Friday, March 24, 2006

Wanted: One New Councilman At- Large

"I don't think we recorded the winks and nods in those meetings," is how Councilman Randy Horiuchi is defending his position that Salt Lake County should bend to the will of the Utah Legislature and Sandy City. (quoted from Tribune) Winks and nods. That's no way to run a government. In fact, it's an extremely poor way to run a government. Scratch that. Councilman Horiuchi's wink and nod method is wrong. It's time for Councilman Horiuchi to move out of government. In other (maybe related?) news, former SLCo Mayor Nancy Workman has been named President of Sandy City Chamber of Commerce. One step forward, two steps back. Maybe she has a place on her staff for soon to be former County Councilman Horiuchi.


Blogger Shaun said...

I can see the "Winks and nods" problem that Horiuchi has. I recall a meeting where the council was talking about $7M in pledges and things were getting a little rediculous in what details they were worrying about. Randy then, in his particular style, suggested they just bring in the $7M and dump it on the table and count it. Definitely a "Winks and nods" situation.

I believe there is a place for expressing the stupid nature of something using a rediculous statement in association with a wink and nod. It's just a shame that it doesn't come across in a transcript.

If we're going to start looking for a new councilman lets do it on the basis of how he votes. I'm not entirely familiar with his voting record, but that wasn't the topic of your post. There are more important issues than a simple "Wink and nod".


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