Tuesday, October 11, 2005

District 3 Politics

A commenter in a previous post felt Councilman Jergensen should be nervous that a newcomer brought home 30% of the vote in the primary. Of course he shouldn't rest on his laurels, but there is no reason for him to be very nervous either. The primary is the test of a candidate's base. There is less interest in the primary than the final, so the voters in the primary tend to be those who vote regularly and are strong backers of their candidate. Considering Janneke House is unknown and her campaign is small, the 536 votes she did bring in were probably Mayor Anderson's. And I think that's basically the number she can expect to get from him. Of course others will show up for the final, but the poor turnout for her I think shows a lack of energy around the campaign and that her campaign will be unable to turn out voters in the kind of numbers Councilman Jergensen is dealing with.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The turnout for Janneke House was very positive. Democratic Avenues is not fooled by the phoney political tactics of Eric Jergensen who describes himself as "leaning towards Republican." Another "honest" politition we need to get rid of.

10/31/2005 01:16:00 AM  

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