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Please hold...

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Councilman Randy Horiuch, Why?

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

"I Brought My Best Shit- Eating Grin For This Moment!"

Let me re- cap Councilman Randy Horiuchi's comments regarding Sandy City's proposal: "I'm supposed to in part represent Salt Lake City, but I love Tom Dolan too much. Whenever I'm around him, I can't think straight. That's why I speak with such passion and wave my arms around like this. Sandy City is the best place on the earth. We spend too much money in other places in the County. Think of all the strip malls and parking lots we can build. It will be like heaven." It really was that pathetic and gross.

Sandy City: Out Of Control Cannibal

A Story From The Internet

I did a story for KSL friday. I think it's appropriate my inaugural story was picked up from the Internet. It appeared at Bob Aagard's then later at Utah Conservative And as Bob points out, a lot of people saw it.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

A Second Downtown

I just returned from Sandy City's stadium presentation to the County Council. It wasn't a presentation on a stadium. It was a plea for the County to give Sandy the seed money to build a 136 acre downtown at the south end of the valley. Worst Idea Ever

Monday, June 26, 2006

Mayor Peter Corroon

As a true (and paying) fan of RSL, I talked face to face with Mayor Peter Corroon today. Many of you may not know he's a fellow season ticket holder. Mayor Corroon, a lot of people are coming at you with ideas, threats, and demands for action. We know you'll ignore the false rush, and take the time necessary to make a good decision. Don't be afraid, we'll back you up.


Capital Carnage believes if the RSL stadium doesn't go to Sandy, SLCo will lose all of its TRT money as punishment. If House Speaker Greg Curtis really is that small- minded, mean, and vindictive, then it's a sad day for Utah. I really, really hope Speaker Curtis can wiggle away from his reputation on this one.

Another Thing About Josh Ewing

I think it's hilarious how he's set himself up as the good guy in "exposing" corruption in the Democratic Party considering his complicity in the wink and nod political fantasy world of the RSL Sandy stadium.

Christine Johnson

One Utah has a wrap up of the debate between Josh Ewing and Christine Johnson, both candidates in House District 25. I wouldn't cast a vote for Josh Ewing with a ten foot pole. Josh Ewing has been way too close to the RSL disaster for me to feel comfortable helping him get promoted from small- time hack- job ad/pr agency all the way to Utah State Government.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Any Press Is Good Press

Not surprisingly, this story was left off of John Jacob's campaign news roundup.

Misplaced Blame

As a Mormon, Bob Aagard believes it's not Satan laying the smackdown on John Jacob, It's God himself ending John Jacob's career.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Hell No

As an ardent RSL fan and soccer supporter, I've been asked to lobby the Salt Lake County Council in favor of Sandy City's plan for my team. While I support RSL with my time and a good amount of my money, I cannot support what is going on right now. It's true, I own three RSL jerseys, but I also have my self- respect.

Calling It For Cannon

The election is Tuesday, but I'll say now better luck next time, John Jacob.

Another Hat In The Ring

There is another hat in the ring for Salt Lake City Mayor. It's Mayor Rocky Anderson. "People only listen to me when I'm Mayor!"

Fairpark Stadium: The Day After

Now that Mayor Rocky Anderson's Fairpark stadium has been washing around for a day, it seems to be a non- starter. Everyone's remembering why they didn't like his idea last year. This is looking more like the beginning of Mayor Rocky Anderson's re- election campaign than any serious plan of action.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

As A Two- Year RSL Season Ticket Holder,

Mayor Rocky Anderson has revived the stadium debate. The Fairpark plan he has outlined looks WAAAY better than the Sandy plan (which doesn't even pass a basic smell test) It also means as an RSL supporter, I don't have to be in bed with SLCo's political villains. For all the crap I give the Mayor, he's not a villain, he's a simpleton ideologue. I'm interested to see how this turns out. The Fairpark idea has always been the worst of all the Downtown proposals. In his letter, Mayor Anderson made a great point, "the decisions now required must be made on the merits, without regard to parochial interests or partisan politics."

