Monday, November 28, 2005

The Senate Race And The Internet

A Tribune article Sunday talked about the Internet in Utah's Senate race. Naturally, the story is on Pete Ashdown's campaign site. One part of the story made me choke on my food: Writer Bob Mims said: "Certainly, Hatch is no stranger to the Internet, having long had a Web site (http://www.orrin2006 .com) and more recently a blog, or Web log, linked to his home page." WHAAAT??? First, saying Senator Hatch is no stranger to the Internet thanks to his web site is like saying I'm no stranger to the automotive industry because I own a car. Sorry, but I am a stranger to the automotive industry. And Senator Hatch is a stranger to the Internet. Second, I can't believe people are still referring to Senator Hatch's watered down "Utah's Grandpa" ramblings as a blog. Bob, stop it. Senator Orrin Hatch can spend his own money defending himself. You don't need to make excuses for him.


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