Wednesday, November 30, 2005

The Importance Of Seniority

Remember when Senator Orrin Hatch forgot the names of Utah's congressional delegation while giving a speech (lavishing praise on Congressman Matheson in front of a stunned Republican audience)? Remember when Senator Hatch didn't know how to work his cell phone? Remember when he claimed to have "lived in" the oil industry though he couldn't remember with what company? Thankfully his spokesperson explained it was a bit of legal work for a small company over thirty years ago. Remember when Senator Hatch confused Iraq with Vietnam? Remember why Senator Orrin Hatch is a triple decade Senator? Neither do I.

On Pete Ashdown

From The Media Center: "Ashdown’s wiki is a deliberative model that delves deep into the issues and fully engages the voters. It is not a snapshot, like polls." "Communication technology, independent of the content conveyed over it, has ideological implications that follow from how the technology is used." Technology is far too important to ignore Pete Ashdown.

Senator Orrin Hatch

Apparently, Senator Hatch isn't interested in voter input. It's nice to be able to just trust him and not have to think for ourselves. Read about it at Beehive Donkey.

Time Flies

Rep. Steve Urquhart celebrates his one year blogging anniversary. Congratulations. So, what is the one year blogging gift? A new mousepad? Someone should set that up. First year: Mousepad Second year: Something slightly cooler, but still cheap. etc.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

More On Mayor Rocky Anderson

Mayor Anderson is playing around with the idea of finishing out his term and leaving city hall. His timing is perfect. So how do you know when it's time to leave? You rode the Olympic wave as long as it will go. Your plan to revitalize Main Street by giving loans to every coffee shop business plan isn't going well at all. The only people able to make anything happen in the downtown wasteland is the LDS Church. You didn't get the City Council you wanted. You've used up the LDS Church, Former Mayors, City Council, Utah Legislature, and the media, and now have run out of people to blame.

Carry The Torch

In a Sunday column, Paul Rolly talked about all of the causes Mayor Rocky Anderson supports and then asked the question: "Who else will take up the banner for those causes?" As if the Mayor is irreplaceable. Paul Rolly bemoans the unfair treatment Mayor Anderson receives, as if we should feel sorry for the perennially misunderstood Mayor. No one, he says, focuses on the issues. They only focus on their dislike for the Mayor. No doubt Mayor Anderson loved reading this and feeling sorry for himself. He's been trying for a long time to help us understand that nothing is his own fault. Casserole Bar hits this same topic. (and draws a different conclusion)

Monday, November 28, 2005

Separated At Birth

Congressman Chris Cannon Hamburglar

Do You Love Politics?

Then you should call KCPW. They're looking for legislative media interns. Utah's Political Junkie Station. Sounds fun.

A Critical Difference

When I read Bob Mims' article again, I found it even weirder. Back to the "Senator Hatch is no stranger to the Internet thing". Because we are comparing Pete Ashdown to Senator Orrin Hatch, a clarification MUST be made. Pete Ashdown intimitely unerstands the Internet and how and why it works. Senator Orrin Hatch has his name on a web site. This proves nothing about Senator Hatch except that someone on his staff can build a website. Or, at the very least, can hire someone to build a website. These two candidates are NOT on the same plane here. Hey, they're not even on the same planet. Which is why Bob Mims' hat tip to the Senator was even sillier the second time I read it.

The Senate Race And The Internet

A Tribune article Sunday talked about the Internet in Utah's Senate race. Naturally, the story is on Pete Ashdown's campaign site. One part of the story made me choke on my food: Writer Bob Mims said: "Certainly, Hatch is no stranger to the Internet, having long had a Web site (http://www.orrin2006 .com) and more recently a blog, or Web log, linked to his home page." WHAAAT??? First, saying Senator Hatch is no stranger to the Internet thanks to his web site is like saying I'm no stranger to the automotive industry because I own a car. Sorry, but I am a stranger to the automotive industry. And Senator Hatch is a stranger to the Internet. Second, I can't believe people are still referring to Senator Hatch's watered down "Utah's Grandpa" ramblings as a blog. Bob, stop it. Senator Orrin Hatch can spend his own money defending himself. You don't need to make excuses for him.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Julian Hatch For Senate Press Release

The Julian Hatch campaign published a press release on their media kick- off event. Julian Hatch said: "We have received international attention from several dozen media outlets while the Deseret News and the Salt Lake Tribune have ignored us." There are two things wrong with this statement. 1) "We have received international attention from several dozen media outlets"- Those "several dozen media outlets" only picked up the same lone AP story. 2) "the Deseret News and the Salt Lake Tribune have ignored us"- Apparently no one in that campaign saw the Tribune announcement of Julian Hatch's candidacy that had already appeared.

