Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The Other Foot

I read this in today's Tribune: "The city is wondering aloud, why should Sandy residents be asked to pay additional property taxes for schools nowhere near their community." That question can be directed to Sandy Mayor Tom Dolan and House Speaker Greg Curtis. After all, if House Speaker Curtis can force others to pay for Mayor Tom Dolan's stadium...

Monday, May 29, 2006


Back on Wednesday.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Patagonia's Delicate Position

Mike Jones at Utahania published an interesting email from Patagonia Co. regarding the recent Delicate Arch ascent. It's interesting that in the email, Patagonia claimed they are not taking any position on the ascent (performed by one of their climbers) but they spent a lot of the email defending the climber: "From the early days in the Tetons to the rebelliousness of Yosemite's Camp 4, every generation of climbers has had its run-ins with government regulations that attempt to restrict climber's freedom of expression." VOMIT!

Councilwoman Nancy Saxton

Salt Lake City Councilwoman Nancy Saxton has announced she'll run for Salt Lake City Mayor. Mayor Rocky Anderson responded with the second of his two trademark responses to anyone who refuses to be his bitch: 1- Fire them 2- If they can't be fired, publicly insult them

Monday, May 22, 2006

Here In My Car Part 2

More from the Deseret News article on public officials and their cars. Dell Loy Hansen: His explanation was the most ridiculous of them all. He bought a Benz so he could fit into SLC where people "wear their wealth". Riiiiight. Move over Vegas, here comes gaudy SLC. Sounds like Hansen has a bit of lingering guilt over his obscene wealth. "I just wanted to fit in". You can't buy class, man. Senator Orrin Hatch: "Um, I've been looking, actually, for, um, a hybrid, yeah. I was going to trade in my Cadillac next week. It's true, I promise." Governor Jon Huntsman Jr.: A "flexible- fuel" suburban? When was the last time his driver filled it with ethanol. That's what I thought. Carolyn Tanner Irish: A Subaru Outback. Let me fill out her profile: Avenues resident, loves dogs. Stereotypes are fun! Senate President John Valentine: This one took me by complete surprise. U President Michael Young: "My wife made me buy it". Classic.

Here In My Car Part 1

I enjoyed this article by Kersten Swinyard at the Deseret News. It's an interesting look at our public officials. Mayor Rocky Anderson: The article forgot to mention that Mayor Anderson's hybrid has been specially modified to accomodate his head. Provo Mayor Lewish Billings: If his kids really refuse rides because his mini van isn't cool enough, they need to be spanked more. If Mayor Billings pitched his kids under the bus like that just to be funny for the newspaper, then he should be spanked more. Mayor Peter Corroon: I've actually seen Mayor Corroon's Pacifica in person, and the engine sounded surprisingly tough. It sounded like what you'd expect from a man who eats a Dave Checketts for breakfast, and craps out a Dean Howes by dinner. House Speaker Greg Curtis: Someone should double check his mileage reports. I also heard he has a "No Fat Chicks" sticker on his car.

Friday, May 19, 2006


In all my years, I've never been an intern. Until now. This week I began an internship at the Utah Senate that I hope will provide a lot of great material for SLCSpin as well as a good view of "The Process". So for the limited time in which I'll be a semi- insider, let me know if you have any burning questions about the Utah Senate, and I'll see what I can come up with. But I can't lobby.

Shut Down

The Davis County Clipper shut down its online poll when the number of poll votes began rapidly approaching the number of votes that actually would be cast in the County- wide election itself. I think there are two lessons to be learned here: 1- That type of poll is fun but meaningless 2- This will be a good race

Thursday, May 18, 2006


Rob Miller was just getting too popular. After Rob did well all morning in the Davis County Clipper online poll, a few minutes ago his challenger Bret Millburn received a nearly instant 200 vote bump to take the lead with 250 votes.

Rob Miller- Ahead In The Poll

Rob Miller, author and creator of The Utah Amicus is running for Davis County Commission. The Davis County Clipper is conducting a reader poll on their front page. So far, Rob is way ahead. Check it out at Davis County Clipper.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The Spirit of '76 (By Which I Mean 1976)

This is one of the greatest series of posts I have ever read. Great job Bob Aagard. If you're wondering about the significance of 1976, read on: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6


I was present at the Republican Convention as part of KCPW's coverage. Some delegates were confused over two of the major themes of the convention. 1. Keep D.C. under GOP control. 2. Stop insane spending by D.C. crazies stealing your tax money. Nice. Three decades in the Senate, and still no accountability.

