Tuesday, January 31, 2006


In a Tribune article, County Councilman Randy Horiuchi praised the RSL stadium project saying it will regenerate the entire south valley. Whaaaaaat!!?? Councilman Horiuchi, have you been to the "south valley"? It's freaking out with "regeneration projects". You can't turn around without tripping over a new strip mall or parking lot. Downtown is in need of regeneration. Sandy is in need of a replacement for Mayor Dolan and we're all in need of a replacement for Councilman Horiuchi.

Yesterday's Man: Senator L. Alma "Al" Mansell


Now that the reality of the stadium is coming out, the legislature seems to be sooooo helpful in arranging money, the price has increased and new funding mechanisms are availabe It's not too late to build the stadium downtown. We can. It wouldn't be hard. We can give RSL fans what they want, we can give owner Dave Checketts what he wants, we can give downtown something it desperately needs It wouldn't make a difference to Sandy City. They're building oversized retail parking lots as fast as their fat cat legs can run. The only people who would be upset are Councilman Randy Horiuchi Mayor Tom Dolan House Speaker Greg Curtis But you know what? They're all Yesterday's Men anyway. So who cares.

Monday, January 30, 2006

A Song For Every Occasion

Utahania noticed that Mayor Rocky Anderson was the celebrity guest dj at Jack FM. Here's a copy of his playlist: "It's Not My Fault", by Melt Banana "Never, Never Ever My Fault", by Paul Clark "I Blame It On You", by Kelly Cordes "Cry Me A River", by Justin Timberlake and "Boot Scootin' Boogie", by Brooks and Dunn

The Commemorative Hall of Shame Series

Okay, so we're filling in the gaps of The Commemorative Hall of Shame Series. Each quarter design will feature the dirty laundry of its state. Here they are so far: Alabama: Hound dog chasing African- American California: OJ white Bronco chase Kansan: Hunting buffalo to extinction Missouri: The Trail of Tears Massachusettes: Buring 14 year old "witches" at the stake Utah: Mountain Meadows Massacre

What's Going On

Last year when the RSL Stadium race was on, The downtown idea was killed because SLC had the audacity to offer public money in the form of RDA to help buy property for the stadium. Shocked and horrified, the legislature killed that idea, Sandy stabbed SLC in the back, taking their money and thumbing their nose at the Council. SL County freaked out and couldn't find its spine and refused to stand up to Sandy Mayor Tom Dolan. RSL owner Dave Checketts promised no public funds would be used and the stadium went to Sandy. Now, the legislature is making a temporary hotel tax permanent as a favor to Sandy so they can help pay for the building of RSL's new stadium. $45 million according to Paul Rollly

Direct Access

One of the reasons The Senate Site was created was for Utah's State Senators to have a place to access the public directly. They are able to give their arguments and reasoning in person, without any kind of media filter. The public is also able to let the Senators know what their thoughts are. Senators have used the site on occasion to directly refute what they consider are unfair or misleading stories in the press. For example: "We Know More"- by Sen. Knudsen: Clarifies a statement made in the Senate that was ridiculed in the Tribune. Senator Knudsen felt the quote was taken out of context. "What the media hasn’t told you about the GRAMA Task Force"- by Senator Thomas: Senator Thomas felt the media coverage of the task force had been "self serving" and used the site to make points he felt should have been made by the press. Perhaps Mayor Rocky Anderson should follow the Senate's example. After all, it's his administration and his image. He should stop blaming people and start working.

Pink Cowboys

With all the "Brokeback Fury" we've seen recently, did Congressman Cannon really think no one would notice the pink clad cowboy featured on his campaign website?

The One With The Snowboarder

What can I say. A skier design says "Utah winter sports". A snowboarder says "we're trying to engage the youth in the process of choosing a quarter". Also: - twenty years from now, young kids are going to laugh at that poor girl for wearing clothes dating back to 2005. - the Olympics are over. The Olympic games don't "say Utah" any more than they "say Los Angeles" (remember they were there, too) - like I said before. Put a skier on the quarter. - "The World Is Welcome": whose slogan is that? With that said, the skier design is my second favorite of the three for one simple reason: Stick it to those jerks in Colorado. Ski Utah, baby!

