Thursday, May 11, 2006

Mayor's Tax Increase= Copout

Mayor Rocky Anderson's first campaign was all about downtown and Main Street and attracting new business. Working to expand the city's economy was a much better idea than sticking us with a $4,600,000 tax increase on his way out the door.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

He only sticks us with it if the city council approves it. In an economy that has produced a significant increase in city revenue, how can they justify this? They can't and with any luck they will depart from the mayor on this one too.

5/11/2006 02:39:00 PM  
Blogger Shawn said...

wait, wait. a couple of days ago you were upset that the mayor may run again. now you're saying that he's a coward because he's proposing to raise property taxes "on his way out the door." if he was on his way out the door, why would he want to fund new police officers, planners, and open space coordinators? i mean, being opposed to his tax hike is one thing, but to say he's only doing it because he's got no political capital to lose is just doesn't make sense.

But then does any comment on this blog that pertains to Rocky?

5/11/2006 03:55:00 PM  
Anonymous Essdawg said...

Does anything that Rocky do make sense? IF he did anything that actually held any water or made sense then the things that were discussed on this forum would too... I (me personally) believe that Ethan just posts his opinions off the fact that Rocky is a WHACK job! Their aren't inconsistencies in the posts, just the mayor.

5/11/2006 04:07:00 PM  
Anonymous Diamondback Jack said...

I've supported Orrin Hatch in years past but Pete Ashdown just won my respect - and vote - with this blog:

5/11/2006 04:10:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Since the posts have gotten so huge I wanted to come back to the Rocky v Deedee debate. Deedee had more than her fair share of problems but in terms of accomplishments Rocky doesn't hold a candle.

One of Deedee's greatest accomplishments which few will ever recognize is her commitment to forcing UDOT to shorten the onramps and offramps from I-15 into the city. If you remember, the old I-15 ramps used to start around 300 West closing off huge swaths of land to development. Thanks to Deedee's vision the Farmer's Market, Gateway, the Hardware bldg behind West High, etc., etc. have all created a growing vibrant area which will create tremendous wealth for SLC.

BTW, Deedee got the 4th South Trax line finalized before she left office.

Soon you will see Rocky tout the Grant Tower fix. Deedee had this problem solved before Rocky showed up and screwed it up. They are finally fixing this issue 7 years later after the Gov and Legislature got involved and found a fix.

Rocky's big accomplishment is the orange flags. It's his legacy.

5/11/2006 07:36:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

He will forever be known as "wipe my parrots ass!" Rocky

5/12/2006 01:13:00 AM  

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