson is not alone in his penchant for punishing journalist Read about how China has blacklisted journalists using the excuse of "poor quality work" which is the exact same excuse Mayor Rocky Anderson uses.

RSL Pulls The Plug On Sandy

An exerpt from Real Salt Lake Owner Dave Checketts' letter to the Salt Lake County Council: "It is our understanding that the proposal is again listed on the upcoming council meeting agenda. This letter, therefore, is written to formally withdraw from any further consideration by the council at this time. We ask that any further discussion about Real Salt Lake, the Sandy Project, or any County assistance toward helping the stadium project be taken off the current agenda. We appreciate the efforts to date but we do not wish to expend any more of your valuable government time on an issue that appears unable to proceed."

A Press Release From Real Salt Lake

SALT LAKE CITY (Friday, July 14, 2006) – The following letter from Real Salt Lake Owner David W. Checketts to Salt Lake County Council Chairman Cortlund G. Ashton requests the withdrawal of the Sandy City soccer stadium proposal from next Tuesday’s County Council agenda, wishing not to expend any more valuable government time on the issue, which has been rejected twice. The letter further states that Checketts remains focused on keeping the RSL team in Utah, and will explore every option available to accomplish that objective. (there was a letter attached, but it's kind of long)


Promise: Bring People Together

This may have been Dave Checketts most important promise and biggest failure. He allowed his team to ally with Salt Lake County's most controversial politicians and sat back to let them do all the work. Then when it became a seriously divisive issue with very real PR problems, he hid behind those politicians, confident that their power and influence will carry RSL to its destination. Now that his politicians have failed, Dave Checketts can't say enough bad about enough people. Instead of recommitting to the team, and the fans, he's taking childish pot shots at whoever pops their head up. Nothing like a rich man throwing a public tantrum to "bring people together" in disgust and contempt.

Promise: Attract The "Latino"

This was some of the loudest of Dave Checketts' boasting. Of course that all went out the window when the home of the team went to the South end of the valley, where a spanish speaking person is either cutting a lawn or having the police called on him for being "suspicious". Anti- immigration candidate John Jacob did better in South Salt Lake County than anywhere else in the Third District. No kidding.

Promise: World Class

Dave Checketts promised a world class team and a world class venue. Then he decided that "world class" actually meant the land of strip malls, parking lots, and SUV's. It was like putting lipstick on a pig.

Promise: International Soccer Culture

Dave Checketts promised to bring the International soccer culture to Salt Lake City, but then hired Love Communications to create the image of the team. How long did it take them to realize "ReAl" was very close to the english word "real" then create a provincial ad campaign that makes the Utah Spazz look downright sophisticated?


Real Salt Lake has always demanded loyalty from its fans and has had some harsh public words for those who claim to be supporters, but who don't back their political agenda. RSL fans have pulled through for the team on every front, but Dave Checketts says that if he isn't served up a stadium by August 12 he's putting the team up for sale. Dave Checketts is disloyal to the single best thing about this struggling team: Its dedicated fans.

Losing The PR Battle

Real Salt Lake has never had any PR to speak of, but that has now put them in real jeopardy. Tom Love is out of town (not that he would have had the competence to help this anyway), and the natives are getting restless. Across the Internet, die hard RSL fans have new, uncomfortable questions for their team and its management. Example: Why is Dave Checketts now on every possible news show when he needed to be pleading his case BEFORE the County Council vote?

Thursday, July 13, 2006

The Deets On The Utah County Stadium Dark Horse

A plan has emerged to build the Real Salt Lake Stadium on the old Geneva Steel site. The plan offers to donate the land to Real Salt Lake as an anchor for a planned multi- use development for the site. Under the plan, the entire project would be privately funded, requiring no public money or legislative approval. The stadium will piggyback on the existing infrastructure plans. The site is accessible by 3 freeway off ramps and is adjoined to a planned commuter rail stop. I think this plan has legs and will be a tough competitor.

Dave Checketts Is DEAD Wrong

Dave Checketts called the Salt Lake County Government "dysfunctional" because they rejected the Sandy mega- development. He couldn't be more wrong. The actions of Salt Lake County has relieved and inspired citizens across the valley who for decades have felt they could not trust their government. A member of the Council told me that if we still had the 3 comissioner system, the stadium would have been built by now, the terms would have been bad for the County, and no one would have known how or why it was built. And no one would have been held accountable. Dave Checketts does not live here. He doesn't know the relief we feel at finally seeing the sun set on the tragically corrupt days of Horiuchi/Workman/Dolan.

Dave Checketts Doesn't Understand What's Happening Politically

Listening to the recording of his media conference call, I heard him say: "Hotel tax revenues that could go to economic development". RED FLAG! Hotel taxes are not for economic development, they are for tourism.

Stop Making Excuses

Vote for Pete Ashdown here. Please do it, we really, really, really need Pete.

It's Called The First Amendment, Bitch! Day 21

Salt Lake City is in Day 21 of Mayor Rocky Anderson's latest media blacklist. Mayor Rocky Anderson continually berates the media for not holding politicians to account But when Deseret News reporter Kersten Swinyard had a few difficult questions for Mayor Rocky Anderson, He went ballistic and pulled out his smelly, tattered, overused blacklist.