Media Conspiracy

oneutah.org has posted the full text of Mayor Anderson's November statement about how the Deseret News is out to get him, etc. etc. It's not a very interesting read, but it's worthwhile if you follow SLC politics. I'm sure 99% of politicians and celebrities feel they have a case for writing an identical document. The fact that he actually wrote one leads me to agree with Charley Foster's assesment that the Mayor's relationship with the media is Nixonian. There is one point of the paper I'd correct if I were the Mayors Comm. Dir. He accuses the News of writing a “The-mayor-denies-still-beating-his-wife” headline when they reported “LDS Church not Taliban, Rocky says.”. The Mayor has to remember that the Deseret News article he cites is not the first we knew of his Kafka/Taliban comment. It spread like wildfire the day it was published. His comment had two days to bang around before it hit the papers. By the time the newspapers could react to the statement, it was already widely believed the Mayor had compared the Mormon Church to the Taliban. So I don't see the problem with the Deseret News headline.

Yesterday's Man

With SB 170, Senator Al Mansell joins the ranks of "Yesterday's Men". They are the proud few grown fat from the mistakes of the past. Who have made fortunes saddling families with the burdens of multiple cars, strip malls, and traffic jams. These burdens include but are not limited to: Obesity, poverty, mental illness. "Yesterday's Men" are insulated from these burdens. They don't have to live in the neighborhoods they create. They can afford gym memberships (but they don't use them), gas prices and insurance costs don't dent their robust pocketbooks. But the tide is changing. New terms like "public transportation" and "walkable neighborhoods" highlight the failures of "Yesterday's Men" and the growing discontent with the lifestyle they foisted on so many. Which is why they are "Yesterday's Men".

Red- Neck Millionaires

What do you do when Utah millionaire real estate mogul Al Mansell uses his position in the Utah Senate to sponsor a bill written by the law firm of House Speaker Greg Curtis on behalf of one of the firm's clients dedicated to "skewing the entire planning and local land use regulation process towards the developer." (Utah Planners' Corner) The extreme growth we've experienced over the past few decades have cultivated a new generation of red- neck multi- millionaires grown rich for their ability not to create neighborhoods, complement lifestyles or any of their other marketing slogans. They're good at squeezing every possible cent from a bit of land then laughing all the way to the bank. And now we reap the whirlwind. Land-use bill raising eyebrows- Deseret News Utah Planners' Corner

Commemorative Hall Of Shame

In the Utah Quarter design comments, an interesting idea has sprung up. Charley Foster named it "The Commemorative Hall of Shame Series". It's an alternative quarter series that honors each state by depicting its dirty laundry. So far we have: Utah: Mountain Meadows Massacre Alabama: Hound dog chasing African- American

Comfort And Convenience

Senator Al Mansell's bill regarding municipal zoning made two small but significant changes. His bill removes the words "comfort" and "aesthetic" as reasons for allowing cities and towns to zone their own land. Instead, cities can only use reasons like "good order" and "convenience". Senator Mansell has clearly never been to Central or East Europe. It's all convenient and well- ordered, but it eats your soul.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

The One With The Trains

I understand the train thing will make it the most collected of the quarters (if Utah picks this design). It's also leading in the Tribune online poll with over 53% of the vote so far. Still, I don't like it. I don't want to disparage the historical importance of "The Golden Spike", but it just doesn't say "Utah" to me. It was Utah's first experience with out of state companies bringing in out of state workers and materials to build a project meant for the two coasts. We had to build a separete spur to SLC. The railroad was in the middle of nowhere when it came through Utah. If one company or the other had built a little faster, this would be the quarter design for Nevada or Wyoming. After all, Nevada supplied a ceremonial spike to the occasion, Arizona Territory did as well. Sadly, there was no ceremonial spike from Utah Territory. So here's my question: How exactly does this design represent Utah?

