Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Congressional Photos

Each member of Utah's delegation to Washington D.C. has a photo page on their official website. Each is very different. Congressman Rob Bishop: By far the fewest photos. There are only four and three of them are him with the President, Secretary Powell, and Secretary Rumsfeld. My favorite caption: "Congressman Bishop receives up-to-date information on the crisis in the Middle East from Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld." Yeah, right. Congressman Jim Matheson: Lots of photos, but they're poorly organized and a pain to go through. They're organized by date so you really have to hunt if you're looking for something specific. Plus, the thumbnails are hard to see. Congressman Chris Cannon: Also lots of photos, but they're easier to navigate because they're arranged according to event. Also he has a page of photos of Utah visitors to Washington D.C. which are kind of strained (see photo below) but a pretty good souvenir if you're a political junkie. Senator Bob Bennett: Some photos arranged by topic, but overall a disappointing number after 13 years. He has a pretty cool one of him in a helicopter in Iraq, but it's cancelled out by his other "look everybody, I'm on Larry King!" photo. Senator Orrin Hatch: Almost as few as Congressman Bishop but in the same "I'm tight with important people" vein. Two of Senator Hatch's photos are of him with Mother Theresa and President Gordon B. Hinckley. Caption: "Senator Hatch at the side of Gordon B. Hinckley". Not very subtle.


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Looks like Bennett wants to be a cowboy.

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