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Salt Lake County Councilman Randy Horiuchi

The only former Salt Lake County Commissioner involved who hasn't apologized for approving a development that didn't meet the County's own requirements and put a local family through years of lawsuits over their wrecked property. In the classic politician's style, he diverted blame to the County's lawyers for something he helped shepherd and approve. Remember when Sandy Mayor Tom Dolan angered Republicans by endorsing Councilman Horiuchi's re-election? What is that saying about understanding a person by the friends they keep? Councilman Horiuchi has Senator Hatch disease. Can't remember why he's there, doesn't have a good reason for staying other than he's just always been there. Of course, if you love big box strip malls with ironic names like "Family Center", then I guess Councilman Horiuchi is your man. Let's Be Careful Out There- Utah Planner's Corner Midvale family wins fight with developer- SL Tribune Family wins war against the walls- Deseret News

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Pete Ashdown's Campaign Website

Remember that time Senator Orrin Hatch's "blog" was rated "worst and most fake"? Pete Ashdown's campaign site was featured as the inaugural Site of the Day on Politics1. Unfortunately for Senator Hatch, you can't buy what Pete Ashdown has. It's part of a larger understanding and commitment to technology and the future. Pete Ashdown: "I promise that the features on my website will be integrated to my Senate website and more government websites, when I am elected.”

Sorry, I Couldn't Resist This

Headline from Congressman Cannon's website: "Cannon Fights to Limit Frivolous, Obesity-Related Lawsuits"

It's Been A Big Week For Utah's Delegation To Washington D.C.

First, Senator Orrin Hatch has an ethics award revoked and is called "a prolific leaker of confidential and even classified information." City Weekly hit that topic today. Now, Congressman Chris Cannon has been swinging his bat on behalf some clients of his former Chief of Staff David Safavian. Ex-Cannon staffer had lobbying firm links- Tribune

So That Settles It

Dear Ethan and Jason: The Utah State Democratic Party was not pressured by anyone to support Councilman Jergensen's campaign. The reason phones at the party were reserved for Soren Simonsen was because he asked first. Phones were reserved for the House campaign at another location but the offer was refused. The State Party was never split in support for the House campaign. In fact, we at the State Party did what we could when we were asked, and more when we were not. I personally made calls on election day for Janneke without any invitation, and I was happy to do so. Xavier and I were happy to show up to Janneke's honk and wave to lend support. We made sure she had free radio time, free lawn stakes, had volunteers. Everyone I have spoke with at the Party is excited that Janneke is getting involved, so why would anyone assume that the State Party supported anyone but Janneke? It is not resonable to assume that we received any pressure, or that pressure to support anyone but a Democrat, as such, would ever be an issue, or tolerated. If there seemed to be a lack of support, it is imagined, or it is a lie. I want to thank Janneke and her staff for running a courgeous campaign. I am hopeful that with a name like House, Janneke will someday be a member of it (The House). Thanks for the opportunity to speak the real and sound truth. Rob Miller Vice Chair Utah State Democratic Party 801-706-6203

State Democratic Party Involvement In District 3

Some interesting points have been brought up regarding the involvement of the State Party in the District 3 race. Jason Wessel, who worked on the Janneke House campaign, made this comment to a previous post: "the state dems were not actively involved in the campaign. For example, during phone banking on election day we had our volunteers using cell phones because all the state party lines were reserved for Soren [Simonsen]'s volunteers." Another commenter felt that the State Party was split in it's support of Janneke House. I suppose Jason's account bears that out. If it's true the State Party resisted helping Janneke House but threw a great amount of weight behind Soren Simonsen, then I think it's reasonable to assume that a lot of pressure was put on the Party from Democrats supporting Councilman Jergensen. I think this underscores Councilman Jergensen's strength as a potential mayoral candidate. It also demonstrates the point at which the "party card" begins to break apart in non- affiliated races.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Wayne Holland And Fuzzy Numbers

Utah Democratic Chairperson Wayne Holland was on today's Midday Metro at KCPW. He said: "You see with the recent polls on approval ratings that Congressman Matheson is 17% above President Bush". He clearly wants the listener to think Congressman Matheson is more popular in Utah than President Bush. He is basing his numbers on a recent Deseret News/KSL poll. In this poll, if you add up the points under "strongly approve" and "somewhat approve" for both Congressman Matheson and President Bush then subtract one from the other, you get 17%. Problem: Congressman Matheson was not polled statewide. There is no poll comparing Utahns' opinion of President Bush to Congressman Matheson. Nor is there a poll comparing President Bush and Congressman Matheson among residents of District 2.


Shawn at Casserole Bar has an interesting post up on oversensitivity when politics and religion intersect.


As a commenter pointed out in a previous post, The State Democratic Party did not officially endorse Janneke House. There was, however, still a relationship there that was apparently not available to Councilman Jergensen as Cliff Lyon singled out the State Party for thanks in his end of campaign letter. UPDATE: As commenter ALB pointed out, Janneke House enjoyed a high profile advertisement on the State Party website. I suppose that's almost as strong as if they'd allowed her to post their endorsement on her website with the others.

Monday, November 21, 2005

What Does The District 3 Race Mean For Future Political Contests?

