Thursday, December 08, 2005

More Nancy Workman?

A comment on a previous post mentioned former Salt Lake County Mayor Nancy Workman has decided to run for Salt Lake County Clerk. That was news to me, but according to a KCPW (official political junkie station) report, she really is considering it and will finalize her decision this week. County Cartel (the commenter), theorized she's running not to beat her friend Sherrie Swensen, but to rid herself of the pesky leftover campaign cash and to make a middle finger type statement to Salt Lake County Republicans. Salt Lake County: Never boring.


Blogger pramahaphil said...

You gotta love Nancy Workman. I don't know what is worse, misappropriating tax funds on booze or your favorite charity... oh wait daughter's boyfriend.

On a side note, maybe the problem in Utah's city and county governments isn't just a few bad apples, maybe it's simply a problem with internal controls of local government funds. Obviously these officials (Rocky, Nancy, Iron Co. Sheriff, etc.) are remiss in doing what they have done. But, I wonder if there needs to be a more serious look into the internal controls of these small government's funds. I had an auditing professor that loved to rant about how horrible the books were in one state's government, bad enough that a publicly traded company in that situation would need to worry about SEC charges. Just a little rant, sorry.

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