A Letter On The Stadium

From the Deseret News The editorial on June 15 was an excellent overview of the reasons why those elected to represent Sandy City residents need to slow down with the movement to build the Real soccer stadium. What's the hurry? What's the downside of listening to those elected to represent the majority and not a few soccer fans? By nature I am always suspicious of what goes on behind closed doors. Open the doors. Place the stadium on a ballot. John Sweeney Sandy

The Busiest Intern

Check out former legislative intern Chayce at his new site Capital Carnage (cool name)

A Plan For The Police

Mayor Rocky Anderson said we can't afford for the SLPD to take their patrol cars home at night. How about we cut Mayor Rocky Anderson to part- time, and use the extra money to cut the SLPD some slack. He's part- time anyway.

Mayor Anderson, Just Go

Mayor Rocky Anderson has graced us with his presence to criticize, then no doubt leave again. Mayor Anderson, we needed you at the budget hearings, we needed you at Downtown Rising. We DO NOT need another person crying about liquor laws WE NEED A MAYOR! WE NEED A LEADER! If you're not willing to step up to the job you're paid for, get out of the way. Don't let us suffer until the election, just so you can globe trot on a sweet salary.

Goodbye, Utah Senate

Friday was my last day as a Utah Senate intern. The Utah Senate took a real chance in hiring me, and I deeply appreciate that they gave me a desk on the inside while still operating SLCSpin. One of my fondest memories will be of a funny conversation I had with Senator Lyle Hillyard as he tried to help me dig up some dirt on himself so he wasn't left out of the fun at SLCSpin. Thank you, Senators, for your kindness and encouragement. I would have stayed longer, but I've been picked up by KSL. More on that later.

Ever Drop- Kick A Congressional Candidate?

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

2015: A State Odyssey

I was at a press conference today where a group of local businesspersons formally asked the Governor to call a special session to grant SL, Davis, and Weber Counties the ability to increase sales taxes to pay for a fast- track transportation infrastructure program to be completed by 2015. The group claimed good communication with the Governors office, but the special session will not happen: 1) The legislature won't convene a special session to consider raising taxes during in an election year 2) Special sessions are typically called when there is (or seems to be) an emerging consensus on a solution that needs to be implemented before the general session. 3) Governor Huntsman doesn't want to be the Governor who called two sessions in two months, but couldn't get anything done in either of them. It's possible the business group has called for a special session not because they think they can get one, but just to get a debate going early and publicly in preparation for a vigorous general session battle.


More on the RSL stadium from Utah Centralist Sandy and the stadium still in the news "The Mayor is trying to shove this thing through at all cost which also should be a warning bell for everyone."


There are some actions in politics that elevate you to "bad guy" status. Simple ideology can't do it. There has to be something else, something more sinister and dangerous. I've given a lot of space to Ridgway/Towner because it is wrong to 1) bully and intimidate those who hold different views than you or actively oppose you politically 2) use the courts to deny the political rights of other U.S. citizens. I'd like Rob Miller to have the final word on this matter. There are still a lot of bad feelings and suspicion toward Ridgway/Towner, but let's learn from their mistakes, and as citizens forgive Mike Rigway and Mark Towner.

Monday, June 19, 2006

No Respect For The Loyalists

The Loyalists are the official fan club of Real Salt Lake. Aside from the obvious fact that official clubs are never cool, there is a larger reason The Loyalists are lame. When RSL was going through a tough spell, the "loyal" fans were the first to call for the firing of Coach Ellinger. Those cries have since quieted now that RSL is doing better. But where were The Loyalists when RSL's front man Dean Howes completely bungled the stadium negotiations with SLCo, earning the derision of all involved as well as the nickname "chowderhead"? Maybe if Coach Ellinger were a multi- millionaire, he'd have the respect of RSL's mickey mouse club too.

Sandy Is A Black Hole

Utah Centralist has some great comments on the RSL stadium scam. His take on it really fits with Sandy's hypocritical dealings with the south valley public schools. Sandy is SLCo's black hole Money goes in, but never comes out.