Councilman Eric Jergensen's re- election placed him on the short list of potential Mayoral candidates. If he runs against Mayor Rocky Anderson, it may give the Mayor some problems. Councilman Jergensen has an edge that wasn't available to Frank Pignanelli. Frank Pignanelli's well- known profile as a Democratic leader helped him mobilize large numbers of Democrats. Plus, Republican sentiment toward Mayor Anderson ensured that locally involved Republicans went for Frank Pignanelli. But he missed out on a general Republican vote that could have put him over the top. He was too much of a Democrat to move large numbers of Republicans. While it's true Republicans are on a downhill slide in SLC (esp. District 3), there are still enough to swing an election. Councilman Jergensen enjoys a great reputation among Democrats that have stepped up for him twice now. He also has shown he can bring Republicans to the table. The ability to mobilize committed Democrats and Republicans in a non- affiliated municipal race is solid gold. The question is, can Councilman Jergensen turn out Democrats in a number comparable to Frank Pignanelli? If he can do that, then a good Republican turnout could make him the new mayor.

So What Happened In District 3?- The Councilman Jergensen Factor

Councilman Jergensen has remained very popular among centrist Democrats. Despite having to run against a campaign that talked ad nauseum of the Democratic Party, he attracted a core following of prominent Democrats that were not only willing to vote for him, but also actively campaign for him. I think this is more evidence of a Democratic split in municipal politics. The split is exacerbated by the fact that the races are non affiliated, so even the most committed Democrats felt okay with bucking the State and County Party in favor of Councilman Jergensen. Councilman Jergensen can also turn out Republicans. In a District like that, the ability to turn out both Democrats and Republicans should not be taken lightly. There are several precints scattered throughout District 3 that he was able to mobilize. This puts pressure on the opposition to squeeze their own districts for even more votes. That can be very difficult in such a low profile race. Councilman Jergensen has also been active in District 3 for a very long time. I believe this is how he was able to build up such a positive profile among such a variety of residents. His activities in the non- affiliated world of neighborhood councils were the perfect way to build up the grass roots bi-partisan support he needed for races like the one he saw this year.

So What Happened in District 3?- The Mayor Rocky Anderson Factor

If District 3 is heavily Democrat and one of Mayor Rocky Anderson's best districts, why did Councilman Eric Jergensen win? After all, he is Mayor Anderson's political enemy and not a Democrat. A large part of Janneke House's loss can be tied directly to Mayor Anderson. He has basically split the Democratic Party in Salt Lake City. Mayor Anderson hosted a conversation on KCPW with a few Democratic heavyweights from the past including Former Utah Governor Cal Rampton and Judge D. Frank Wilkins. Many Democrats were upset with what they saw as Mayor Anderson attempting to place himself in that same group of de facto leaders. Some were also angered by Mayor Anderson's efforts to connect himself to the Democrat's success of a few decades ago as if to say "they were then, I am now". Even the panel seemed to resist that idea. It's an interesting discussion.

District 3 And The Democratic Party

District 3 is heavily Democrat. The Janneke House campaign played up her party affiliation more than anything other issue. Paul Rolly said that County Councilman Joe Hatch told Janneke House that her main strategy should be "I'm a Democrat, I'm a Democrat, I'm a Democrat. My opponent is a Republican. Did I mention I was a Democrat?" The campaign was also endorsed by the State Democratic Party and the Salt Lake County Party. The campaign also published a powerful piece of literature signed by the very popular Democratic contingent of the Salt Lake County Council. The Janneke House campaign had some veritable heroes of the Salt Lake Party, but it still didn't carry the election.

District 3 And Mayor Rocky Anderson

I have a few thoughts on the District 3 race. District 3 is a Mayor Anderson "safe district". He does very, very well there. Mayor Anderson cashed in every conceivable political card on behalf of Janneke House. Because the Mayor did so well in that district, the idea that a strong endorsment from the Mayor coupled with a similar set of endorsments would bring Janneke House into the City Council is pretty solid and let's face it, should have worked.

On Senator Orrin Hatch's "Blog"

Picked this up at Utah Policy: Lawmakers has rated Senator Orrin Hatch's blog "The Worst and Most Fake"

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Some Charming Politics

The Janneke House campaign website is still active. Campaign Manager and former Mayor Anderson Communications Director Cliff Lyon has said it will soon become a discussion forum around the topic of Janneke House "being a young democrat Mormon running against her former Stake President." Charming. I heard the State Democratic Party is considering that idea as their new motto: "Running against our former Stake Presidents".

Friday, November 18, 2005

As If Utah Needed Any More Bad Press

Senator Orrin Hatch received an ethics award last year during a Washington scandal in which he appeared to have taken a high road and insisting "gentlemen do not read other gentlemen's mail". After learning more about the situation since then, it is clear now that: "Senator Hatch's handling of this incident was in truth an example of a leader throwing a subordinate to the wolves in order to burnish his image." See The Ethics Scoreboard report on Senator Orrin Hatch's revoked award. "Hatch himself has a well-earned reputation as a prolific leaker of confidential and even classified information, and also had a role in creating the atmosphere of bitter ideological combat on the Judiciary Committee that led to the incident." Ethics group revokes Hatch award- Deseret News Senator, even though this is your only career, it's not yours to turn into a joke.

