Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Utah Legislature

LaVarr Webb is a regular champion of the Utah Legislature. He makes good points about balancing the budget, etc. Reach Upward expanded a bit on the topic today, and on the virtues of a part time legislature. But Webb's remarks only cover parts of what the legislature is doing this year. Consider that they are making the hotel tax permanent to give money to the counties for the tourist project of their choice. EXCEPT for Salt Lake County, who is being forced to use their cut to build the RSL stadium in Sandy. The legislatures actions in this from the beginning have been one big political gift to Sandy Mayor Tom Dolan. It's significant the Legislature that cries the loudest for Federalism is now making SLCo budget decisions AND The renowned legislature of fiscal conservatives has NO QUESTIONS for the project. It's money that must go Mayor Dolan's project, no questions asked, no accountability. No one has any idea how much this project will cost and the Legislature is issuing a blank check! Amazing.