17th Amendment And Corruption

Chairman Wayne Holland's statement on SB156 contains a really important point. He said this bill would "revisit the old forms corruption that led to the 17th Amendment in the first place". Corruption and bribery were major factors behind the 17th Amendment, which is something Utah's Legislature should remember. Utah's Legislature is already desperately in need of transparency and accountability. Ethics reform proposals are often viewed as personal insults and get nowhere. (except for this years new $5 gift reporting minimum. Good job Rep. Alexander, a step in the right direction.)

17th Amendment

Okay, the dust has kind of settled around SB156, the "soft repeal" of the 17th Amendment. Some think it's a bad idea: Utah State Democratic Party Statement Utah Centralist Others think it's a great idea: State Senator Howard Stephenson Some notable features of this debate: State Democratic Party Chair Wayne Holland has come out strongly against the bill calling it a Republican "end run around the constitution". The bill is co- sponsored by Chairman Holland's fellow Union leader Democrat Senator Ed Mayne. Senator Orrin Hatch was said to be nervous about the bill and Senator Stephenson has removed it for re-tooling following a conversation with Senator Hatch. Considering he is very unpopular at the legislature, and he hasn't had a real job in thirty years, I can see why Senator Hatch is freaking out.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The One With The Beehive

It's not a surprise the beehive is a finalist for Utah's quarter design. It's already Utah's Official State Insect Colony. As a metaphor, it's pretty good. Everyone pitches in to build a nice community, everyone works hard, does his job, etc. So it's a solid pick for Utah's quarter. After all, we are "The Beehive State". It's comfortably respectable. It doesn't make you raise your eyebrows like the voyeuristic "Show Me State" of Missouri. But it's also not as mysterious and cool as Virginia's nickname, "Old Dominion". The design also features a Sego Lily, a flower that played a prominent part in Utah's settlement, but that no one has ever actually seen in person.

That Monkey Was Thiiiiis Big, I Swear

And after he stole my churro, I decided to write this bill.

Would You Recognize Them?

Read Oldenburg's account of stumbling across two mayors (Anderson and Corroon) in the same place at the same time in Salt Lake City.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Buttars v. Monkeys Amended

Check out the amended version of Senator Buttars' human origins bill. It's true, the Senate monkeyed with it before passing it. Senator Buttars designed it, but it evolved into something else in the Senate. (sorry, I couldn't resist) Of note: "opposing viewpoints" has become "opposing scientific viewpoints" and "not all scientists agree on which theory is correct" is now "not all scientists agree on which scientific theory is correct". To tell you the truth, the changes for the most part did little more than turn a lame bill into a super lame bill.

The Missing Link Is Thiiiiiiis Big

Quiet, genius at work.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Buttars v. Monkeys

The Buttars v. Monkeys bill has passed the Senate. To many people, that's no surprise. I was mildly surprised. I honestly thought the Senate wouldn't go for it. Looking at the vote tally, you'll notice Senator Buttars was absent and did not vote. He spent the weekend in the hospital with diabetes complications. I think maybe some of the win was a sympathetic "hey, he's in the hospital, let's give it to him" vote.


Gazelem and Slam Smith have problems with a Deseret News article

Called Out

Senator Buttars is being called out. Part of the Plan is offering $5 to anyone who can prove Senator Buttars has ever passed a science class (inspired by this statement: “That professor they brought in from the BYU talking about (how) we evolved from chimpanzees, he don’t know that.”) I think he should be looking at the Senator's English grades. Planet Legislature is offering movie tickets to the mysterious "gay friends" Senator Buttars is always talking about. But they have to come out of the closet first.

Big Bully

Senator Arent has sponsored an anti- bullying resolution. Safe Schools/anti-bullying resolution introduced today!- oneutah.org My Utah Bully My question: Does this mean Senator Bramble has to sit in the corner?

15 Minutes

Bog Aagard and I got famous over the weekend. Our new lines of political merchandise were mentioned in the Tribune's D.C. Notebook. How much does a newspaper mention count toward your 15 minutes?

