Sunday, April 30, 2006

Mayor Rocky Anderson Style Guide

This is his "I'm living with the Taliban!" look.

So, Dave Checketts, You Want A Stadium? Part 2: Humility

Get on your knees before the politicians. Talking with people at SLC and SLCo, I have heard the exact same comment, "Larry Miller was a lot more accomodating". You should know that pretty much everyone (except maybe the Garff family) wants you to succeed. You should also keep in mind that no one wants to help a demanding, demeaning jerk (ditch Dean Howes). You're running into problems not because you don't have a good idea, or that no one thinks RSL will succeed. It's because RSL is kind of being an ass about this. You're fighting a battle you don't have to fight. Don't tell SLC and SLCo what THEY have to do for YOU, let them tell you what you need to do to get your stadium.

So, Dave Checketts, You Want A Stadium? Part 1: Dean Howes

Fire Dean Howes. You and Steve Pastorino are from out of state, so you naturally had to rely on a local "insider". You picked the wrong guy. Your political play is a disaster. Why do you keep a man who has divided your fan base, pitted the GOP and Dems, SLCo and SLC and Sandy and Legislature, and Mo's and Non Mo's against each other? On top of that, when you are asking for so much money, why do you allow Dean Howes to smugly demean public servants who care enough to ask difficult questions? Someone has to be held responsible for this clusterf***. Dump it on Howes, then dump him.

Mayor Rocky Anderson

From the Tribune: Mayor Anderson talks about America in terms of Nazi Germany, then says he's not talking about the Bush administration. Reminds me of Mayor Anderson talking about Utah in terms of the Taliban, then saying he's not talking about the Mormons.

Friday, April 28, 2006

Swarm Update

A Few More For The Storm

Deja Vu

I picked this up from The Senate Site

More From The Swarm

The Utah Amicus has posted some great images connected to the nuclear waste storage. Among them:


In the previous post, I listed other blogs talking about nuclear waste today. Here are a few more. If your posts have not been integrated into the swarm yet, drop your URL into the comment space, or send me an email at the address on the right. Juniper West Political Spyglass Josh Ewing Utah Planners Corner Rural Blogging State of the Beehive

Thursday, April 27, 2006


Utah is not a nuclear dumping ground. It's important you send an email or letter to this person and give the Feds a few ideas of where to stick their nuclear waste. Pam Schuller Bureau of Land Management Salt Lake Field Office 2370 South 2300 West Salt Lake City, UT 84119 E-mail: Fax: (801) 977-4397 "we can at least be united on this ONE thing"- The Senate joint leadership statement "Everyone from Orrin Hatch to libbies like me agree"- Jen's Green Journal "If it is safe enough for us to store it here, it is safe enough to store it in the Great Lakes."- Obiter Dicta By Steve "Even Orrin Hatch understands "- One Utah " We've had more than our fair share of this mess already"- Eric Hamilton's Reality Check "I’m probably still living with the effects of Chernobyl"- Part of the Plan "This seems like lunacy to me that it's even an issue"- This Divided State "There goes the neighborhood — maybe quite literally!"- Reach Upward "This is about life"- Media Relations "the half-life of a biodegradable golf-ball in the West Desert is about 144 days and that's a lot shorter than the half-life of a spent nuclear fuel rod"- Utahania "Not in my backyard!"- The Utah Amicus "This may be the last best chance to stop the high-level spent fuel rods from coming to Utah"- Utah Democrats "This would be awful"- Utah Conservative

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

More Talk From Dave Checketts

"We want it to be world-class." Riiiight. Which is why it's going in across from LarryLand and surrounded by Ivory Homes and chain restaurants. RSL has been all talk. World class, Hispanic support, downtown stadium. All of it's been tossed aside just so that RSL can build its stadium tomorrow instead of day after tomorrow.

You Won't Hear Dave Checketts Say This Ever Again

Dave Checketts in October, 2004 (re: Real Salt Lake): "We want it to make Salt Lake even more of an international city", and "We want it to be a great unifier to bring people in Salt Lake City together." Nice sentiments. Everyone's feeling super unified.

