Thursday, August 04, 2005

Daily Herald Got It Right

I have to give credit to utahpolicy for pointing me to this Daily Herald (Utah County) editorial on mass transit. Of note from within the editorial: "Rather than cursing Congress and the environmental groups[for blocking Legacy], maybe people need to see the setbacks as an opportunity to pursue mass transit more vigorously." "To put it simply, there is no way we can build ourselves out of traffic congestion. As the population increases, we're just going to run out of places to put roads." "Mass transit offers a cheaper way to ease congestion. For about half the cost of the 14-mile Legacy Highway, the state could build a commuter rail system from Payson to Ogden. When one adds in the Utah Transit Authority's current $120.7 million operating expense to the mix, mass transit is still cheaper than freeway construction." Right on the nose.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah- But you will never be able to talk Utahns into giving up there prized cars. It is a cultural hurdle you would be trying to overcome. We don't like mass transit as a whole in Utah. We love our cars, SUVs and minivans way too much. By driving our cars we can save minutes by decreasing the time we wait at the bus stop.

8/04/2005 02:24:00 PM  
Blogger Reach Upward said...

Many Legacy supporters are also in favor of well run mass transit and commuter rail, but Utah has only isolated pockets of mass transit that might be considered well run. See John Dougall's blog at for details on why mass transit is going nowhere in Utah County. It's not simply the "evil" car drivers that are holding up the works.

8/04/2005 02:51:00 PM  
Anonymous slam smith said...

The difficulty of mass transit for me is that as soon as I have to do a transfer, it is worthless(the time factor becomes outrageous). It also really removes a lot of flexibility from my day.

8/04/2005 09:28:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

yeah- i can't pull myself away from the seinfeld reruns either.

8/05/2005 02:27:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"yeah- i can't pull myself away from the seinfeld reruns either."

That's funny! :)

I think the more mass transit is crammed down the throats of Utahns, the more willing they will be to accept it in the long run. I have a close friend who recently sold one of his cars and is now using lightrail every day. A year ago he was pretty vocal opponent of it. It might take awhile because it IS a lifestyle change, but it will eventually catch on.

8/05/2005 03:28:00 PM  

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