Monday, April 10, 2006

City Weekly 'Best of Utah' Party

For a more comprehensive look into the City Weekly 'Best of Utah' party, read Simon J.'s experience at Formaline.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Off the topic a bit, sorry but...
Speaking of "Best Of"'s too bad we can't vote Rocky as the best mayor ever. Best inflated ego possibly. I had a troubling run in at the mayors office recently. Apparently an inflated ego is a prerequisite for employment in our beloved mayors office. As I have spoken of the incident with friends and neighbors I continuously find others who have had similar experiences. I would love to see your site start a listing of miserable run ins with our beloved Mayor and his office. Some grand stories would come out I'm sure. Even friends and neighbors who voted for him or who are strong democrats have found his office rude, useless and power hungry.

Just a thought.

4/12/2006 06:16:00 PM  
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4/13/2006 11:34:00 AM  

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