Friday, January 20, 2006

Senator Orrin Hatch

Not everyone is getting the joke behind this illustration. I guess it is kind of old[er] news.

Busy Sunday Night?

Go to The KCPW Forum's inaugural event: Former Ambassador Joe Wilson Salt Lake City Library Sunday Jan 22 6pm. He will be taking questions from the audience. Idea for political junkies: pick up his book at Sam Wellers ($16.95) and have him sign it at the event. also: did you know Joe Wilson lives in Utah? It's true. Well, he has a residence here.

Have You Seen Me?

A New Word

Charley Foster of State of the Beehive Has created a new word. "Polygaphobe"

Another One For Pete Ashdown

Oh, THAT Phil Riesen

For those of you who haven't put it together:

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Film Incentives

Governor Huntsman has left the Motion Picture Incentive Fund out of his budget. This fund is to attract film and t.v. projects to Utah. These projects pump huge amounts of money into the state. It's possible the Governor signaled his intentions last fall at a special screening of "The World's Fastest Indian", an Anthony Hopkins film that (thanks to the incentive fund) happily stayed in Utah far longer than they had planned and spent far more than they thought they would. At the screening, the presenters were excited for Governor Hutsman to see his own name in the credits of the film. A special, oversized tribute had been included. But as the lights came up, the Governor was nowhere to be found. He had stood up and left as soon as the screen went black- and skipped all of the credits. Maybe he's not an Anthony Hopkins fan.

Funny Idea

This idea was left by Justin regarding the recent "State of the" speeches: "Next year, we should all get together and play a drinking game during the State of the City. Drink one shot for every time Rocky says "Community". The last one standing wins free parking at any downtown meter for the year."

Good Job Bob Aagard

Phil Riesen's candidacy has hit the papers at Paul Rolly's Tribune blog. Bob Aagard had it yesterday.

Blue Dog

The Blue Dog illustration is hard to see at cafepress.com/slcspin so here it is. As you can see, it's Congressman Matheson, playing his part as a rebellious Blue Dog.

Weapon Of Choice

I thought for sure I'd be the only one up here on a mac. Not only is that not the case, but many have my exact same ibook. The Daily Herald and The Tribune have people up here plunking away on ibooks. Rep. Bordeaux's intern is on an ibook and I've seen a few others floating around the grounds. Good for them.


The Tribune didn't bother with being nice when it addressed the human origins bill proposed by Senator Chris Buttars. Evolution: Buttars bill is an embarrassment "every time the West Jordan Republican opens his mouth to address the subject, he removes all doubt about the fact that he has absolutely no idea what he's talking about." "Buttars' Senate Bill 96 would probably be the first article, section or clause in our state statute book that is a downright lie. " "Buttars' constant references to the lack of a "missing link" or his insistence that he's never seen a dog change into a cat display a towering ignorance of the subject."


A gift ban is a media plot to trap legislators into breaking the law. No kidding.

Internet Problems

Here's a heads up. While I'm at the legislature (as I am now), my new posts don't show up on SLCSpin for a while after I post them. They do show up at the political aggregate utahpolitics.org almost immediately. So you can check there if you'd like.

Rep. Steve Urquhart

I finally met Rep. Urquhart today. He looks just like his picture. Not everyone does. I think Rep. Tim Cosgrove submitted his college yearbook photo.

State Of The * - Delivery Analysis

We had two big speeches the other night. Well, three actually. Two big ones and a "response". State Of The State- Governor Jon Huntsman Democratic Response- Senators Dmitrich, Hale, Davis, Mayne State Of The City- Mayor Rocky Anderson Personally, I think Mayor Anderson had a better delivery than the Governor. He seemed sincere, and moved quickly but was not rushed. The one thing I didn't enjoy about his delivery is his crazy Utah accent. He dropped, swallowed, pushed and pulled words all night. It was insane. Governor Huntsman's delivery was okay, but only just okay. He moved through his speech fine and obviously knew the material well, but his delivery was cheeeeesy. Waaaaay toooo cheeesy. The venue was an elementary school and at times it seemed the Governor was adressing school children. The Democrats should consider taping their response. They've done it in the past, and they should think about doing it again. They should also use only one camera. It was literally painful to watch as the Senators were caught looking at the wrong camera, stumbled on their lines and seemed as though they were reading their speeches for the first time. The one exception was Senator Karen Hale, who was very poised and gave a great delivery. Possibly the best of the night. Also, Senator Mike Dmitrich should have buttoned his shirt. UPDATE: The Democratic response WAS taped!

