Wednesday, August 31, 2005

No Friends on the Internet

State of the Beehive has a couple of great posts on the importance of ditching Senator Orrin Hatch. Including this great quote: "Hatch helps protect monopolistic, outdated, and failing business practices of large media conglomerates that refuse to serve the customer. In doing so he is stiffiling new inovation and high tech buisness development."

Monday, August 29, 2005

Three Decades In The Senate Puts A Lot On Your Mind

so it's not surprising Senator Hatch forgot the names of Utah's congressional delegation during a speech at Saturday's GOP Convention. I got this from Utah Politics dot org that has a great post on Senator Hatch that includes this gem: "you don't need seniority or experience to 'almost' get things done." Senator Hatch should remember his seniority is not a free pass.

So, Mayor Rocky Anderson Is A Meanie

If Mayor Anderson is truly abusive to employees, and a sexual and religious bigot in the workplace, then bring on the lawsuits. Otherwise, this is all just wasted time. It's a mistake to attack politicians based on their personality. It's a poor precedent to set for our elected leaders. We need to elect and encourage efficient and effective politicians not beat down those whose manners we dislike. Here are the blogs who have hit this topic (so far): Casserole Bar Paul Rolly Oblogatory Anecdotes

Who Are Senator Hatch's Activist Judges?

Senator Orrin Hatch blames the failure of anti- flag burning legislation on activist judges who took away rights. (it remains to be seen whether he was talking about his right to prevent flag burning, or our right to be forbidden to burn the flag, or the flag's right to not be burned) Anyway, here is the breakdown of the Supreme Court case that shot down Senator Hatch's dreams: According to Senator Hatch, The activist justices were: William J. Brennan Thurgood Marshall Harry A. Blackmun Antonin Scalia Anthony Kennedy The non- activist justices are John Paul Stevens William H. Rhenquist Byron R. White Sandra Day O'Connor Does Senator Hatch really believe Justice Scalia is an activist judge?

Senator Hatch: Defending the Rights of Inanimate Objects Everywhere

In a short position paragraph on his new campaign website, Senator Orrin Hatch touched on the flag protection amendment. After decrying the Supreme Court decision to allow the desecration of the flag, Senator Hatch committed to "restore the rights that activist judges took away". Well, he either meant restore our right to not desecrate the flag, which is a silly comment. Or he meant he would restore the rights of the flag, which is a stupid comment. Senator Hatch either: has no concept of rights and where they come from. or he thinks we're stupid and is throwing out all the key words (activist judges, restore rights) hoping we won't notice he's not making any sense. It may actually be both.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Senator Orrin Hatch And His "Blog"

His campaign manager threatened that Senator Hatch would start a blog. He lied. Well, maybe not lied, but he's definitely playing a semantics game with us. Senator Hatch has a page of his campaign site called a blog, but that's playing fast and loose with the word. Senator Orrin Hatch's campaign so-called-blog has received some attention, it's already recieved Bob Aagard's World's Worst Blog Award. Unlike some, I do believe Senator Hatch has so far written the single entry so-called-blog himself. I know this because he gave us this gem: "Together, we work together to ensure a bright future for Utah." Yes, Senator, together we can be together in together ensuring a bright future for Utah, together. I wouldn't look for cutting edge content from Senator Hatch because he has too much on the line. At some point, if his campaign manager is as much of a genius as LaVarr Webb says, he'll reign in the good Senator and at least start proofreading. At that point, I'll stop even calling it a so- called- blog.

Friday, August 26, 2005

Senator Chris Buttars Skipped Freshman Writing at Utah State

This is an editorial written by Senator Buttars and published in USA Today. As a piece of writing, it is severely flawed. He states the premise, or thesis, of the editorial right away: "I believe those fighting against the teaching of intelligent design in schools have an ulterior motive to eliminate references to God from the entire public forum." This opening paragraph setting up an editorial on the "campaign to eliminate God from the public forum" is unfortunately left to flounder on its own because Senator Buttars offers no evidence to support this claim. Instead, he rambles on about the missing link, fossils, and scientific proof. Confusingly, he then writes the conclusion as if he did argue his thesis and the actual body of the editorial was never written: "Teaching evolution is really about the determined drive by activists to eliminate any reference to an intelligent power in the universe." So really, Senator Buttars actually only partially wrote two editorials. He wrote an introduction and conclusion for an editorial about a campaign to eliminate God from public discussion and wrote arguments for an editorial to refute evolution.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Senator Orrin Hatch and Mayor Rocky Anderson

Senator Hatch and Mayor Anderson are the same politician. Neither is good at his job. Both have been in office too long. Both have funny accents. (Senator Hatch's is a forced "I'm a straight- talking country boy") (Mayor Anderson's is classic Utah: real deal= rill dill) Both LOVE to be around famous people. Both are popular not for what they DO, but for what they REPRESENT (Senator Hatch= Power of seniority) (Mayor Anderson= Cultural alternative)

On Senator Orrin Hatch

Senator Orrin Hatch's supporters often brag about how he always answers letters. Not hard when you don't read them and neither does your staff.

Paul Rolly on Senator Hatch

Paul Rolly's blog came up with a good one on Senator Orrin Hatch today who apparently shares the same foot/ mouth disease as Mayor Anderson. The same Mayor Anderson who no doubt fed Paul Rolly the email he published that adds nothing to any debate but does deliver a very undeserved slap at the Deseret News. You see, for years Mayor Anderson has nursed a grudge against the local media for reporting what Mayor says and not what the Mayor INTENDS to say. Perhaps the Mayor should offer to pay for mind reading lessons.