RSL Stadium Not Going Well

The Salt Lake County Council has a lot of people whispering in their ears about the RSL stadium. On one side is Real Salt Lake and Sandy City. On the other side seems to be everyone else. Perhaps most troubling for Real Salt Lake City are these two dissenters: Steve Lundgren, Vice President of Salt Lake Valley Lodging Association: "We are trying to persuade them to be fiscally responsible. We get the least amount of return on this." Scott Beck, President of Salt Lake Convention and Visitor's Bureau: "We are now going to take all that money and tie it up for 30 years for the south valley Sandy area? That's what is scary from our end of the business." Both quotes from The Salt Lake Tribune.

A Fictional Senator

Inspired by Senator Orrin Hatch's eagerness to see literary fiction played out in real life, Bob Aagard has listed other ways Senator Hatch can put a good book to good use.

What Do Politicians Listen To?

Rep. Steve Urquhart has posted his playlist.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

A Couple Of Good Posts At Formaline

Mayor Rocky Anderson

Another reason Mayor Rocky Anderson won't run again: He can't raise the money he needs. I keep thinking back to the Deseret News article in which Bill Martin of Commerce CRG said of Mayor Anderson, "he doesn't connect the dots in the business community". That is one of the most troubling criticisms a Mayor can receive. Mayor Anderson needs businesses to donate money to his campaign. But after six years of inaction, I don't believe anyone wants to give him a third round.

Pete Ashdown

Senator Hatch had this to say last week: “I am up for election and if there is someone who can do better, I’d like to meet the SOB.” To which Pete Ashdown responded: "He has met me." I think probably the Senator just doesn't remember. That's happening a lot lately. It's a good thing U.S. Senator is such an unimportant job we can just gift it to Senator Senior Moment.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Some Of You Are New

I realize yesterday's Deseret News article has brought many new visitors to SLCSpin. Welcome. I hope you find what I have found, a robust community of bloggers and readers who will sometimes make you laugh and always make you think. Please take a moment to cruise the neighborhood by visiting the links on the right.

Senator Orrin Hatch: Don't Know Much About Science Book

From the Salt Lake Tribune: Hatch says climate change is unproven Senator Orrin Hatch based his opinions of global warming on a Michael Crichton novel called "State of Fear". He admitted he hasn't read any scientific papers on the topic. Senator Hatch bemoans the "non-science" involved in the global warming debate. Sooo, Senator Hatch. Do you mean "non- science" as in not reading any science? Or do you mean "non- science" as in a 30 year U.S. Senator who learns about global warming by reading A WORK OF FICTION BY MICHAEL CRICHTON? Come on, man. That doesn't even fly in Jr. High School. You'd fail if you tried to write a paper on Michael Crichton in science class.

Mayor Rocky Anderson Won't Run Again

That's my prediction. He won't run for one big reason: He knows he'll lose. A lot of big names are considering a shot at his job. If he has to run against any of the following people, he's toast. Patrice Arent Eric Jergensen Joe Hatch Jenny Wilson Randy Horiuchi Ralph Becker

I Really Am A Man

I guess this should put to rest most of the rumors circulating about SLCSpin. It should be clear now that a) I'm not a woman, and b) I'm not married to Dallis Nordstrom.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Soccer And Politics

Real Salt Lake has been extremely reluctant to provide any numbers to the Salt Lake County Council. RSL Fortaleza Menina on BigSoccer thinks they know why. It's an amazingly comprehensive piece for a soccer board. I would only change one thing. Mayor Rocky Anderson is on his 9th spokesperson, not his 7th.

Mayor Rocky Anderson

Too much flitting about by Anderson? Is the Mayor worth more to Salt Lake City when he travels or when he stays home? That seems to be the question of the week. Mayor Anderson's supporters have plenty of anecdotes about how Mayor Anderson's travels have moved us out of the "backwater" category and into the "world class" category. But they're only stories. The Deseret News quoted Bill Martin of Commerce CRG, "If he were to bring back three companies to solve our environmental issues or our recycling programs or further biodiesel fuel or economy of fuel or wind or solar (power)..." But the Mayor doesn't bring back anything. Just more stories.

