Thursday, October 20, 2005

KCPW Has Cool Stuff

As I was cruising KCPW to make an online pledge, I checked out the gifts they were offering and I made a wish list of pledge gifts I would get if I had all the money in the world. Passes to Red Butte Garden: I haven't been to Red Butte since shortly after they started charging for entry. We used to go up there during High School and shoot photos. After the fee policy, we just found a place along the road where two fence posts were far apart and we slipped under the chain link. Gift Certificate to Sam Wellers: The only single retail establishment where I have spent an entire afternoon and evening. G.C. to Dodo Restaurant: The only good food at The Gateway. Except McDonalds. G.C. to Cafe Molise: I had a potato gnocci dish there and I couldn't stand up afterward. I mean that as a compliment. G.C. to Desert Edge: Rare Roast Beef. Nuff said.


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