Green Jello

You probably know pramahaphil from comments made here. pramaphil is actually the author of Green Jello. It's new, and interesting. Up now are two good posts on Senator Buttars, one on Pete Ashdown and one on Utah's most popular politicians.

On Utah's Popular Politicians

The Third Avenue calls the numbers behind a recent Deseret News/KSL poll 'suspect' but still hopes that Utah's most populare politician (Congressman Jim Matheson) will someday run for U.S. Senate.

It's Tomorrow

Utahania made the paper today. Paul Rolly mentioned his ebay find. Good job. I noticed that the ebay item in question is being sold by first time seller 975fmtalk. I don't know what that means.

Salt Lake City Council Reactions

According to the Tribune, these were the City Council reactions to Mayor Anderson's proposal of allowing alternative fuel vehicles to park for free: "Councilwoman Jill Remington Love acknowledged the ordinance would be mostly symbolic, but she likes the statement it makes." "'This makes a tremendous amount of sense,' Councilman Eric Jergensen agreed." "Nancy Saxton noted it takes a 'certain socioeconomic status to own a car like this' because they are typically more expensive than traditional vehicles." "There's a lot of statements we could make. Maybe we ought to give Davis County residents a break."- Councilman Buhler

Can't Get No Respect

The Salt Lake Tribune finally broke the Big-2 newspaper silence on the candidacy of Julian Hatch as the Green Party's man for U.S. Senate. The report is only one short paragraph but it still manages to mention Senator Orrin Hatch, Pete Ashdown, and Personal Choice Party candidate Roger I. Price.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Some Of You May Recognize This Idea

From Senator Orrin Hatch on his legislation to make November 17, 2005 "Feed America Thursday": "The legislation asks all Americans to skip two meals today and donate the money that would have been spent on those meals to a charitable or religious organization dedicated to feeding the hungry.", "If Thursday the 17th is inconvenient for you, please take the opportunity to perform this simple service on another day between now and Thanksgiving." Sure, no problem. How about the first Sunday of the month. Pop quiz for Senator Orrin Hatch: Which is worse? a) Refusing to vote for someone because they are Mormon b) Voting for someone just because they are Mormon

KSL And Sweeps

Simon J. at Forma Line has an interesting take on KSL's upcoming news feature "The Dark Side Of Downtown".

Senator Orrin Hatch

Senator Hatch wrote this on his website: "As the Thanksgiving holiday approaches, I am sadly reminded that too many Americans go hungry each day." That reminded me of something else the Senator said: "I believe that this challenge [from Rep. Steve Urquhart] has made me a better person, a better candidate and a better public servant." Senator Hatch- Hungry people need food all year. And your constituents deserve you to every day be a better public servant. Not just Thanksgiving. Not just when your job is threatened.

Most Utahn's Are Fine With "Not Senator Hatch"

That's according to a Dan Jones poll. It's 45% "keep Senator Hatch", 48% "give someone else a chance". Pete Ashdown identifies this as a great opportunity for his campaign. (as well as a great time to donate to his campaign) Many Conservatives have already decided to back Ashdown and surely more will come forward. After seeing this poll, I really understand why Senator Hatch's campaign was so determined to get Rep. Urquhart off the hunt.

Many People Like Mayor Rocky Anderson

Shawn at Casserole Bar pulled down an example of the press Mayor Anderson gets outside Utah.

Saturday Warmup

Utahania noticed the BYU Cougar was for sale on ebay. "Has been neutered, will be neutered again Saturday." Here's another ebay rivalry entrepreneur I picked up at the Real Salt Lake boards. "I cheer for your football team! BYU or Utah. Charity!"

Mr. Wishy Washy

A commenter left this on an earlier post about the 2nd Congressional District and Doug Wright: "This is simply an ego gratification for Wright. He'll actually need to take a stand on some issues - not be Mr. Wishy Washy like he is on his show." I've heard this before. Some believe Doug Wright has no credibility with conservatives.

It Could Have Put Him Over The Top

City Weekly has an interesting interview with Gary Forbush, the guy who took on Intermountain Republican Playboy and part time circus emcee Mayor Tom Dolan. Gary Forbush said he was not bitter but he was disappointed beause he thought he could have won. He certainly could have. But he didn't have the one little thing he needed to give him the edge with Sandy voters:

Separated At Birth

Doug Wright Steve Martin

2nd Congressional District

Mark E. Towner has written at Utah Policy that Rep. Lavar Christensen will definitely try for the Republican nomination for 2nd District. So it apparently looks like a matchup between Rep. Lavar Christiansen and professional mouth Doug Wright. The winner taking on Congressman Jim Matheson. Sounds like a good time.