Can I Get An Amen?

From John Saltas this week at City Weekly. "I’m among the legion who wish for Rocky to be remembered for more than the Main Street flip-flop, the cutesy little orange pedestrian flags, the bassackwards parking on 200 South, the failure to generate support for an entertainment district downtown, the dearth of new jobs and retail vitality downtown, the acrimony between his office and the Utah State legislature, the costly exodus of city employees from his office, or for his rope-a-dope tactic of “I’m not fighting with the Mormons” fight with the Mormons. I want Rocky to win something more than the self-indulgent accolades he gets for buying energy-efficient light bulbs. Something that yields more for Salt Lake City than a pat on the back for the person, who if in Guinness, would be categorized as the World Greatest Narcissist."

Stick To Sports

Tribune sports guy Kurt Kragthorpe made a stab at political analysis today. "the team's only remaining hope is Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson" What!? 1. Mayor Anderson will probably lose interest and drift away before a decision is made. 2. Anything done at the fairpark must be done in concert with the Utah Legislature and House Speaker Greg Curtis has made it abundantly clear he is not going to play with Mayor Anderson on this.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Moving The Team

Real Salt Lake owner Dave Checketts and CEO Dean Howes as well as MLS Commissioner Don Garber have been sowing some bad seeds among the public in SLC. They're threatening to move the team. Thankfully, our political leadership is mostly seeing this for what it is, an attempt to put pressure on the valley. No one is going anywhere.

Party It Up, LaVar Style

Dear Fellow Republican: Please join the LaVar Christensen for Congress campaign as we "Rock the House" with the Stars of the Broadway hit-- "Beatlemania" on Thursday July 20th at the Sandy City Amphitheater at 7:00 PM. Governor Huntsman will make a special guest appearance on keyboards. It is sure to be an evening of fun and great music. Please contribute and join LaVar’s campaign by calling 572-9878 or emailing for ticket reservations, information, and to contribute. This is the major kick off event for the LaVar Christensen for Congress campaign, and your entire family is invited to participate in “Rock the House”. Let’s rally around LaVar and let him know that Salt Lake County is going to deliver the 2nd Congressional District back to the Republicans! Please visit to learn more about LaVar and how you can volunteer. I look forward to seeing you on July 20. James Evans, Chair Salt Lake County Republican Party

See Without Being Seen

Senate President Valentine is holding meetings in his office today. Watch them at the Senate cam.

The Larry Miller Bogeyman

On Doug Wright's show, RSL owner Dave Checketts just accused Larry H. Miller of working behind the scenes to subvert the stadium plan. As this unfolds, it's clear Dave Checkettes does not understand the political sphere he's operating in. He's relied too much on Dean Howes who relied too much on Sandy's Republican club. Now they're up a creek, and they have no one to blame but themselves.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Many Real Salt Lake fans are distraught tonight. They feel betrayed by their political leaders. Their anger is misdirected. RSL Loyalists, you were betrayed by Dave Checketts and Dean Howes. Attention Checketts and Howes: It's time for you to start trying. Remove the following name from your speed dial: Tom Dolan. Remove the following words from your vocabulary: Retail, development, hotel, mall, multi- use, restaurant, condo, apartments, office. Replace them with: Stadium, and soccer.

Mr. Checketts and Howes, Allow Me To Clear Up A Few Things For You

In a written statement, Real Salt Lake owner Dave Checketts criticized Mayor Peter Corroon for professing to be a soccer fan, but not rolling over for the Sandy plan. This criticism hits home for me, as a dedicated fan and active opponent of the Sandy plan. So, Mr. Checketts and Howes, let me clear a few things up for you. My interest in soccer does not make me your patsy to boss around nor does it compel me to support the most disturbing land development scheme SLCo history. You can take your schemes, wrap them in hundred dollar bills, and shove them back up your a$$e$ where they belong.

Another Misstep

Real Salt Lake CEO Dean Howes and owner Dave Checketts are dishing out thinly veiled threats that they may move the team. RSL has made its own bed. It badly misjudged the politics of the stadium and completely ignored the necessary PR, instead hoping that if they lined up enough insiders, it would make up for their anemic strategy headed by hack huckster Tom Love.

At The SLCo Meeting: Councilman Mark Crockett

Councilman Crockett had a lot to say about the way things are done in the county. He mocked the notion that things must be done a certain way, and that a "game" must be played. Naturally, I sympathised with some of his statements. Our society suffers a lot at the hands of spoiled children and their political gamesmanship.

At The SLCo Meeting: Councilman Randy Horiuchi

Councilman Horiuch was, of course, the most predictable. His lips are always firmly attached to the fattest, richest, most Sandy a$$ in the room.

At The SLCo Meeting: Councilman David Wilde

Councilman Wilde's vote against Sandy's development was the biggest surprise for me. I thought he would vote yes.

