Monday, September 05, 2005

District 3

Regarding the Salt Lake City Council District 3 race. Many have insisted that Mayor Anderson's sycophant challenger would be a better councilperson because Mayor Anderson represents the views of District 3 while Councilman Eric Jergensen does not. That is a convenient comment that comes up a lot but it is meaningless and anyway is not necessarily true. While District 3 (Capitol Hill & Avenues) is home to a loud section of Salt Lake City's more frantic political ideology (for whom the Mayor will always be right) It is also home to a life saving population of political moderates. Who make up a clear majority of the district. Predictably, Councilman Jergensen comes from this moderate majority. Four years ago, Distric 3 rejected the frantic, Mayor Anderson sycophant candidate, Polly Hart. Interestingly, despite Polly Hart's worship of the Mayor, he never endorsed her campaign.


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