A Pretty Good Idea

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

R.C. Willey's Worst Nightmare Comes True

Senator Buttars Ignores Conservatives' Problem With Evolution Instruction

On The Senate Site, Senator Chris Buttars has written on his intent to push a bill regarding Evolution instruction. In the past, Senator Buttars has really talked up his idea to introduce Intelligent Design education to counter Evolution. I noticed in his post he left out the words "Intelligent Design". If this was deliberate, I'll be interested to see where he goes with it. If he's still planning on introducing Intelligent Design education, then it's clear that Senator Buttars does not understand the consequences of his response. 1. The dangerous precedent of "zero- sum" education. 2. Teaching children that Evolution and religion are mutually exclusive.

Long Live Our Dear Leader

Cliff Lyon has published the official House campaign thank you note. Particularly moving was the final paragraph: "And last but not least, Mayor Rocky Anderson who stands alone in our political landscape - a beacon of light whose impact on this capitol city, deep in the mountain west, extends across the national progressive movement." In an email version sent out to supporters, Mayor Anderson received an upgrade in status from "last but not least" to "most importantly" and the paragraph received some great flavor: "And most importantly, Mayor Rocky Anderson who stands alone in our political community, a willing target of a shameless media and weak-kneed pundits who pile on the bandwagon of lazy loud mouths whose self-serving and hollow criticisms are as void of substance as they are convenient. Rocky is a beacon of light whose impact on this capitol city deep in the mountain west extends across the national progressive movement."

Bumper Sticker Strategy

Mike Jones at Utahania is combining some George Bush stickers with some Pete Ashdown stickers on his truck. To turn heads in Utah County.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Jason Groenewold

Claire Geddes wrote a letter to the Tribune's Public Forum today. She takes Governor Huntsman to task for locking out Jason Groenewold because he raised questions about Governor Huntsman influencing decisions regarding Envirocare while his brother in law was so involved with the company. The Governor's office called the accusation "vicious and baseless". Vicious? Not hardly. Baseless? Nope. Sorry Governor, but this is totally fair game. Paul Rolly reported that Jason Groenewold has not retracted his statement or apologized. He doesn't need to.

Politicians Get So Excited

Which is why I chuckled when I read Mayor Rocky Anderson characterize the "Message to Torino" as an "astounding project". Truly, it was "astounding". A rambling letter on your favorite political topics: <$1.00 Transporting your letter to Torino, Italy: $136,715.00 Spending 3 weeks in Europe with your best friends: Priceless There are some things money can't buy. For everything else, there are "private donations". Rocky cleared over Torino- Deseret News DA: No Criminal Wrongdoing in Mayor's Turin Trip- DA clears mayor's goodwill Italy trip- Tribune


I love it when politicians climb up on their crosses. From Mayor Rocky Anderson: "One must also lament that politics has reached such a low level that some have tried to score partisan political points by besmirching the extraordinary efforts and sacrifices of several people who achieved such a great feat on behalf of Salt Lake City." That's right Mayor Anderson. YOU would NEVER stoop so low as to score partisan political points by besmirching people. Come on down, Mayor Anderson, like it or not, you're the Mayor of a real city that really needs your attention.

Voting Mystery Solved

A few people have commented on SLCSpin regarding a strange phenomenon that showed up in the recent municipal election results . Here's an example: Salt Lake City Councilwoman Jill Remington Love ran unopposed in District 5. She recieved 923 votes . She did not, however, win every vote. Despite being the only PERSON on the ballot, she only tallied 99.68%. That's because 3 votes are listed under "No Other Candidate". I learned today from Salt Lake County that if a candidate runs unopposed, Utah State Law requires that the ballot list the candidate name and the phrase "No Other Candidate". Even though "No Other Candidate" is not a candidate, you can still punch the hole next to the phrase. I suppose some voters use it as a protest vote.

Turn On Your Radio

Monday, November 14, 2005

Utah Is Tin Foil Hat Country

As if Utah doesn't have enough P.R. problems. a polygamous judge child brides a Mayor who is being terrorized by the Taliban a desert big enough for everyone's trash Now we have BYU Professor Steven E. Jones giving the weight of academia to internet conspirators. Thanks alot, Steven. Farrer Commons provided this link to a Popular Mechanics article that Professor Jones has clearly never read. Dude, Professor, you're stuff is being debunked by Popular Mechanics! How does that make you feel?

On Utah's Senate Race

Reach Upward has a very worthwhile post on the 2006 Senate race. It's very interesting and well thought out.

Governor Huntsman And The Radio

Governor Jon Huntsman is JACK FM's inaugural Celebrity JACK. The segment, which will first air this Thursday at 8:00am, will feature only songs that Governor Huntsman wants to hear. In a potentially related story, Governor Huntsman has performed twice with REO Speedwagon. That may or may not make you want to avoid the radio Thursday at 8:00am. UPDATE: As was pointed out to me by Tyler Farrer, this segment actually aired last week. Sorry. Perils of extreme distances I guess.