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Kent Morgan

Prosecutor Kent Morgan is running for Salt Lake County District Attorney as a Republican. Morgan Enters Race for Salt Lake County District Attorney- KSL.com So who else is interested now that David Yocom is retiring? Maybe Sam Gill Perhaps Lohra Miller Possibly Greg Skordas

Pom Poms Not Bomb Bombs

As was requested, here is a photo of the radical cheerleading group Pom Poms Not Bomb Bombs. Think "Smells Like Teen Spirit" meets Pippi Longstocking.

Officially Licensed SLCSpin Gear

Do you want this cool bumper sticker? Well, you can get it here along with other cool stuff. Note: This is an entertainment thing. I'm not really turning into an online store.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006


Rulon Jeffs, father of Warren Jeffs.

Need Some Money?

Hey, he's out there somewhere. Reward Increases for Finding Warren Jeffs

Number 9, Get Me The Press!

Mayor Rocky Anderson has sacked his Communications Director. Duncan Moench is out, Patrick Thronson is in. Thronson is the ninth person to take the most thankless job in Utah politics. Thronson graduated magna cum laude from Harvard. He'll need every bit of that plus a therapist and some body armor. Apparently, the position pays EXTREMELY well. If Thronson is smart, he'll save as much as he can for as long as he's in there. He'll need the money for continuing psych bills. Maybe he can claim workers comp. Do they cover emotional disability? note: Patrick Thronson has been Mayor Anderson's "scheduler" since last year when the Mayor's assistant "couldn't take it anymore" the same week Deeda Seed "couldn't take it anymore". Deeda Seed was #6. At least Thronson knows what he's getting himself into.

KCPW Forum

KCPW has announced a new speaker series called KCPW Forum. Their first speaker is former Ambassador Joe Wilson. Yes, that Joe Wilson. The event is free with first come first serve seating. KCPW Forum Ambassador Joe Wilson Salt Lake City Library Auditorium at Library Square January 22 Doors open at 5:30 Presentation begins at 6:00 FREE (if you just can't make it, you can listen to it on KCPW)

When Millionaires Attack

KSL has the video of Larry Miller attacking one of their microphones. He was really intimidating. He grabbed the microphone and used it to pull the reporter close to him. When I first saw it, I thought LHM had lunged at the guy, but viewing it today, he certainly leans in, but he uses the reporters microphone to pull him in close. Radio From Hell thought the reporter was Ben Winslow so I'm hoping for something on the KSL blog. Radio From Hell brought up the great point that if LHM is so satisfied with his decision and has overwhelmingly been supported in it (as he claims), then why did he basically attack a reporter for asking him about it?

Monday, January 16, 2006

LHM May Be In Over His Head

Larry H. Miller has kept quiet about his decision to cancell "Brokeback Mountain". But his actions today spoke volumes. KSLTV's 10pm newscast showed video of Miller's reaction to a KSL radio question on the subject. Miller's face went taught as he violently grabbed the microphone and advanced toward the reporter declaring he had nothing to say. The KSL camera self- censored and drifted away as stunned bystanders looked- well- stunned. (and embarrased) KSL also reported that 60% of Utahn's agreed with Miller's decision. But those numbers don't mean a whole lot. I think that's the number he'd pull for cancelling any rated R movie. But he doesn't cancel rated R movies. He doesn't even cancel gay movies. Just this gay movie, giving the international press yet another opportunity to mischaracterize and mock Utah and Mormons. He's rich, but that's about it.