At The SLCo Meeting: Councilwoman Jenny Wilson

Councilwoman Wilson argued that the Council needs more time. She made great points with this. The "stay at Rice Eccles" plan has always had a lot of holes, but if RSL has to stay an extra season or two at RES, it wouldn't be the end of the world.

Dead Again

Sandy City has been drop kicked back to 10600 south where they should stay quiet for a while. I attended the meeting today, but left just before the vote. I think the correct decision has been made. There are some suicidal soccer fans out there right now, but I'm not one of them. Now we can get down to the serious business of finding a permanent home for Real Salt Lake.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Who Will Stand Up?

Sandy City's proposed "new downtown" is crap development. We all know it. Dean Howes will laugh all the way to the bank, just like the hundreds of other land developers who have cruised through the County system with a wink and a nod But who will stand up for everyone else? In a crowd of fat, spoiled little boys, who will stand up and say "This ends here!"?

So, You Want To Get Into The Cocaine Racket?

There's a man you need to write a "campaign" check to. Read the story here.

Let Us Eat Cake

Don't Forget This Very Important Thing

Vote for Pete Ashdown as the candidate to receive the big money. He's in 4th place right now. We need to get more votes. Tell everyone you know about it.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

I Was Cheering For You, Man!

Saturday, July 08, 2006

No More Bullies

The Utah Legislature passed an anti- bullying resolution. the following people must now sit in the corner. House Speaker Greg Curtis County Councilman Randy Horiuchi Sandy Mayor Tom Dolan Sandy-First-And-Always Spokesperson Dean Howes Sure, you get "things" done. Sure, big money is involved. But what is the cost? Why don't we ask Pearl Meibos?

A Recap

Utah's political bullies have walked into Salt Lake City and walked out with our lunch money. Mayor Rocky Anderson peed his pants. In a true example of abuse, the bullies have now convinced the sniffling, damp- trousered Mayor "extremely ironically nicknamed Rocky" Anderson that they are actually helping Salt Lake City.

Stand Up For Yourselves!

Attention Salt Lake County Council! Look who's lining up around this win/win situation you've been presented Speaker Greg Curtis Mayor Tom Dolan Councilman Randy Horiuchi Nancy Workman Dean Howes Don't fall for it. Just because Salt Lake City has no leadership doesn't mean we should be sold up the river. Stand up for yourselves, this is not a win/win THIS IS HIGHWAY ROBBERY!

Hey, Tough Guy

You want to play Napoleon? Find somewhere else to do it.

House Speaker Greg Curtis Has Small Man's Complex

Why else would Utah's squat political pugilist be so eager to stick his chubby nose in other people's business? Mister Speaker, you hold Salt Lake City's arts district hostage so you can payoff your buddies in Sandy Mind your own business.

Friday, July 07, 2006

We Need Pete Ashdown

And Pete Ashdown needs money. So go to this link and place a vote for Pete Ashdown. If we get enough votes for Pete, he'll be put on the receiving end of some aggressive fundraising. Pass along the link, post it on your own blog, email it to your mom.

Mountain Views

The Mountain Views show at PCTV has an interesting blog going.

Utah Is Not New Jersey

Can you find it? Visit the Senate Cam.

Be A Fly On The Wall

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Many Of You Know sarahbellum

from tales of wit and charm. Read her print column starting next week at In magazine. Good job, Sarah.

Don't Worry 'Bout A Thing

This video was on heavy rotation all winter in Budapest Maybe America really IS that small.

Satan And Nancy, Sitting In A Tree...

...plotting something about soccer balls and children. It's all part of Satan's plan.

Raising Nancy Workman From The Dead

Stenar knows how to do it. It's awesome.

The Pointer Senators

Apparently, Senators Hatch and Leahy do the point thing a lot.

Caption Courtesy Of jackjack

Leahy: "See Kinky Freidman up there in the gallery? Yeah? His whole outfit isn't as dumb lookin' as your tie" Hatch: "I love ponies."

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Senator Orrin Hatch Tie Alert

What an expression. I'd love to be in the Senator's head at that moment. I think he's actually probably humming to himslef "more than this.... there's nothing more than this"

Monday, July 03, 2006

Hi, I'm Nancy Workman

"Please, pay no attention to the fat, moustachioed bald man who is manipulating my mouth through the hole in my back- side!" Nancy Workman is distributing a letter of support for a "new downtown" for Salt Lake County. Whenever she shows up, I have a hard time keeping a straight face.

The Devil

Sunday, July 02, 2006

My New Favorite Toy

Speaker Curtis' Surprise Move

As reported in the Tribune. Speaker Curtis' move has isolated Mayor Tom Dolan and given Mayor Peter Corroon all the breathing room he needs.

Call Me Whatever Name You Wish

This is Zidane's final tournament, so I'm pulling for France.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

France 1 Brazil 0

A few things: Brazilians- If you blame Ronaldo for this, I'll kick all 186,405,000 of you in the shins. You should be ashamed of yourselves for the way you've treated him. With all respect for Pele, Maradona, et all Zinedine Zidane is the greatest player in the history of the game. He proved it today.