Monday, September 19, 2005

Eric Jergensen

Incumbent Salt Lake City Council District 3 Obviously, as a sitting councilman, he has a natural advantage. But this race is rapidly becoming Rocky v. Eric. In District 3, that could be a dangerous place to be. But Eric has spent years building a District 3 profile from the ground up. That is why both Mayor Anderson and Megan Risbon had such a hard time finding candidates to run against him. I think it's significant both choices are brand new to city politics and so far have no practical experience at the community council level where the support for Eric is very strong. In terms of endorsements, obviously he has a lot. The ones that have so far been unveiled have been politically very significant. Derek Dyer has claimed the endorsement of the SLCo Democratic Party, but Eric Jergensen lists Paula Julander, Ralph Becker, Dave Jones, Sydney Fonnesbeck, Phil Carroll, Brian Moss, and Dallis Nordstrom, among others. Those familiar with District 3 politics understand the disaster this is for Megan Risbon and her hopes for Derek Dyer. It is less disastrous for Janneke House, who can still rely on Mayor Anderson to bring home many Democrats who are not directly connected to party politics.


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