Sunday, October 09, 2005

Ripped Off

Travis at Gazelem is having some problems with his Prudential realtors. According to his post, Prudential promised one number, produced a contract with another and when he asked about the discrepency, Kristen Averett and James Reed (of Prudential) promised to fix it later and told him to just sign it. Now, big surprise, they didn't adjust anything and are holding him to the contract he signed.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

My situation

Sorry I forgot to give you the address and telephone number 1800 E Sahara #117 Las Vegas Nevada 89104
Office # 804-7693 Richard Naft 498-3409


My name is Christina Alejandro and I sold and bought through American Realty & Investments. We signed a contract with a Mr. Jim Smith. We were very dissatisfied with the services we received. We signed a contract for the purchase of a new home plus the sale of our home. He did little to advertise our house. I offered suggestions and he would not take action. He promised a virtual tour and advertising but never did a tour and did very little advertising. The last straw was when he had listed our house for 278,900 and told us that we were 10,000 above market after he listed it. We agreed and lowered our price. We changed it to 269,900. He came back at us stating that we were 20,000 above market. This time we said no we will not lower it. He repeatedly called us and even sent letters to our house anonymously stating we were over market price. Well I called him to fire him. He stated he would let us out of our contact if I bought him out. I asked him what he meant. He said well what do you think my time is worth. Well I ended the conversation and called his broker. John McEwen. I was put in contact with a person named Richard Naft. I explained the situation and told him that I was not interested in dealing with his company. He reassured me that he would solve the problem. He said he would give me a new agent and hold up the deal we made with Jim Smith. We agreed that if we signed with Jim Smith we would also sign with him buying the new house. He would give us back a percent out of the 3 he would make on the new house. The house we bought was 387,000. So 1% of this deal would be about $3700-3800. So Richard agreed saying if we stayed with his company we would get this 1 % at closing. Well, to say the least it did not happen. After weeks of waiting and numerous telephone conversations we found out that Jim Smith claimed bankruptcy. I told Richard that he told me we would get this deal if we stayed with his company no matter what went on with Jim Smith since Jim worked for American Realty & Investments. He agreed and stated he would work something out since we did stay with his company. Well he agreed to give me $2600.00. I told him that this was not acceptable. He stated then I could get nothing and took the check away. I eventually took the payment because I need the money. My husband is leaving to the Philippines to visit his sick father and needed money for his trip. We also had a problem when we sold our house. There were mistakes that were made with the sale as well but we are dealing with the realtor Richard provided us and hopefully that matter will be resolved. When Richard and John spoke with Jim to ask why he wanted us to lower our prices on the house we were selling he stated that our house was a dive. He stated that is was run down and in bad shape. John McEwen made a trip to our house and stated that this was not true and commented on how nice the house was. By the way, we sold it for 272,400. So out of this deal American Realty got 3% 272,400 and 3% off of 387000. By the way, even though Richard claims Jim Smith claimed bankruptcy he would not provide me with proof. I asked if I was listed as a creditor and he stated no. The whole ordeal caused me and my husband a great amount of stress and actually almost cost us our marriage. I had just had a baby in April and was not able to enjoy my new baby with the stress that this whole ordeal caused my family. I even am considering a lawsuit against them for false representation and mental anguish. I am wondering how often this happens to people while selling there house. I know a lot of people will do these deals with agents and so I know it is not unheard of. American Realty & Investments does not take ownership of there realtors mistakes. They are the company that these agents are being represented by. The company has no idea who is working for them.

Thank you for your time and please provide me with suggestions if you have any.

10/27/2005 10:54:00 AM  
Blogger Admin said...

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11/11/2005 03:39:00 AM  
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Anonymous Anonymous said...


3/27/2009 10:23:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Christina, could you please contact us at Kung and Associates 702-382-0883

5/20/2009 01:50:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ask for Sandy at Kung and Associates.

5/20/2009 01:50:00 PM  
Blogger A said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

12/12/2009 04:03:00 AM  
Blogger A said...

Richard Naft is nothing but a rape-off scammer.
He not only rape-offs his clients, but also his agents.
I am one of the victims and I know lots of agent who did not got their hard working commissions.
He has a lawyer friend named Harvey Gruber, with his help, Richard Naft scrolled and is still scrolling many people.
I had sued him for over 3 years and finally got my money back.
During the 3 years, I miscarried my first child and lost my fiancée for the stress and finance hardship.
All the staff in his office in his offer is the Jew’s relatives, such as his wife is the accountant.
They are the specialist of scrolling people’s money, that how this Jew became multi-millionaire.

12/12/2009 04:11:00 AM  
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Guys, I am suing Richard Naft and can do with your help. I too am a former employee that was scr**ed out of my commissions. Please provide me any specific info. you can to take this dishonest guy down. Thanks!

6/10/2010 09:25:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am a prior agent with American Realty & property management. I too have been totalled Scammed and ripped off by Linda Akiki & Richard Naft. They have with held over $10K of my Real Estate commissions!!

Rachard Naft is not licensed to engage in any real estate transaction related discussions,

Linda Akiki is the Broker is involved with many of the scams created by their partnership,

I have opened a civil litigation case against them. They have written blatant lies on some of their Emails correspondence to a tenant of mine without consent from me ( The property owner )
They have also made many false allegations and sent threatening Emails to my current Broker trying to scare them. The info in those Emails are also blatant lies that I will be submitting as evidence at my court hearing. I would like to get in contact with you if possible to find out about the fraudulent actions that they have committed against you. Please post how I may get in contact with you. Thanks!!

9/24/2010 10:51:00 PM  
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Linda Akiki was my broker and she didn't renew her license in Sept. 2011 therefore everybody's license was sent to the Division for involuntary inactive. she also took 10% extra fee on my commission that was not in my contract and also charge me again for an annual fee that I already paid for. I have been asking her for the contract and she has no copy. Richard who is the owner of the company has no integrity but to steal everyones commission. can't even talk to me on the phone. he hung up and turned off his phone.

12/21/2011 12:26:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Richard Naft ripped me off for more than 200k. My story is similar to those posted already- he promised a check and did not deliver. He has not paid me one cent of what he stole even though we beat him in court. Can any of you former agents tell me what bank he uses to pay you out of?

5/21/2012 09:55:00 PM  

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