Mayor Rocky Anderson

The Salt Lake Tribune ran a question/answer with Mayor Anderson. Let me sum it up for you. "A lot of people don't like me because they don't like moms, apple pie, or kitty cats." Yeah, it's that stupid. The biggest Mayor Anderson pity party ever. And we've had some big ones.

He Has A Name

I disliked this Deseret News headline: Hatch challenger to speak at UVSC for Demos club His name is Pete Ashdown.

"Pom- Poms Not Bomb- Bombs"

During my rovings today at the legislature I met The Radical Cheerleaders. Two of the cheerleaders were people you may recognize. Green Jenni of Jen's Green Journal and Dee of Dee's Dotes. My wish for 2006: Someone start up a conservative cheerleading group and then film a political sequel to "Bring It On"

Some Tips If You Decide To Come Up

Rep. Steve Urquhart has a few tips for anyone interested in participating in the legislative process. He says "try not to be self-conscious. Even if you're new at it, you're still the boss."

Beer Bottles And Lawmakers

The Wasatch Brewery Evolution Ale bottles that were placed on the desk of every legislator this morning were empty. Read about it at The Senate Site. They were a joke from Tom Barberi. In a KCPW interview, Senate President John Valentine remarked that when he first saw the bottles, he thought they had been leftover from a previous event. Oh really? A night before party IN the Senate Chambers WITH beer?

At The Legislature

The House and Senate galleries are packed full today. Standing room only. I noticed Wasatch Brewery bottles standing on the desks of one half of the Senators. I wonder what that's all about. I intend to find out. That's the difference between me and real journalists up here. I ask all the questions no one cares about but me. I had a chance to hear a choir group sing one of Senator Orrin Hatch's songs. Something about Arlington Cemetery. It sounded suspiciously like a lot of other songs I've heard floating around Utah.

Friday, January 13, 2006

Kris Lounsbury

Rep. Steve Urquhart pointed out the website of another District 2 Republican contender, Kris Lounsbury. He was decorated at Khe Sanh. Respect.

Lori's Law

Caught the last few minutes of a "Law and Order" rerun. The final lines: D.A.: So where do we draw the line? McCoy: On a case by case basis. Like we always do. 'Lori's Law' penalty for murder on Hill agenda- Tribune

Joe Tucker

Here's the website for the first of the Republican contenders for the 2nd Congressional District. Joe Tucker His "Ex- Democrat Challenges Matheson" hook is pretty interesting.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Deseret Morning News

Democracy for Utah is endorsing the Deseret News over the Tribune as paper of choice for Utah Democrats. According to D4U, the Deseret News is trying to boost struggling Democrats while the Tribune only portrays them as "capital- L Losers".

Congressional Photos

Each member of Utah's delegation to Washington D.C. has a photo page on their official website. Each is very different. Congressman Rob Bishop: By far the fewest photos. There are only four and three of them are him with the President, Secretary Powell, and Secretary Rumsfeld. My favorite caption: "Congressman Bishop receives up-to-date information on the crisis in the Middle East from Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld." Yeah, right. Congressman Jim Matheson: Lots of photos, but they're poorly organized and a pain to go through. They're organized by date so you really have to hunt if you're looking for something specific. Plus, the thumbnails are hard to see. Congressman Chris Cannon: Also lots of photos, but they're easier to navigate because they're arranged according to event. Also he has a page of photos of Utah visitors to Washington D.C. which are kind of strained (see photo below) but a pretty good souvenir if you're a political junkie. Senator Bob Bennett: Some photos arranged by topic, but overall a disappointing number after 13 years. He has a pretty cool one of him in a helicopter in Iraq, but it's cancelled out by his other "look everybody, I'm on Larry King!" photo. Senator Orrin Hatch: Almost as few as Congressman Bishop but in the same "I'm tight with important people" vein. Two of Senator Hatch's photos are of him with Mother Theresa and President Gordon B. Hinckley. Caption: "Senator Hatch at the side of Gordon B. Hinckley". Not very subtle.

