Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Mayor Rocky Anderson's Award

Also mentioned in Mayor Rocky Anderson's letter to City Weekly is that he was disappointed he didn't get more coverage of his "World Leadership Award". John Saltas performed a perfunctory examination of the evidence and found it severely lacking. Here's my own expanded version. I know this is kind of a simpleton way of doing it, but if you search "world leadership award" on google (controlling for the "adult" world leadership award), you come up with about 50 results. If you specify "Utah", you come up with 43. So Mayor Rocky Anderson has complained to no end that we're not bowing at his feet, yet he seems to be the ONLY Mayor who has really received ANY publicity at all out of NINE winning cities. Plus, a generous portion of those hits come from local news sources. So why is Mayor Anderson upset? He's received his due. Perhaps it's because he feels like the award should make him immune to media scrutiny. Sorry Mayor, no politician should ever get that. Not even you.


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