Spin, Spun, Spawn

John Jacob Quotes Eminem

Boys State

Over at The Utah Amicus, I found out I'm not alone Other former Boys State participants: Christian Burridge Theorris Centerville Citizen I know there are more of you out there.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

"Lunacy in the Beehive State"

Check out this great new blog. The Deseret Spectacle

Friday, June 16, 2006

News Release June 16, 2006 Contact: Mike Mower Governor’s Spokesman Governor Issues Web Site Policy Salt Lake City - Utah Governor Jon Huntsman has approved the following policy regarding publishing information on the Web site in languages other than English. In compliance with Utah Code § 63-13-1.5, information published on Utah’s Official Web site will appear only in English with the following exceptions as outlined in the law: • Information necessary to promote health and public safety issues; • Information pertaining to tourism and economic development; • Information regarding the teaching of English as a second language; • Information that, under federal law, must be made available in languages other than English. links are being updated to comply with Utah law. “It is important for us to exercise due diligence in adhering to the law and we have done that with this issue,” said Mike Mower, Governor’s spokesman. “We are comfortable with the information we are publishing now that a thorough legal review has been completed.”

What The...

This is by far the weirdest thing that has ever happened to me. SLCSPUN And the wheel comes full circle.

The Courts On Blogging With A Pen Name

Utah Conservative: Court defends Anonymous Bloggers

It's A Talk- Off!

KCPW is hosting a live debate Monday at 8:30am Congressman Chris Cannon and John Jacob Submit questions here Listen online here or at 1010 am, 88.3 fm, or 105.3 fm because I know a lot of you will be in your vehicles at that time.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Congressional Candidate Stricken With Rare Disease

Wearing Glasses AND Holding A Baby

It's amazing that Secretary Mike Leavitt just happened to be holding a baby at the exact moment he defended his alleged abuse of privilege in front of a KSL camera.


A smart person said to me "Anyone who absolutely refuses to consider any anonymous comment has spent too long at the top of his food chain". It's quite an insight. It's one thing to prefer signed comments, but to ignore all anonymous comments means 1. You judge an idea by the person who made it and not the idea itself 2. You want to be able to hold the person accountable 3. Some anonymous person offended you and so you throw the baby out with the bathwater


Some interesting comments for "The 1st Amendment Doesn't Require A Nametag". I don't require people to log in to leave a comment. 1. They could sign on to blogger under a pseudonym anyway 2. There are many infrequent commenters who I am afraid would never share their thoughts if it meant signing up to blogger.

Political Retribution

The Deseret News had a few words on the Mark Towner/Mike Ridgway court appearance. Mike Ridgway is verbally abusive. I think that's the only thing that kept the judge from completely throwing out Mark Towner's transparent poltical stunt. Mark, those laws are for real victims not grown men throwing tantrums.

Pete Ashdown

Pete Ashdown's presence at the Utah Blogger Conference made a splash on the internet. Check out Charley Foster's live blog of the event w/photos. I know many of those present will be participating in future Pete Ashdown blog events. Newspapermom: "Last night I met Pete Ashdown. I'd seen him before but I didn't realize who he was (he's the very skinny guy so use that contribute button on his campaign page so he can eat). " newspapergrl

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

At What Point Does The Judge Laugh At You?

Charley Foster has posted some source material on the Towner/Ridgway legal drama. Mark Towner's petition caught my eye for obvious reasons, "Virtually every Republican Event. Mr. Ridgway will make comments to myself or my wife about past incidents where as officers in the party we ruled against him on numerous issues. I would say there has been 10-15 incedents since 2002." I think Charley Foster must have transcribed the petition exactly as Towner submitted it. Incredible.


I loved this article from John Saltas at City Weekly "the least he could do is convince one of those windmill makers, solar-panel creators or corn-fuel converters to help save the planet from right here in Salt Lake City. Otherwise, all his travels abroad are just blowing in the wind." Someone needs to open a "Thank You John Saltas" website.

Mark Towner Has Some Splainin To Do

Watch him dance today at the Matheson Courthouse, room w46 at 1:30pm. Thanks to Utah Amicus for the details.

The 1st Amendment Doesn't Require A Nametag

Some great insight has been left so far in the Fear? post. Some were even anonymous! Gasp! Theorris: "Considering a lot of political writing from the past was done either anonymously or pseudononymously, it is dificult to justify." Anonymous: "Posting anonymously allows another opinion to see the light of day without fear of personal retribution." Anonymous: "No one should have to fear retalliation if they hold to certain political beliefs." Rob quoting Eric Hoffer: "You can discover what your enemy fears most by observing the means he uses to frighten you."