Even MORE Stunning

One of Mayor Anderson's Democrat panelists just told Mayor Anderson that one reason Utah Democrats are struggling is they often seem to be campaigning AGAINST the state and its people. I think he was looking Mayor Anderson right in the eyes when he said that.

This Is RICH!

I'm sitting here listening to Mayor Rocky Anderson on KCPW. He just got finished talking with his panel about the dangers of partisanship. I almost fell over because the Janneke House District 3 campaign was the most bitterly partisan in recent memory. That's amazing because it's a non- affiliated race. UPDATE: Mayor Anderson's panel is dressing him down for criticizing Congressman Matheson.


Mayor Rocky Anderson is hosting Midday Metro Placing a question in the context of the decline of the Utah Democratic Party since the time of Cal Rampton, he asked former Governor Cal Rampton why he thinks the term liberal has become "pejorative". Governor Rampton responded: "I don't like labels. I don't consider myself a liberal or a conservative."

Mayor Rocky Anderson

Has a busy radio career Listen to him right now host Midday Metro on KCPW Tomorrow he'll host Doug Wright's show on KSL.

Missed Opportunity

Utah's legislative Democrats missed an opportunity to cash in on political clout. KCPW interview with Paul Rolly and Frank Pignanelli Paul Rolly's column on this topic Standard Examiner Editorial on this topic

Friday, November 11, 2005

Honor Our Veterans

Today is their day. Forma Line: "Veterans Day is a real holiday. It's about something. It has the weight of history behind it. It's significant." Beehive Donkey: "it is important to remember and honor the sacrifice and devotion of those who have worn our country's uniform, and who have lived up to an oath to defend her." Part of the Plan: "If you see a Vietnam vet today, shake his hand, give him a hug, buy him a drink and tell him you are grateful for his sacrifices. Then ask his forgiveness for the way he’s been treated."

So, What About Pete Ashdown?

Well- known online personality Gary Thornock left this comment in a previous post on SLCSpin: "Naturally I can't speak for what all of the conservatives will do, but I regard myself as a conservative and I've supported Pete Ashdown ever since his candidacy was announced. The underlying principles of conservatism are limited government, local control and fiscal restraint. Orrin Hatch has moved far away from those principles in his 30 years in office. I'm sorry to see Steve Urquhart withdraw from the race: the more credible challengers Hatch faces, the better, and Steve was a good one. Be that as it may, though, I'll continue to support Pete, and I won't be surprised to see other conservatives who do likewise."

A Family Affair

I picked this up from Dee's 'Dotes. The Green Party candidate for U.S. Senate is Julian Hatch. From his press release: "I am opposing my own relative so citizens of Utah will finally have a real choice" “We are building a populist third party to challenge the ruling two party system that has become immersed in big money and entrenched in fascist ideology." So we've got Senator Hatch's relative leading the fight against fascism. Man, this race is getting good!

So What About Pete Ashdown?

Now that Rep. Urquhart is out, Part of the Plan said: "Too bad…every moderate Republican I know supported him, and they had a ton of good reasons why Hatch should be retired" He then asks: "I wonder how many of them will now bite the bullet and get behind Pete Ashdown?" In a comment on a previous post, Shawn asks a similar question: "With everyone as dissatisfied as they are with Hatch, can we move beyond party affiliation and consider which candidate will better represent the interest of Utahns?"

Rep. Urquhart Is Out, But Is Senator Hatch 'In'

Well he'll never be 'in', but Senator Orrin Hatch composed a tribute to Rep. Steve Urquhart and put it up on his campaign website. Senator Hatch wrote: "This campaign can now move forward with the support of a united Utah Republican Party" It's a nice sentiment, but the past several months have shown that the Republican Party is far from united behind Senator Orrin Hatch. I'm sure Senator Hatch knew the State Convention is still a long ways away. Remember, the State Delegates are notoriously rowdy and disrespectful. Senator Hatch also must have known that there are many things that could have derailed his campaign before then. Perhaps "spending like a drunken sailor" could have done it. Or maybe it's dressing in the robes of morality while condoning torture. Getting Rep. Urquhart out of the race had nothing to do with part unity, and everything to do with insuring himself against the political consequences of his work in the U.S. Senate.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Best. Legislation. Ever

Senator Dan Eastman wrote at The Senate Site on his plan to Kill the mandatory front license plate. Now come on, surely THIS is something we can ALL get behind.

The "D- Word", The "R- Word"

From today's Tribune: 'D-word' was kiss of death for Provo challenger. Interesting. The 'R- word' was supposed to be the kiss of death for Councilman Eric Jergensen.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Making Senator Hatch Work Hard

Dave Hansen is Senator Orrin Hatch's campaign manager. In today's Deseret News, he explained why the Senator spent most of August in Utah and visited much of the state over the past few months: "One thing a credible challenge does — and Rep. Urquhart's challenge was credible — is that it makes your candidate work harder, be a better candidate and a better public servant." So what you're saying is it takes the fear of losing the only job he's had for the past 30 years to get Senator Hatch to be a "better public servant"?