Just Try To Look Natural- And Smile On 3. 1 - 2 - ...

Lee Benson

A lot of crap has been thrown around about the Larry Miller "Brokeback Mountain" thing. Even on the internet, however, I never thought it was getting out of control until I read Lee Benson's thoughts on the subject in today's Deseret News. Here's how I see his arguments. "what about the guy who runs the X-rated movie theater? Is he going to have to answer for not showing 'The Sound of Music' — or, for that matter, 'Brokeback Mountain?'"- An X- rated theater only shows X- rated movies, so no one blinks when it doesn't show a PG film. If LHM showed only G and PG movies, no one would have noticed the absence of "Brokeback Mountain". "Larry H. Miller paid good money to build a theater so he could air the movies of his choice."- Wrong. It's a business venture. I doubt he watches any more movies than the average person and it's clear (because he learned the story of "Brokeback" from Jonathan Brown of KCPW) that he is rarely if ever involved in "choosing" what shows at his theater. The films arrive automatically according to contract. "Nor is there anything inconsistent. As for the guy I know, this was vintage Larry. There's a lot of old West in him underneath those unbuttoned golf shirts. He runs his own herd, and he's straightforward and fearless about it. He's about as duplicitous as a statue."- First, the "old West attitude" thing is meaningless. It doesn't exist. Successfull businessmen run similar operations througout the world. I doubt there is anything in the LHM organization that you can't find in NY, Hong Kong, or LA. Second, duplicity is the core of the anger against LHM. Lee claims there's no duplicity, yet LHM's theaters are always showing films LHM would never be caught dead seeing (including films that show dudes making out). "It's always been strong emotion and values that have driven him, not cold hard logic. If it was cold hard logic, he'd be hauling in cold hard box-office cash from the critically acclaimed 'Brokeback Mountain.'"- Which is what he's doing with "Hostel", widely considered to be the most disgusting horror film ever. This is where the values argument fails Lee. If it were based on values, we would see some sort of consistency of values. But we don't. "He wasn't the community censor, just his own."- Not true. He censors himself by not seeing the film. Cancelling the film for moral reasons implies he has a responsibility to the community that visits his theater.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

A Boycott

Larry H. Miller is facing a boycott for cancelling "Brokeback Mountain". It's not a very ambitious boycott. Just avoid the Jazz, Megaplex, and Utah Auto Mall. The rest of his stuff is irrelevant. I mean come on. The Mayan? KarKredit? Anyone with an ounce of taste is already accidentally observing this boycott. (provided they're not into the Jazz, of course)

Larry H. Miller Makes Gay Movies

Larry Miller pulled "Brokeback Mountain" from his "LarryLand" movie theater. He was Executive Producer of "The Work And The Glory". "The Work And The Glory" was so gay.

Stop The Insanity

You can find these nifty t- shirts at Bob Aagard's new online store.

Monday, January 09, 2006

All Y'All Are Fascists

Julian Hatch is the Green Party candidate for U.S. Senate. In his list of issues, he's included "Two- Party Ruling System (Fascism)". Fascism, eh? It didn't make much sense to me until I found this at Wikipedia: "the word has become a political slur throughout the political spectrum since the failure of the Axis powers in World War II. In contemporary political discourse, adherents of some political ideologies tend to associate fascism with their enemies, or define it as the opposite of their own views." So really, Julian Hatch is fighting fascism (little f) as opposed to Fascism (big F).

All Y'All Are Goin' To Prison

Senator Orrin Hatch co- sponsored "A bill to reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act of 1994". Tucked neatly away inside is a new law that makes it a federal crime to use "any device or software" to create messages transmitted "in whole or in part, by the Internet" in order to "annoy" (that's really the word used in the law) "any person". Some of you guys are in soooo much trouble! Senator Hatch is "gonna fry up your electro- boxes down home small town western straight- talk values style". (even though he's from Pennsylvania). Read more about it at news.com

