Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Non- Partisan

Utahpolitics.org has an article up on "Non- Partisan Fiction", or the fiction that municipal elections are truly non- partisan. The author Gordon S. Jones makes the case in the article and later comments that party involvement is as unavoidable as it is important. Party affiliation gives the voter important information about the candidate. Whenever this topic is debated, a great point is always brought up. What is the Republican way to fix gutters? What is the Democrat way to calm traffic? I have yet to hear anyone convinvingly address this simple argument. It is a shame some candidates are willing to divide neighbors along party lines in an effort to win a position. It generalizes neighbors into two competing camps in which they probably don't belong. It squelches acive participation because individuals are unable to openly support the candidate they wish for fear of being generalized into a camp they don't actively sympathise with. Non- partisan elections are a way for neighborhoods to survive the democratic process without bloodshed. In other words, party recommendation not only are meaningless as a source of candidate information, but accomplish little other than irresponsibly and inaccurately labeling people.


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