City Weekly On SLCSpin

With a few exceptions, if SLCSpin shows up when you Google your own name, chances are you're not going to like what you read. John Saltas of City Weekly Googled his name this week and sure enough... I've now learned that, with a few exceptions, if you show up in John Saltas' column chances are you're not going to like what you read. That's fair. But in my own defense, he said this: "I guess he didn’t like that I recently wrote that my Mormon grandmother once gave me the recipe for a hot toddy, and that in the good old days in Bingham, kids could buy booze for their parents." about this post. Clearly, we have misunderstoodified each other.

Rep. Steve Urquhart

Paul Rolly reported on his blog today that Rep. Steve Urquhart is dropping out of the U.S. Senate race. has also reported this same story. Pete Ashdown has written a very nice tribute to Rep. Urquhart. I'm sad he's out. He added a lot of flavor to the race. I was really looking forward to seeing what would happen at the Republican Convention. Oh well.

Senator Orrin Hatch And Torture

Utah Politics posted recently on Senator Orrin Hatch's support for a CIA torture ban exemption: "I think there has to be a bright line that we do not cross." Pete Ashdown also has some great comments on this: "America should always be the beacon for human rights and dignity throughout the world. The use of torture extinguishes that light." Perhaps the best response is from Jim Knowlton at Beehive Donkey: "Will our enemies torture our people in disgusting and horrific ways? Unfortunately, yes, they will. But that is what separates us from them." Senator John McCain has proposed a torture ban in the War on Terror. Senator McCain of course is the man who spent five and a half years of imprisonment and torture in Hanoi, Vietnam. His captors, no doubt, justified their torture at least in part as a way to gain information to protect their citizens. Senator Orrin Hatch was elected to the Senate only 3 short years after the release of John McCain from captivity. Senator Hatch, you may want to think long and hard about what you've learned after 30 years in the Senate because Senator, it doesn't get any clearer than this.

Election Results

Monday, November 07, 2005

Like A Wheel

It began with a recorded phone call by Mayor Anderson and it's ending with a letter from Mayor Anderson. Cliff Lyon invited me to comment on Mayor Anderson's final contribution to their campaign, but I'm not a candidate in this race. Though I'm flattered by the invitation. You can read Councilman Jergensen's response to the entire opera of Mayor Anderson's er Cliff Lyon's er I mean, Janneke House's accusations. Perhaps I shouldn't call it the "entire opera" because notably absent is a response to Janneke House's campaign's confusing "Mormon Bogeyman" play. He knows he doesn't need to respond. "Gutter Politics" should stay in the gutters. Which is where Slcspin lives.

A Response

Received this response from Cliff Lyon: "I will not take the time to address your unfounded, uninformed provocations." But Cliff, YOU are the one who said Councilman Jergensen's first campaign was illegitimate because of his participation in the LDS Church. YOU are the one who brought up "sacrament meeting politics" on your campaign website for Janneke House. YOU are the one that brought his own Party ambitions into this race making it the most partisan in the state (according to the Tribune) I'm just inviting you to make your campaign an honest one by making your allegations in person. And I'm offering you an economic incentive to do it.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Did You Know This Person?

Peter Von Sivers is the Capitol Hill Community Council Chairperson. He is also a history professor at the University of Utah. He is one of the plaintiffs in a lawsuit filed against the city because a new LDS Church downtown building has removed parking spaces from the Capitol Hill area and Peter Von Sivers is worried that the LDS Church project will translate into further parking problems for residents of Capitol Hill. The LDS Church may become a co- defendent in this lawsuit. Peter Von Sivers has endorsed Councilman Eric Jergensen.

Do You Know Who This Is?

Genevieve Atwood Read her biography here. She's supporting Councilman Jergensen for City Council. I think any Republican or Democrat would be proud to have such a woman endorse them. Hey, let's be serious. Either party would jump at the chance to have such a woman as a candidate. Well, she's not a candidate. But she's standing alongside one. Go ahead Cliff, say it to her face. That's what I thought.

Double Dog Dare

Cliff Lyon, I double dog dare you to tell Sydney Fonnesbeck that she's not a good Democrat because she supports Councilman Jergensen. Let me make this more interesting. I'll give you $100 per person if you can get your candidate to tell the same thing to any of the following people (in person): Sydney Fonnesbeck Paula Julander Brian Moss (yes, Moss) Phil Carroll Dallis Nordstrom (I'm still waiting on this) Minority Leader Becker (still waiting) Cliff, your labels are meaningless. p.s. The list is longer if you're willing to stand behind your political labels. I've got the money.

Saturday, November 05, 2005


Did you ever know Tom Rogan? He's the old District 3 Councilman. He said that people used labels so they don't have to think for themselves. Perhaps that's why the House campaign has unloaded a whole mess of labels on Councilman Jergensen. Perhaps they hope voters won't really think about the candidates, but just buy into a label and allow the label to make the decision for them. Of course it's not surprising that their labels don't survive even ten seconds of scrutiny. I guess that's ten seconds they hope the voter won't spend.

