Tuesday, December 20, 2005

The Big Time

Q: As a politician, how do you know you've hit the "Big Time"? A: When there is a crazy person threatening to kill you. All the greats have at least one. Congratulations to Mayor Rocky Anderson for reaching this milestone of public service. Mentally ill man threatens to kill Rocky- Deseret News Man held in threat on mayor- Tribune


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have a funny story. My father hates politics. He keeps up with the news but rarely gives us his opinions on the "goings ons" of local politics. Yesterday, I was watching the news and they were covering this story. As my father walks by, he passionately screams at the TV, "Why did they stop the crazy man! Why didn't they excort him to City Hall and introduce him to Rocky! Let the crazy man do Salt Lake City a favor!" I fell out of my chair laughing.

12/20/2005 03:09:00 PM  

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