From today's Tribune article on Sandy's "no multi- millionare left without public financing" plan. (by which I mean the pathetic fat cat orgy that RSL has become) "For their part, RSL officials insist they have no knowledge of Sandy's plan. 'This has all been a negotiation between Sandy and the county, team spokesman Tom Love said. 'We have no opinion on it." We all know that's a lie. Everyone knows RSL has been meeting with Mayor Dolan since the very day Mayor Corroon told them to stick their fuzzy math back up their money hole. That carefully crafted statement by Tom Love only means hothead big mouth Dean Howes is tied up in his office with duct tape overy his mouth.


I have yet to hear a convincing argument for not allowing anonymous comments or not reading blogs written under a pen name.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Hildale Underwater Rescue

Some of you may have noticed the recent post at The Senate Site that lists the polygamist town of Hildale, Utah as having provided their dive crew to the Utah Lake plane crash recovery effort. It's true. Hildale, Utah has an underwater rescue and recovery unit. It's significant they stepped up in a time of need even when their own future is far from certain.

Answer The Question, Mark Towner

Mark Towner stopped by last night, but he ignored the question. Mark Towner, did you threaten Utah Conservative?

Monday, June 12, 2006

Did Mark Towner Threaten U.C. Over The Email?

Utah Conservative published an email from Mark Towner in which Towner explains his political reasons for filing a restraining order against Mike Ridgway. Mark Towner responded very quickly and angrily, and for good reason. If Towner's restraining order was political, he himself could be in real legal hot water. Immediately after this exchange, Utah Conservative suddenly and inexplicably shut down his site. Mark Towner had declared the email to be private in nature. Did Mark Towner threaten Utah Conservative for publishing the email? After a perfunctory analysis, Charley Foster suspects a lawsuit response to the email publication would eventually be unsuccessful. The problem is, according to Charley, there isn't anything to protect a potential blogger defendant from even a doomed lawsuit. It could get expensive enough to force the blogger offline.

Mark Towner, Did You Threaten Utah Conservative?

Last night, Mark Towner published a rant against SLCSpin and Utah Conservative Today, Utah Conservative published an email from Mark Towner that seemed to indicate Towner's legal actions were primarily political moves Mark Towner responded angrily on his site. A little while later, Mark Towner's email disappeared from Utah Conservative's site. Mark Towner also deleted his own reply. Soon afterward, Utah Conservative announced a surprise retirement, and immediately closed up shop. The entire site was deleted. Utah Conservative has since returned, but Mark Towner, did you threaten Utah Conservative?


I will be joining Pete Ashdown, Steve Peterson, and Jennifer Napier- Pierce on the BBC show this morning. Tune in from 11:30- 12:00. Listen online here

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Pete Ashdown, BBC

Pete Ashdown will be on BBC tomorrow (Monday) Listen online here. Good job Steve of Obiter Dicta for helping make this happen.

Mexico 3, Iran 1

This is the first World Cup match I watched. It was rife with political relevence. 1) The Iranian President tried to attend the match but was ruled persona non grata by Germany. I'm sure everyone noticed the irony of the Iranian President cheering his team on to victory in the city of Nurnburg... 2) The Mexican team includes two naturalized Mexicans. This has caused a great amount of outrage among Mexicans because "Mexico is for Mexicans". America was then heard to say, "whao, whao, whao, hold on a second..."

A Jumper

Cruising westbound on I-80 this evening, I was surprised to see a man on the 13th East overpass threatening to jump. All Eastbound lanes were closed as was the overpass itself. Traffic was backed up to past State Street. What a weird thing to witness.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006


I was on Park City Television this evening with Charley Foster of State of the Beehive, and Jennifer Napier- Pierce of Inside Utah. Charley has a few photos up. You can also watch our "Mountain Views" segment.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Naturally, This Means The Game Won't Be In Provo

