Monday, May 22, 2006

Here In My Car Part 1

I enjoyed this article by Kersten Swinyard at the Deseret News. It's an interesting look at our public officials. Mayor Rocky Anderson: The article forgot to mention that Mayor Anderson's hybrid has been specially modified to accomodate his head. Provo Mayor Lewish Billings: If his kids really refuse rides because his mini van isn't cool enough, they need to be spanked more. If Mayor Billings pitched his kids under the bus like that just to be funny for the newspaper, then he should be spanked more. Mayor Peter Corroon: I've actually seen Mayor Corroon's Pacifica in person, and the engine sounded surprisingly tough. It sounded like what you'd expect from a man who eats a Dave Checketts for breakfast, and craps out a Dean Howes by dinner. House Speaker Greg Curtis: Someone should double check his mileage reports. I also heard he has a "No Fat Chicks" sticker on his car.


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