Conflicting Versions

So who's correct? Paul Rolly Mike Ridgway

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

April 19th, 1775

Today is an important anniversary. "If they want to have a war, let it begin here."- Capt. John Parker, Lexington Company, Middlesex County Brigade, Massachusetts Militia, April 19th, 1775.

Salt Lake City Mayor

Many high profile names have been lining up to take a shot at a confused and wandering Mayor Rocky Anderson and become Salt Lake City's next mayor. Among those interested have been House Majority Leader Ralph Becker, and County Council members Randy Horiuchi and Joe Hatch. They are considering stepping aside in favor of Councilwoman Jenny Wilson. Gut reaction: She has the right name, so that works in her favor, but her political legacy on the County Council is still unclear. She's still in her first term. For me the thing that really comes to mind is that she kept wanting to retrofit Rice Eccles to permanently house BOTH RSL and U of U football. That was the worst of all the solutions that were presented.

Senator Orrin Hatch

Is this another Senator Orrin Hatch 'senior moment'.

Do You Like Vintage RV's?

Monday, April 17, 2006

Senator Humbug. Er, I Mean Hatch.

From the Tribune's D.C. Notebook: When asked about the HBO series "Big Love", Senator Bennett said, "When 'Frasier' went off the air, I stopped watching TV sitcoms." Senator Hatch said, "HBO's slogan is 'It's not TV, it's HBO,' but this time, it's not TV, it's just plain trash". Senator Hatch, can you even see us from way up there? "I want to assure the people of Utah that I have a great sense of humor. Except when it comes to flag burning. And the Internet. And teenagers."

Mayor Rocky Anderson

The Deseret News had a very interesting article on Mayor Rocky Anderson's penchant for city funded travel. It's amazing to me that the Mayor's office is willing to reduce Salt Lake City's entire reputation down to a few trips and dubious awards by Mayor Rocky Anderson. The fact that they can do it with a straight face is even more remarkable.

Broken Records Get Thrown Away

Mayor Rocky Anderson is featured on Friday's Inside Utah. All he does is trot out the same old complaints about the way "the media" has mistreated "his administration". Snore. "I love having my picture taken!"

Friday, April 14, 2006

Pete Ashdown

Did you know As President of X- Mission, Pete Ashdown established a policy of donating web hosting services to any 501(c)3 non- profit, political party, or candidate regardless of affiliation or cause. Over 250 organizations have benefitted from his services, including such diverse interests as The Mormon Trails Association, The Utah Mining Association, and Ronald McDonald House of Salt Lake. Pete Ashdown won the 2006 "Community Spirit" Award for his unbiased support of non- profits. Ashdown receives donations award- SL Tribune

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Julie Rose Deserves A Medal

KCPW reporter Julie Rose moderated last night's immigration debate. Moderating anything that combines Mayor Rocky Anderson, Senator Curtis Bramble, and an issue like immigration should at least win you combat pay, if not a Medal of Honor. KCPW makes it very easy to listen to the event. Just go here. You can also leave comments.

Dueling Headlines

Same story, different angles. S.L. immigration forum is heated- Deseret News Rocky heckled at immigration forum- SL Tribune

Great At Math, Crap At Eating Lunch

Someone at the Utah State Math Office had lunch at their desk and accidentally smeared peanut butter on a couple of zeros. According to the SL Tribune, Governor Huntsman is considering ways to "ensure it doesn't happen again". A super- secret source in Utah government has confirmed this likely means employees at the Utah State Math Office will no longer be eligible to eat lunch. According to the source, "Hey, if these guys were highly paid CEO's in the private sector, they wouldn't have time for lunch anyway. So the geeks should just be grateful they even have a lunch break." The State of Utah is also considering enforcing a currently ignored Homeland Security ban on peanut butter products within 500 feet of any government math personnell. Said a spokesman, "Their work is just too important." No special session on tax. Huntsman says plan's cost is 50% higher than was expected- Deseret News $35M flub kills tax session- SL Tribune

Monday, April 10, 2006

City Weekly 'Best of Utah' Party

For a more comprehensive look into the City Weekly 'Best of Utah' party, read Simon J.'s experience at Formaline.