For Immediate Release Contacts: Trey Fitz-Gerald (801) 856-8877 Spencer Checketts (801) 870-3150 Real Salt Lake & Real Madrid TO MAKE MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT WEDNESDAY at Rice-Eccles Stadium RSL Owner David W. Checketts to be Joined by Real Madrid Executives Emilio Butragueño and Ivan Bravo For Press Conference to Announce Details of Real Madrid’s Visit to Utah SALT LAKE CITY (Tuesday, June 6, 2006) – Real Salt Lake invites local media and VIPs to Rice–Eccles Stadium TOMORROW, Wednesday, June 7 at 12:00 noon, as RSL Owner David W. Checketts and Emilio Butragueño, Vice President of Sport, Real Madrid, will announce several of the final details of Real Madrid’s visit to Utah for an August 12 friendly against Real Salt Lake. REAL SALT LAKE v. REAL MADRID PRESS CONFERENCE WHAT: Real Salt Lake/Real Madrid Press Conference WHEN: Wednesday, June 7th – LUNCH will be served 11:30 AM PRESS CONFERENCE @ 12:00 noon WHERE: Rice-Eccles Stadium, 4th Floor 451 South 1400 East Salt Lake City, UT 84112 GUESTS: David W. Checketts – Owner, Real Salt Lake Emilio Butragueño – VP of Sport, Real Madrid Ivan Bravo – VP of Business Operations, Real Madrid Miguel Angel Hernandez – Director of International Business, Real Madrid John Ellinger – Head Coach, Real Salt Lake Jason Kreis – Captain, Real Salt Lake Michael Young – President, University of Utah Arnie Combe – Vice President, University of Utah PARKING: RSL has a moratorium over the Rice-Eccles parking lot during this time. Media will be allowed to park in any available stall.

You're No Ronald Reagan

John Jacob has regularly invoked Ronald Reagan as he campaigns for Utah's 3rd District. But in his campaign bio, Jacob badly misquotes the former president. Like the rest of the run -o- the mill Republican candidates in Utah, John Jacob has the money and ambition of Ronald Reagan, but none of the wit, charm, talent, or eloquence.

The Spirit Of 1976

The Spirit Of 1976 is up to XIV. Good reading.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Today's Jackass: John Jacob

At a recent event involving Congressional Candidates John Jacob and Christian Burridge, Someone stepped forward to ask if they could take a photo of the two candidates together. John Jacob responded, "You're not going to put it in a gay magazine are you? (Har har har, guffaw, etc)" Charming. You can buy a seat in Congress, but you can't buy class.

The Fly

For Anyone With Some Free Time At 1:30

Mark Towner will be defending his legal action against Mike Ridgway before Judge Leon Dever at the Matheson Courthouse today at 1:30.

Friday, June 02, 2006

You Know You Like It

The Deseret News Correction

The Deseret News correction of Bob Bernick's mistake does not change my opinion of what happened. The only thing the correction does is indicate that Mark Towner was misquoted. It does not in any way change what actually happened. Mark Towner clearly expected Ridgway to be prevented from attending the convention. What's amazing is that this man was hoping to ask me (as a voter in his Senate district) for the PRIVILEGE of being in the Utah Senate. I suppose Mark can partly blame the rest of his party for his actions. After all, the Utah Republican Party has become little more than a cloak and dagger game where some like Senator Hatch buy it and some like Speaker Greg Curtis kill (metaphorically) for it. Mark Towner was just copying everyone else.

Mark Towner And Blogging

The Deseret News has printed a correction regarding the Bob Bernick story on Mark Towner's restraining order against Mike Ridgway. Bob Bernick printed that Mark Towner admitted he filed the order to prevent Ridgway from attending the convention. Mark Towner insisted he never actually strung those words together in front of Bob Bernick. Mark Towner has his own blog, and as a former UPD man, he surely knows how to get in touch with bloggers. He could have put out his story immediately. But until last weeks email to Utah Conservative, he remained silent while Bob Bernick's mistake became fact.

Thursday, June 01, 2006


The Utah Amicus brought up an interesting point: "the Republican Party has become a rich man's game." I think he's right. Only money rises to the top. No one is well served in the current Republican dominated political world. It's so boring, not even the rich guys getting richer can't stay interested. I saw Senator Orrin Hatch when I was with KCPW at the Republican convention, and he looked like he was about to fall asleep. He was surrounded by people but he didn't make eye contact. He only lazily nodded and mumbled. No ideas, no excitement, no leadership. Only boring rich guys doing each other favors. I'M LOOKING AT YOU SPEAKER CURTIS! You want to give a gift to buddy Mayor Dolan and potential rich donors Dave Checketts and Dean Howes, buy it yourself. Don't drag us into it.