Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Dueling Headlines

Which headline belongs to which newspaper? Rocky calls SLC policy against picking up the booze tab 'absurd': 'I'm not a Nancy Workman': While the city attorney does not say the mayor violated policy, an official wants him to foot the bill and Rocky's bar tab paid by the city: His wining and dining of visitors to S.L. is a violation of policy Click on the newspapers below to see if you won. (you don't actually win anything) Salt Lake Tribune Deseret Morning News


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Once again, way too easy.

The Tribune will go out of their way to prop up our goofball Mayor.

9/28/2005 12:49:00 PM  
Blogger Shawn said...

As a SLC resident, this of utmost importance to me. I cannot believe how relevant this is to the interests of our city. I want to thank Heather May for her keen observation on an issue that truly affects us all.

9/28/2005 01:07:00 PM  
Anonymous dexter- said...

I think his attitude reveals he may be more Workman-like than he wants to admit.
It may be a stupid policy, but as long as it's in place, he ought to follow it.

/just my two since
//now with flame retardent

9/28/2005 03:02:00 PM  
Blogger Ken said...

Rocky Hck'P Anderson says it is necessary for him to wine and dine his buddies that roll into town to dispel the myth that Salt Lake is a squeaky clean city where you can't get a drink. Well Mayor using that logic why don’t we tax payers pick up the tab for lap dances and prostitutes too? That would surely do the trick don’t you think?

I also have an article about it in my blog. I have linked your site to mine.

9/28/2005 03:31:00 PM  

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