Chris Vanocur

I saw ABC4's Chris Vanocur at the City Weekly 'Best of Utah' party. I wanted to congratulate him on his award, but as I approached him, I noticed we were wearing the same outfit. How embarrassing.

See? It All Comes Back To Politics (And Religion) (And Religious Politicians)

I started rooting around for a photo of X-96's Kerry Jackson. How many Kerry Jacksons are there? I got this:

Thank Politics For Cheap Tickets

The Real Salt Lake home opener is this Saturday evening. Thanks to Real Salt Lake's current political problems, there are a lot of great ticket deals around. Cross promotional deals abound including offers of free hot dogs and soft drinks with each home opener seat. The County Council is still deliberating the fate of the RSL Sandy Stadium and Real Salt Lake is eager to show that they can fill a stadium without the help of Hispanics, non- Mormons, or Democrats.

City Weekly Party

I attended the City Weekly 'Best of Utah' party Friday. I stood in line with Kerry Jackson of X-96's Radio From Hell morning show. He seemed like a nice guy. As is the case with celebrities, he was shorter and thinner than I thought he would be. He and I visit the same stylist. His name is Victor. (this was not the topic of our in- line conversation).

Friday, April 07, 2006

One Utah

The potential problems with the new voting machines in Utah is a very big story. It's being halfheartedly covered in the press, but there is one place the story is being kept alive. One Utah has been on this story for the past few weeks and has a lot of great information and insight. Our Democracy has weathered some tough hits by war, depression, and corruption. These will all be insignificant if we get to the point that Americans no longer believe their vote is counted correctly. It strikes a the very heart of Democracy. Surely on this issue, we can be One Utah.

Do It Before 7pm

Today is the final day of the KCPW pledge drive. Pitch in to support the original Political Junkie Radio in Salt Lake City. By the way, everyone who pledges at least $25 dollars is automatically entered to win a $500 shopping spree at If you're a big spender, $500 will get you VIP tickets to 3 Deer Valley Concerts this year as well as a KCPW concert blanket. My question: What amount will get your feet rubbed by famed KCPW personality and 'Best Of' winner Lara Jones?

The Boyer Company Spoilers

Daybreak is a residential development that is supposed to be based on principles of "New Urbanism". As such, it was designed to provide essential needs for each resident within a walkable half mile of their home. As originally envisioned, daily shopping and dining would be an easy walk and reduce dependence on their cars and improve the quality of life. The Boyer Company is busy building an enourmous big- box retail center at the gates of Daybreak hoping to lure residents back into their cars and over to the Super Target. Thanks to The Boyer Company efforts, basic necessities will not be walkably available to Daybreak residents. According to a Daybreak representative, the development has had to scrap its original retail plans and is trying to work out exactly what kind of retail could possibly survive in the shadows of The Boyer Company.

The Boyer Company And "Communities"

There is a great Deseret News Readers' Forum letter that appeared the other day. It takes the Boyer Company to task for congratulating themselves on involving the "entire community" in the gravel pit development called "Quarry Bend" (the name makes me want to vomit). The letter pushed me to ask, Is spending huge amounts of money to win a referendum the same thing as involving a community?

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Too Funny

It appears I've been hit with a very funny practical joke. An extremely bizzare comment was left yesterday that prompted me to really wonder how I built up a "reign of terror", and whether I could convert it into some real cash. Rep. Urquhart was hit with a similar comment and the culprit later confessed. The comment was right on one point. I really will "draw unsuspecting pikers into the orbit of self-aggrandizing, high-handed underachievers." After all, this IS the Internet.

