Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Legislature And Soccer Stadiums

I received a comment from a Legislative intern named Chayce whose boss was a sponsor of the Hotel Tax Bill for the RSL stadium. He makes some fair points, one being Mayor Corroon doesn't technically need to hand the money over to RSL. I pointed that out yesterday, and he's right. However, It's disingenous for the legilature to point a loaded gun at Mayor Corroon and then say "of course, we can't legally force you to do what we say". Mayor Corroon is vulnerable and we all saw what happened the last time a prominent Salt Lake politician incurred the wrath of the State Capitol. These demands on Salt Lake County destroy the idea that this bill levels the field between counties. Also, it should be remembered that Mayor Corroon is expected to fork over $45 mil to RSL. The thing is, it'll take us decades to recover $45 mil from the hotel tax. SLCo's share of the money will be tied up for years to come. We can't use it on anything else but the $150 million bad idea about to go in across the street from possibly the worst restaurant in the County, The Mayan. While the other Counties in Utah are spending their shares how they wish, SLCo will need to go back grovelling to the Legislature for money. Doesn't sound very fair to me.


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