Saturday, October 15, 2005

There Is Some Good From All This

There is a silver lining to the boring Mayor Anderson liquor purchase debate. The Mayor is instituting some transparency measures to make the city's information more accessible to the public and head off any future scandals by holding himself and the city to a higher level of disclosure. As much as Mayor Anderson and his fans complain about criticism and belittle and blacklist his detractors, the Mayor's actions prove that criticism of the government remains an important part of Salt Lake City politics. The threat of political consequence is often the only way to get a politician to act. Ethics reform goes nowhere at the state level because there is too little general criticism of the current ethics laws and there is absolutely no current political consequence to legislators who refuse to back ethics reform. Maybe we should have a conference on the importance of criticizing the government. Oh, wait... Tribune: Rocky coughs up his share of bar tab DesNews: Rocky to repay $457.88


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