Wednesday, November 23, 2005

State Democratic Party Involvement In District 3

Some interesting points have been brought up regarding the involvement of the State Party in the District 3 race. Jason Wessel, who worked on the Janneke House campaign, made this comment to a previous post: "the state dems were not actively involved in the campaign. For example, during phone banking on election day we had our volunteers using cell phones because all the state party lines were reserved for Soren [Simonsen]'s volunteers." Another commenter felt that the State Party was split in it's support of Janneke House. I suppose Jason's account bears that out. If it's true the State Party resisted helping Janneke House but threw a great amount of weight behind Soren Simonsen, then I think it's reasonable to assume that a lot of pressure was put on the Party from Democrats supporting Councilman Jergensen. I think this underscores Councilman Jergensen's strength as a potential mayoral candidate. It also demonstrates the point at which the "party card" begins to break apart in non- affiliated races.


Anonymous Rob Miller said...

Dear Ethan and Jason:

The Utah State Democratic Party was not pressured by anyone to support Councilman Jergensen's campaign.

The reason phones at the party were reserved for Soren Simonsen was because he asked first. Phones were reserved for the House campaign at another location but the offer was refused.

The State Party was never split in support for the House campaign. In fact, we at the State Party did what we could when we were asked, and more when we were not. I personally made calls on election day for Janneke without any invitation, and I was happy to do so.

Xavier and I were happy to show up to Janneke's honk and wave to lend support. We made sure she had free radio time, free lawn stakes, had volunteers. Everyone I have spoke with at the Party is excited that Janneke is getting involved, so why would anyone assume that the State Party supported anyone but Janneke?

It is not resonable to assume that we received any pressure, or that pressure to support anyone but a Democrat, as such, would ever be an issue, or tolerated. If there seemed to be a lack of support, it is imagined, or it is a lie.

I want to thank Janneke and her staff for running a courgeous campaign. I am hopeful that with a name like House, Janneke will someday be a member of it (The House).

Thanks for the opportunity to speak the real and sound truth.

Rob Miller
Vice Chair
Utah State Democratic Party

11/23/2005 01:00:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think it underscores Eric "Preciate Cha's" weakness as a mayoral candidate. TOO Mormon, Too Conservative... leaning TOO much to the Republican party.

11/25/2005 09:36:00 PM  

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