I'll Trade You Pioneer Park For A Third Term

Members of the Salt Lake City Council are whispering about a deal (tongue in cheek?) they're prepared to strike with Mayor Rocky Anderson. The City Council is prepared to offer Mayor Anderson the funds he wants to renovate Pioneer Park In exchange for a written promise that he will not seek a third term.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Divine Strake

I'll admit, Divine Strake is a sweet name for a military project. Senator Orrin Hatch has naievely asked for assurances that the project would be safe. I suppose that being from Pennsylvania, he's not familiar with all the previous "assurances of safety" that Utahns received in the past, or all of the Utahns who have wound up dead. Senator Hatch, the point isn't whether Divine Strake will be a problem. The point is the followup nuclear tests will be a big problem. You should sit down with Congressman Matheson on this. Utah and the West has been down the test road before. If you can't use your precious seniority to protect us from being forced down it again, what good are you? Divine Strake Day

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Mike Ridgway, Mark Towner

Mike Ridgway got himself a lawyer, visited himself a judge and will be allowed to attend the State Republican Convention. A kind anonymous person posted the judge's decision here. They also brought up an interesting question: Mark Towner admitted to Bob Bernick that his purpose was to prevent Mike Ridgway from attending the convention. Can he get in trouble for that? Could he be made to pay Mike Ridgway's attorney fees?

Friday, May 12, 2006

Mark Towner, Don't Go To The Convention

Mark Towner believes Mike Ridgway is not a legitimate US Senate candidate. But it's irresponsible of him to use the court to circumvent the democratic process. Mark will show up and cast his vote for Senator Hatch comfortable with the fact that he has denied Mike Ridgway his right as a candidate and the state delegates right to hear from each candidate.

When Life Is Like TV

Someone anonymously left this comment. It deserved to be bumped up: (With apologies to the writers of the most recent episode of "24".) The Scene: A four-term senator sits at a desk in his study, contemplating the end of his political career. His phone rings. SENATOR HATCH: Hello? MARK TOWNER: Senator Hatch? Mark Towner with CTU (Conservative Tricks Unit) SENATOR HATCH: Yes, Mark. MARK TOWNER: Senator, I'm a delegate to the Utah Republican Party state convention on Saturday. SENATOR HATCH: Why are you calling me? MARK TOWNER: Because, senator, I know that your opponent Mike Ridgway is scheduled to speak from the same stage that you are. SENATOR HATCH: Go on. MARK TOWNER: Because of the threat his comments pose to the loyalty of the Republican faithful, I feel compelled to intervene and I just wanted to make sure that you would approve. SENATOR HATCH: I do, Mr. Towner. I do approve. MARK TOWNER: Very well. SENATOR HATCH: And Mark? MARK TOWNER: Yes, Senator? SENATOR HATCH: I won't forget this. MARK TOWNER: Thank you, Senator.

A Message For Mark Towner

You filed a restraining order against Ridgway to keep him from attending the convention even though he is a US Senate candidate. Are you hoping Senator Orrin Hatch will notice? Did you do it for him? Mark, you are only a delegate. You resigned all of your other postions, resign as a delegate and let Mike Ridgway attend and give his campaign speech.

Mark Towner Has Gone Too Far

According to Bob Bernick Mark Towner lost his election and blamed Mike Ridgway. Whatever. Now he's gone to a judge and taken out a restraining order against Ridgway in part (he admits) to prevent Ridgway from attending the Utah GOP Convention Saturday. Ridgway is running against Senator Hatch. Towner also said he wants his $5000 dollars back. (the amount of money he spent on his failed campaign)

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Mayor's Tax Increase= Copout

Mayor Rocky Anderson's first campaign was all about downtown and Main Street and attracting new business. Working to expand the city's economy was a much better idea than sticking us with a $4,600,000 tax increase on his way out the door.

Mayor Rocky Anderson's Middle Finger

Mayor's $4.6 million property-tax hike a shocker- SLTrib We know he's not running. His "undecided" talk is only talk. The only real question is, has he put his house on the market yet?