The Script

Salt Lake City Council Creates Zone To Protect Natural Open Spaces. Don't look now, Cliff, because Councilman Jergensen isn't following the script you've laid out for him! (I borrowed the script thing from Shawn) Oh no, he's provoking the ire of the Republican Legislature to defend his District! I thought the only Mormon that could ever do that was Janneke House under your supervision! Cliff, what's going on!? Oh, that's right, your labels are meaningless. By the way, the Council has been working on this for the past year.

Friday, November 04, 2005


House Minority Leader Ralph Becker endorsed Polly Hart in 2001. Now he's behind Councilman Eric Jergensen. I double dog dare Cliff Lyon to tell Minority Leader Becker he's part of a Mormon conspiracy to spread Republicanism. In fact, Cliff, I'll give you $50.00 if you video tape it. I'll give you $150.00 if you do it in front of either the Capitol Hill or Avenues Community Councils. I'll give you $1,000 if you say the same thing to Dallis Nordstrom. Don't know who she is? I'm not surprised.

Reed L. Clegg

Do you know who he is? He wrote a letter to the editor today that said: "Eric [Jergensen] is a seasoned and fair councilman. He is truly progressive, considers all factions and seeks reconciliation. He has earned the support of liberal and respected Democrats as well as Republicans."

Why Capitol Hill Will Probably Go With Jergensen

Anyone involved in Capitol Hill politics can tell you what Councilman Jergensen does during the LDS General Conference. He's out in the neighborhood standing basically alone against the thousands of cars trying to park in the Capitol Hill neighborhod when they should be parking in their pre- assigned lots. He shoos away cars and endures insults and mild threats. He also places fliers on windshields. It's not technically part of his job. But he does it anyway. Because he is helping bring about the Capitol Hill renaissance. Because he hasn't just read the master plan or "become familiar with it", or understand it theoretically. He helped write it. Because he has a home and a family and a life permanently located in District 3. Because he's a good Councilman and a good leader.


In 2001, Dave Jones endorsed Polly Hart for the City Council and called District 3 a progressive island in a conservative sea. Fair enough. Well this year, that same Dave Jones has endorsed Councilman Eric Jergensen. So what is Cliff Lyon talking about when he walks around labelling people for political reasons? I don't know either.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Just A Question

Is it okay to claim student internships as "professional experience"? More specifically, is it okay to ignore the word "intern" and say that you "once worked for" or "once worked as" or some other categorization. I wonder how real professionals who have worked hard at their careers and to attain their employment feel about an intern publicly laying claim to something others have worked years for. Something about that doesn't sound very correct.

More On The Fundraising

The Utah Republican Party denied responsibility for calls made to Republicans claiming to be raising money for Senator Orrin Hatch on behalf of the State Party. The Party insists that it is against Federal Election Law for the State Party to raise money for a federal candidate and that they will try to find out who made the calls.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Utah Party Fundraising For Senator Hatch

The Utah State Republican Party has been making telephone solicitations looking for donations to Senator Hatch's re- election campaign. Their calls have generated some frosty responses from Republicans who are quick to remind the solicitors that Senator Orrin Hatch does not have their party's nomination and is not the only Republican asking for it.

Who's Flying The Plane?

Just listened to Janneke House on KCPW. One part of the interview really, really stuck out for me. Janneke was asked what her campaign was trying to say with this quote found on her website: "outside of the ward house, most are very well aware that Bush betrayed them. But that conversation is too risky directly after sacrament meeting." Janneke House said that people log onto her site and leave comments and she doesn't know anything about the comment or who left it, etc. If that's true, Janneke has a big problem because that quote was from her own campaign manager, Cliff Lyon. When the campaign manager who also administers the campaign website posts information and opinion in public, it becomes part of the campaign.

Where's The Message?

On his campaign website, Cliff Lyon (campaign manager for Janneke House) criticized Councilman Jergensen because he didn't launch into a speech against the Iraq War. Instead, at a debate on District 3 issues, Councilman Jergensen said, "That position, that I have, will never be relevant." Which is very true. But it really makes sense for Cliff Lyon to move the campaign in this direction. It's the only direction left for him. After all, the Janneke House "Issues" page reads remarkably like Councilman Jergensen's "Issues" page but with fewer details. This of course is not surprising if you listened to the KCPW debate where Janneke House's responses were summaries of Councilman Jergensen's responses but again with fewer details. So if you're a campaign manager with no real meat against your opponent and nothing really exciting about your own candidate, it makes sense to make grand insinuations about your opponenets religion (that mysteriously don't apply to your candidate of the same religion). And if you're really feeling the pressure, start talking about Iraq.

Janneke House Campaign Hits Religion Button Again

The House campaign has made Councilman Eric Jergensen's religion a key issue in its campaign. House campaign manager Cliff Lyon posted this amazing comment to the campaign website: "outside of the ward house, most are very well aware that Bush betrayed them. But that conversation is too risky directly after sacrament meeting."