Two More Days

Only two more days to take advantage of KCPW's pledge offers. A few that caught my eye: Dodo Restarant certificate and IMAX and star show at Clark Planetarium (for two)- Dodo food is good food. Other restaurant certificates: The Bayou- won a 'Best of Utah' award this week Caffe Molise- 'Best of' winner and personal favorite of mine Desert Edge Brewery- Rare roast beef sandwich. The end.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Thank You

City Weekly's Best Of's are out and SLCSpin is on the list. Thank you to City Weekly, and thank you to everyone who keeps up with SLCSpin. The past year was great and I truly look forward to year two.

The Church And Politics

Over the weekend, the press heavily covered LDS Church President Hinckley's talk condemning racism. Was that talk related to the Church's statement that gently encouraged political pluralism? A hot topic right now is immigration. The Church is surely wary of the fact that many of the illegal immigrants in Utah are Mormons. The immigration debate is sliding in and out of racism laced insanity and has everyone on edge. Is the Church worried that the most frantic voices in the immigration debate are the same people who fraudulently carry the Church's banner into the political breach? Is the Church worried the political actions of their people will pigeon hole them forever in the Mountain West, stalling missionary efforts? Is the Church worried they will end up like Evangelical Christians whose political activities prevent them from getting traction outside of the South?

Senator Orrin Hatch

Senator Orrin Hatch begins his latest message with "I know this is a bit unusual for me, but I'd like to direct this message to those of you who have been chosen to serve as delegates to the Republican State Convention." But there was nothing new or unusual in his post. All he does is rumble out a few lame compliments to butter up delegates and then promise to meed with "as many as I can" and "learning your thoughts and views". Riiight. Because Senator Hatch's highly paid strategists are only there to do the Senator's hair. Yawn.

A Racially Divided Stadium

Racial harmony in SLCo demands the soccer stadium be built downtown. Real Salt Lake promised to cater to SLCo's Hispanic population. So why is RSL ready to plant itself right in the homeland of the anti- Hispanic frenzy that's parading around disguised as an immigration debate?

Race And Soccer

For the sake of race relations in Salt Lake County, RSL needs to move its stadium project back downtown. This is the only way the team can guarantee a reasonable diversity of attendees. That is extremely important. Because if RSL is not willing to engage the Hispanic population, then they will get several thousand non- white locals show up three times a season to cheer on Chivas USA. Isn't that a charming sight. Right in the middle of Sandy, a stadium divided along racial lines.

Immigration And Soccer

Some are offended by the many Mexican flags present at the recent immigration rallies. I'm not bothered by the flags. But at one of last week's rallies, I saw several Chivas jerseys. That is one step too far for me. In other news, Real Salt Lake lost their season opener to Chivas USA in Los Angeles.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

New Site Feed

The new SLCSpin feed is up. Thanks for sticking with me through my technical difficulties.


If you're a political junkie, you probably owe KCPW some money. Well, I guess 'owe' is the wrong word. KCPW doesn't ask for a lot, but they give a lot. It's pledge time.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Candidate Profiles

The Utah Amicus is running some very interesting candidate profiles.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

The Political Circle Of Life

What would our lives be without our politicians beating us over the heads with mysterious awards they've received. Here's the Political Award Circle Of Life Lobbyist gives Senator an award Senator waves award around during an election year Senator wins election Lobbyist asks Senator gives Lobbyist gives Senator an award

Senator Orrin Hatch

Bob Aagard reminded me to hop over to "The Word's Worst Blog" and check up on Senator Senior Moment. I mean Senator Orrin "you'll pry my Senate perks from my cold dead hands" Hatch. Senator Hatch bragged about receiving an award from The Information Technology Industry Council. He waved it in the face of "those bratty intranets kids" as some sort of proof that although he has the high- tech profile of C. Montgomery Burns, he mysteriously guides the future of technology. And we should praise only him.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Senator Orrin Hatch Withdraws From Race, Endorses Pete Ashdown

Happy April Fools Day