Friday, November 11, 2005

Rep. Urquhart Is Out, But Is Senator Hatch 'In'

Well he'll never be 'in', but Senator Orrin Hatch composed a tribute to Rep. Steve Urquhart and put it up on his campaign website. Senator Hatch wrote: "This campaign can now move forward with the support of a united Utah Republican Party" It's a nice sentiment, but the past several months have shown that the Republican Party is far from united behind Senator Orrin Hatch. I'm sure Senator Hatch knew the State Convention is still a long ways away. Remember, the State Delegates are notoriously rowdy and disrespectful. Senator Hatch also must have known that there are many things that could have derailed his campaign before then. Perhaps "spending like a drunken sailor" could have done it. Or maybe it's dressing in the robes of morality while condoning torture. Getting Rep. Urquhart out of the race had nothing to do with part unity, and everything to do with insuring himself against the political consequences of his work in the U.S. Senate.


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