Mayor Rocky Anderson Is No Deedee

Trashing Deedee was a big part of Mayor Anderson's first campaign. It's ironic now that with Mayor Anderson, we have all the controversy of Deedee with none of the results.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Mayor Rocky Anderson In The News

The Tribune gave some of its space Sunday to a profile of Mayor Rock Anderson. There was nothing new. Mayor Anderson and his apologists complained he's misunderstood, and asked for a free pass for Salt Lake's impotent Mayor just because he's "passionate". He's passionate but Salt Lake City is still losing out to the suburbs. Sandy and Ogden are surging (Ogden being where Stuart Reid has taken his prowess). SLC has to pin all of its economic hopes on the LDS development. Mayor Anderson's bungling of the transplant monument was so rookie it was pathetic. He's been in for six years, you'd think he'd understand some basics of public funding. And Mayor Anderson wonders why people think he's disengaged.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Commenting on Mark Towner's resignation letter, utahconservative brought up an interesting point. Mark Towner copied Republican National Committeeman from Utah Fred Lampropolous, but not Committeewoman Nancy Lord. This brings up another question, Why on earth did Towner copy Senator Orrin Hatch?

Friday, May 05, 2006

Mark Towner And Throwing Yourself On Your Sword

April 29, 2006 Joe Cannon State Chair Utah Republican Party 117 East South Temple Salt Lake City, Utah 84111 Dear Joe, This letter is to inform you that because of unethical and repeated problems with Mr. Mike Ridgway, I resign my position on the State Central Committee, and as the Chair of the Audit Committee. Mr. Ridgway's most recent offense occurred today during the Senate 2 Caucus election where I was a candidate. Convention rules clearly indicated that no flyers or materials were to be passed out in the caucus meetings. During the second candidate's speech, Mr. Ridgway interrupted the caucus by passing out a flyer opposing my candidacy just before my speech. Delegates were reading Mr. Ridgeway's information slandering me and my actions on the credentials committee two years ago. After speaking with numerous delegates after the caucus meeting which I lost, they indicated they were distracted and or influenced by the letter and it was shameful behavior. Several delegates indicated they may have changed their votes had the true facts of the letter been presented before voting. I was not given this opportunity. I respectfully request that the Utah Republican Party file legal action to remove Mr. Ridgway from any further involvement with the Republican Party. I can no longer associate myself with an organization that allows a member to be so disruptive to our stated goals. Failure by the party to take prompt action and seek a legal blockage of Mr. Ridgway participating in any future Republican functions; I will have no choice but to cease any further involvement with the Utah Republican Party. Mr. Ridgway is a cancer that must be surgically removed now, or other good Republicans will leave the party as well. It has been a pleasure working with you and the other officers of the party, and I would hope you address this issue promptly. Respectfully, Mark E. Towner 801.502.**** cc James Evans, Salt Lake County Republican Chair cc Senator Curt Bramble, Convention Credentials Chair cc Fred Lampropolous, National Committeeman cc Senator Orin Hatch

Speaker Of The House Bob Bernick Jr.

I blew milk out my nose when I read this line from Bob Bernick's latest column, "Are the Republican leaders of the Utah House just excellent politicians, or are their Senate counterparts just kind of fumbling along?" Ummm, neither. I heard Bernicks first draft of this column ended with "Three Cheers For Speaker Curtis!" The Senate Site also noticed some problems with Bernick's story.

Advice For Dave Checketts

Don't despair. You can get your stadium. But you should take this advice. 1) Change the face of the team. Dean Howes is not getting it done. If you really want him around, make him ball boy or something like that. Something where he doesn't have to deal with the public. 2) Change your political allies. One of your problems is you have teamed up with SLCo's political villains. As long as you have Speaker Greg Curtis and Mayor Tom Dolan at the front of your political moves, people (and the press) will be EXTREMELY suspicious of what you are doing. Stop trying to play insider cloak- and- dagger games and just be cool about the whole thing.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Big Talker

Picked this up at KCPW To emphasize the importance of Pioneer Park's renovation, Mayor Rocky Anderson said: "if I have to run again for mayor to make Pioneer Park happen, I will do it." Whatever. 1) You'll lose anyway, so big deal 2) Even if you win, you'll just have a couple more years enjoying your travelling bully pulpit, go through a few dozen more staff, and then when Pioneer Park still is unfinished, you'll loudly blame whoever is most convenient and be on your way. Don't waste our time.

Councilman Joe Hatch Has The Correct Perspective

From today's Tribune: "Council colleague Joe Hatch suggested the move may get RSL officials 'off their duff' and 'behaving better.' 'A doctoral thesis could be written on how not to get public funding and you could use this as a case study,' he said. 'The mistakes [RSL] made throughout this thing are legendary.' Hatch did say the team could wait five years to get the county money - RSL hoped to begin construction in August - or give Sandy a chance to find the funding."

