Thursday, October 20, 2005


It's time to make a pledge to KCPW. Utah's bloggers owe a lot to KCPW for a few reasons. 1. They put bloggers on the air in an attempt to understand and publicize this growing and very crazy online community. 2. They are the official news source for political junkies. NO ONE does local politics better. 3. They have committed to the general online political world. Perhaps you've noticed the KCPW Political Calendar at 4. Their website is a great political resource for the high tech world because they offer podcasting and their interviews are available online if you aren't able to catch them live. One more reason to pledge to KCPW: Online pledges are entered to win an iPod Nano. If you're not coveting the Nano, it's because you haven't seen it yet. Do it now, the drive is almost over.


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Anonymous kerry said...

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