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Missed The Point

If you read Paul Rolly's Friday column, you'll see him criticize Senator Tom Hatch for wanting to exempt returned Mormon missionaries from background checks and remind him that serial killer Arthur Gary Bishop was a returned Mormon missionary. PROBLEM: That doesn't accurately describe Senator Hatch's proposal. From the Tribune: According to current law, caregivers in Utah must undergo a background check that usually takes about 10 days. If a person has lived outside Utah for any reason over the past five years, they must undergo an FBI check which can take up to six months. This applies to Peace Corps, LDS missions, military service, etc. Senator Hatch believes this is an unfair burden for job applicants because soldiers and missionaries are strictly supervised in their activities. The proposal would forego the FBI check in favor of a recommendation from the military, church, etc. Now, we can debate whether it's a good idea or not, but the actual proposal is very different from the Mormon Serial Killer Loophole Law Paul Rolly describes. Despite what Paul Rolly suggests, Arthur Gary Bishop's crimes would not have been affected by this law.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

2006 Will Be Slightly Less Interesting

According to a KCPW report, Nancy Workman will not run for County Clerk or any other position this year. From Republicans: Sigh of relief From Democrats: Groan of disappointment The good news for Democrats and the bad news for Republicans is that she hasn't totally ruled out running again somewhere for something. Her next election, she insists, will be on planet Earth. She's already been elected Mayor of a fantasy world in which she enjoys a political legacy as an ethics reformer, isn't responsible for any problems at Salt Lake County and is widely respected and loved.

In Lieu Of Arguments, Please Send Photos

Senator Orrin Hatch's campaign photos are textbook campaign images. All the required elements are there: The President Ronald Reagan A hamburger A black child

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Senator Orrin Hatch: Still Behind The Curve

Since it was a running joke across the internet world anyway, Senator Hatch has decided he may as well rename his "blog". Stealing an idea from Pete Ashdown, it's now Senator Orrin Hatch's Campaign Journal. (though the masthead still says "weblog") Whatever. It still isn't as good as Pete Ashdown's Campaign Journal. 1. Senator Hatch didn't know what a blog was other than it was part of "that intranets thing all the kids play on". He should have done his homework before he started one. 2. After three decades in the Senate, millions in campaign money and personal wealth, the best operatives money can buy, and another election almost in the bag, Senator Hatch is still afraid of public feedback.

The Grinch Who Stole Pioneer Day

Hey, Chad Keller of Salt Lake City: Go to hell. From Chad Keller's letter to the Readers' Forum "Simply put, the Days of '47 Pioneer Day celebration is overrated, highly inconvenient, smells of state endorsement of religion, brings out the unruly pompous LDS sect and upstages the nation's birthday."

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Big Fish, Little Pond= Worst Restaurants Ever

This is why we can't have anything nice in Salt Lake. From the Tribune article outlining Mitt Romney's visit to SLC in which he hit up some potential donors. "On Monday, Romney rode horses with The Boyer Company's Kem Gardner and lunched with him Tuesday at The Gateway's Z-Tejas restaurant. 'We'll probably hit a movie tonight or do something,' Gardner said Tuesday afternoon after Romney was seen almost jogging out of a Gateway office tower where Gardner's office is located. I'm waiting for this description of his meeting with another "money man": "On Monday, Romney rode horses with Larry H. Miller and lunched with him Tuesday at the Jordan Commons' Joe's Cra[p] Shack. 'We'll probably hit a movie tonight or do something,' Miller said Tuesday afternoon after Romney was seen almost jogging out of a Jordan Commons office tower where Miller's office is located."

Monday, January 02, 2006

Another Reason To Click Through Ads

Not only do you help out your favorite bloggers, but you never know what you'll find. I clicked through this ad at State of the Beehive: "Astonishing Shortcut Fighting Secrets So Dangerous They Were Banned By Congress Finally Revealed By Notorious Former Military 'Secret Weapon' Who Scares Even Top Martial Art Pros... By Quickly Turning Even Scrawny Weaklings Into Monster Killing Machines Almost Overnight!" Awesome!

Sunday, January 01, 2006

I Don't Know What More To Ask For