Monday, September 26, 2005

Mayor Rocky Anderson: All Talk, All the Time

Since Mayor Anderson considers himself a "health care advocate", you'd think the health care advocacy community would back him in his executive order on domestic partner benefits. But they don't. Instead, they back the City Council's plan to offer health care to dependents of city employees (not just "partners"). Predictably, Mayor Anderson won't support the council's plan because he has his own "political statement" to make. Unfortunately, political statements don't insure people. Nor do they re-develop downtown, nor do they attract soccer stadiums, nor do they secure state funding for important city projects. This we know from painful experience. But they do get you headlines, as well as the adoration of many voters which means personal job security. Jodi Hillman, health program director with Utah Issues: "The kind of statement the mayor is trying to make, it's funny, it does take us away from the issue we are trying to work on." (From Deseret News)


Blogger Bob said...

Like I keep saying, Rocky's a self-serving idiot.


9/27/2005 11:32:00 AM  

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