Friday, December 02, 2005

Passing Out Credit

The Sierra Club issued a report on positive development in Salt Lake City. Salt Lake City was featured for a number of reasons. Trax, Gateway, and the LDS Church development are all listed as positive achievements. It's interesting to see the individuals singled out for praise. Among them, Mayor Anderson. Those who remember the early days of Mayor Rocky Anderson may recognize the irony in him being praised in the same report as Trax and Gateway. Do I even need to mention the LDS Development? Each of those have taken place completely independent of the Mayor. Perhaps he was included as an "advocate" for liveability issues. Fine. But where's the beef? This city needs more walk and less talk from city hall. Report: Albuquerque and Salt Lake City Beacons of Better Building- New West SLC rides TRAX to national spotlight- Tribune


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