Statement By Dean Howes (maybe the final statement of his career with RSL)

For Immediate Release Contact: Spencer Checketts – Real Salt Lake 801.924.8579 / Trino Martinez – Real Salt Lake 801.924.8581 / Statement of Dean Howes, CEO of Real Salt Lake “We are completely focused on our upcoming game this weekend, prior to which we will be hosting a press conference with Dave Checketts and myself to address the stadium issue and answer questions from the media.” EDITOR’S NOTE: Press conference on Friday or Saturday to address the stadium issue and answer questions. A media alert will be sent when details are available.

Mayor Rocky Anderson Should Just Quit

More carnage left in his wake. Rocky's office exodus goes on The amazing thing about this story is I remember his temper was brought up in his first race. He had filled the room of a debate with ringers who shouted down Stuart Reid when he pointed out that Mayor Ross C. "Rocky" Anderson's penchant for verbal and emotional abuse would hinder his work.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

RSL Owner Dave Checketts Does Not Read SLCSpin

If he did (and listened to my advice here and here), he wouldn't be in this awful mess. Business and politics are about relationships. This is where RSL failed. Real Salt Lake swooped in, started making demands, then started making threats, and now is deeply offended that no one wants to play with them.

Bravo, Mayor Corroon

Salt Lake County is not giving $35 million to the Sandy RSL stadium. Mayor Peter Corroon is a surprisingly tough guy. Good for him. He stood up to pressure from the Utah Legislature's most powerful figures, the very powerful Sandy Mayor Tom Dolan as well as other County bigwigs like Councilman Randy Horiuchi. I think he's currently winning major points with SLCo voters. Breaking: County mayor pulls plug on soccer stadium- SL Tribune Mayor Corroon's press release- SLCSpin

No Sandy Stadium

NEWS RELEASE May 3, 2006 Contact: Peter Corroon, Mayor—468-3333/468-3380 Stadium Proposal Turned Down Mayor Peter Corroon today announced his decision to deny ReAL Salt Lake’s request for $35 million in public financing for land purchase and infrastructure improvements for the soccer stadium site near 9400 South State Street in Sandy. “The numbers just don’t work for Salt Lake County,” says Mayor Corroon. “To get $35 million, we’d have to bond for $48.5 million and end up paying back $87.5 million over the life of the loan.” County funding for the land purchase would have been generated through the legislatively approved extension of the 1.25% of the Transient Room Tax (TRT), which was to expire in 2015. TRT, charged to consumers for overnight accommodations in hotels and motels, is used by the county for the Salt Palace Convention Center, South Towne Exposition Center and major funding for the Salt Lake Convention and Visitors Bureau’s tourism and convention promotion programs. “ReAL Salt Lake is a great addition to our community and I hope an alternative funding source is possible,” says Mayor Corroon. He adds that one possibility, if ReAL wants to put the issue before the voters, is a general obligation bond that would go on the ballot in November. “The problem comes from attempting to give $35 million to ReAL now, when the major repayment source doesn’t start for almost 10 years,” says Darrin Casper, County Chief Financial Officer. “It is just too costly.” Ten-year interest only payments do not meet Salt Lake County’s internal debt policies and do not match Mayor Corroon’s conservative fiscal practices. “Spending an additional $18 million up front for interest payments is not a good use of taxpayer money,” says Mayor Corroon.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Still More For Pete Ashdown Day

Today's Blog Swarm; Its All About Pete!- The Utah Amicus pete ashdown, the better looking candidate- Tales Of Wit And Charm Pete Ashdown- The World According to Me And The Human Project has a Pete Ashdown tribute incorporated into its masthead.

More For Pete Ashdown Day

Pete Ashdown Day

This year is a rare moment when the right person and the right opportunity intersect in such an important way. Our political representatives in Washington D.C. will be making some very important decisions regarding technology, innovation, and our future as a high- tech nation. We must send Pete Ashdown to Washington. In other times, we could just send whomever to fake his/her way through six years. But not now. Technology is too important to be misunderstood then ignored. Other bloggers will be posting in support of Pete Ashdown's campaign today. I'll keep SLCSpin updated with the posts of Pete Ashdown supporters from across the Internet. Why I Support Pete Ashdown For US Senate- Obiter Dicta By Steve Mr. Wiki Goes to Washington- Signifying nothing Why I support Pete Ashdown- Gary Thornock Senator Pete goes to Washinton- The Utah Amicus Pete Ashdown for U.S. Senate- One Utah Fat Pete Ashdown: Quote of the week- The Utah Amicus I'm with Pete- Formaline Mr. Ashdown- Utah Democrats Pete Ashdown- Innisfree A Senator from Utah for Utah- Jeremy's Jeremiad