Tuesday, November 29, 2005

More On Mayor Rocky Anderson

Mayor Anderson is playing around with the idea of finishing out his term and leaving city hall. His timing is perfect. So how do you know when it's time to leave? You rode the Olympic wave as long as it will go. Your plan to revitalize Main Street by giving loans to every coffee shop business plan isn't going well at all. The only people able to make anything happen in the downtown wasteland is the LDS Church. You didn't get the City Council you wanted. You've used up the LDS Church, Former Mayors, City Council, Utah Legislature, and the media, and now have run out of people to blame.


Anonymous Dexter said...

you're using jeff foxworthy lines?
slcspin hits a new redneck low.

I still say that repubs in utah secretly love rocky. He gives them a target for hating government without having to address the fact that the inept, unethical, and ineffective power brokers in this state are republicans.

11/29/2005 07:03:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dexter - good point. Caring is a good thing, in Rocky's case, he cares out loud, loud, loud, in the most caustic way possible, in a manner that, though his causes are often just, will piss off the maximum number of people.

This gives Democrats a headache: because the causes are worthy, but he doesn't build a concensus, and he does his best to find a way to alienate the maximum number of people. THEN, he take a poop on his fellow Democrats because they often find him tactless.

This is a boon for the RePubs, who can say "sure, we're corrupt, but we're not near a freekin' nuts as that guy" This more than anything else damages Democrats in 28 and 1/2 Counties in Utah and Rocky just doesn't care.

I like his daring doo, but I hate his caustic, self serving, self worship and posturing actions.

Rocky Anderson = Benevolent Asshat

11/29/2005 07:19:00 PM  
Anonymous Logan said...

Why doesn't Rocky point out the inept, unethical, and ineffective power brokers?

It is because Rocky wants a pity party. He is non-effective in anything he does. (except for the orange flags) He wants all the attention and will step on anyone to get it.

You are right. We love to hate him, but it is not just the Republicans. Look around...there are tons of demos that don't like him either. Ineffective Mayor Steps Down. I wish that were the next headline.

11/29/2005 08:53:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

...when you drive right wing republicans absolutely CRAZY!!!

11/29/2005 11:49:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

driving LOGAN CRAZY!!!

11/29/2005 11:50:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rocky Anderson is an embarrassment not only to the City of Salt Lake but also to the Democratic Party at the local, state and regional levels.

His confrontational style has alienated many middle of the road democrats in the Aves and Sugar House. The high turnover in his administration speaks for itself.

The mark of an effective politician and true leader to build consensus, compromise and unite various groups, Rocky has failed at all of these.

Where is there for Rocky to go? Probably back to a private law practice. No one else wants him.

The state Democratic Party wants nothing to do with him. At the national level, the Democratic Party still hasn’t forgiven him for endorsing Mitt is the Massachusetts gubernatorial election.

The only people who seem to respect him are the folks at obscure overseas NGO’s. Maybe Rocky would have to leave Utah to pursue his utopian political aims, and would that be such a bad thing?

11/30/2005 08:52:00 AM  
Blogger pramahaphil said...

I think Dexter is right about one thing - Repubs might secretly admire him.

Love-hate is more like it. Hate because he is such a corrupt, lame, elected official, but love because you got to admire (shocked is more the word) that his constituents still keep him in office and that he avoids consequences of every scandal that heads his way.

It's the same love-hate relationship Repubs have with Bill Clinton.

11/30/2005 10:23:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe Rocky will leave Utah and go work with the ACLU at the National level. that seems like a good fit. what do you think?

11/30/2005 11:05:00 AM  
Anonymous Pimp Rights and Activist said...

I think Rocky should use his celebrity to bring legal prostitution to Salt Lake City and then he can be Rocko the pimp!

11/30/2005 11:46:00 AM  
Anonymous logan said...

If Rocky does go work for the ACLU on the national level I would only hope that he does as bad there as he did here. Kill the ACLU from the inside. I can only hope.

11/30/2005 12:34:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We middle of the road Democrats LOVE Rocky. We LOVE the way he puts right wing Republicans on the defensive... constantly.

12/01/2005 11:01:00 PM  
Blogger Ethan said...

But he doesn't really. He doesn't force Republicans to explain themselves, to apologize, or anything.

In fact, it seems Republicans are always putting him on the defensive.

I think the idea that Mayor Anderson does what he does just to antagonize Republicans makes no sense.

Maybe you like him because Republicans dislike him,

but that's clearly not an actual strategy.

12/02/2005 03:19:00 AM  

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