REO Speedwagon feat. Governor Huntsman

It's true. In a KCPW interview yesterday (listen here), Utah's First lady confirmed Governor Huntsman will accompany REO Speedwagon at the keyboard for at least one song at the Utah State Fair September 15th. Governor Huntsman's son is also planning to sit at the drums. Apparently, both have been practicing for the event ever since Governor Huntsman got up to get down with the band last year at a convention in Iowa. The band was so impressed, they invited him back.

Do You Have Something To Say To Rocky?

I know some of you do. You can call him up tomorrow. He's hosting KCPW's Midday Metro and taking calls. Call him up starting at 10am.

Utah County Negligence, Entrapment?

Commenter Shawn (this Shawn?) got me thinking with this statement from one of yesterday's posts: "The fact that Utah County knew about this for a whole month in advance and did not direct the permit applicant to the right process is negligence at best and entrapment at worst." Utah County monitored the event through the permit process, helped them get some permits, remained silent on others. Then Utah County planned out an elaborate raid. And waited.

Utah County Raids Rave Under False Pretense

According to the statement released by the Utah County Sherriff's Office, "Utah County mass gathering ordinance prohibits the gathering of two hundred and fifty or more persons without a permit, bond, and Utah County Commission approval." As I found out through Charley Foster, this statement is FALSE. The actual ordinance only covers events expected to last 12 hours or more. As it turns out, the ravers did not actually need the permit that supposedly triggered the raid. From the UC statement: "It was verified that more than 250 individuals were at the party, in violation of county statutes and by 11:30 pm law enforcement personnel moved in to curtail and disburse the party."

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Police Brutality

I was asked by a commenter why I don't believe the rave raid abuse allegations will go anywhere. First, the much vaunted video tape shows no abuse. There are people on the ground, but that's standard arrest procedure. There is no evidence of abuse on the tape. Second, there are accounts of savage beatings and dog maulings, but so far no injuries have surfaced beyond bruises that can easily be attributed to being thrown to the ground and handcuffed. Rough handling by the police during arrest is not new and not an abuse.

More On The Rave Raid

Saturday night, Utah County law enforcement officers broke up a rave in Spanish Fork Canyon(video). First off, allegations of police abuse are unfounded. Many have sworn they will sue the county, but nothing will come of any of these lawsuits, if they are even filed. With that said, however, Utah County's handling of the situation was a joke from the beginning. By their own admission, Utah County knew of the event at least a month in advance. Tickets to the event were available at multiple retail locations and the event was widely advertised. Utah County also knew the organizers had received a health department permit and contracted with EMS personnell to provide emergency care. This is clear evidence that organizers intended to run a legal event. This is underscored by eyewitnesses who claimed organizers produced for police documents they believed satisfied the legal requirements. It's clear now they did not have the proper permits. Another step the organizers took was to hire private security guards who confiscated drugs and alcohol at the event entrance. Despite all of this, there was no effort by the county to help the event comply or to warn organizers to postpone their event pending compliance. Or even warn them that the event would be shut down. Instead, Utah County law enforcement laid in wait for the event to get underway, then shut the party down and arrested the security guards for posession of drugs. Bush league.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Senator Hatch and the President's Coat-tails

Rep. Dougall wrote about Senator Orrin Hatch: "Wondering how Orrin ended up in Waco, TX hitching a ride to Utah? Couldn't be that he's concerned with his opponents and needs to make sure he's firmly planted on the President's coattails, could it?" Who in Utah is impressed by a Senator riding the President's coat tails? Here are two polls from Survey USA tracking the President's approval in Utah. The first poll was released June 27, 2005. The second poll was released August 15, 2005. They show that among political "moderates", the President's support dropped in one month from 54% to 44%. For Utah, this is a stunning drop over such a short time. Moderates have been Senator Hatch's bread and butter (especially at the convention). Should Senator Hatch be worried for his chances riding the W train? Maybe Rep. Dougall is right and Senator Hatch is abandoning the moderates with the hope that a conservative makeover will guard him against a convention assault?

Rave Eye Witnesses

24 pages of eyewitness accounts of the Diamond Fork rave raid. Some of these are obvious exagerrations, others are extremely difficult to believe at all, even more are second and third hand accounts. But unfortunately I think enough of them are truthful that Utah County's got some splainin' to do.

A Gem From Rep. John Dougall

Call Off the Search Parties...Orrin Finds Utah "Sure it took the combined forces of the Secret Service, Air Force One, and the power of the Presidency, but Orrin's back" (he came because the President came)

This Is The Weirdest Coincidence Ever

From the Deseret News: 3 Detained in S.L. During Presidential Visit One of them was Ross Anderson "As the man tried to push his chair through the metal detector, he threw himself onto the ground near the building entrance, Baird said. The man gave authorities a false name and address, he said. Police arrested the man for investigation of failure to comply with police orders and giving false information to law enforcement. Later, detectives discovered the man's real name was Ross Anderson — the same name as Salt Lake City's mayor, although he was not the mayor."

KCPW Has Audio Of Bush/Anderson Speeches

Listen to President Bush's convention speech and Mayor Anderson's protest speech. HERE

Utah Code 10-3-1108 Section 2d

I picked this up at State of the Beehive: (d) a municipal officer or employee may not use municipal equipment while engaged in political activity; Is Mayor Anderson facing legal problems? Would anyone prosecute for just one email? Mayor Anderson is himself a lawyer and a reasonably smart guy. Why didn't he just use his rocky@yahoo. Maybe he used his city email to make a specific point.

Monday, August 22, 2005

Update From The Salt Lake War Front

KBER 101 just had a caller describe his experience at the "Free Speech Zone" at Pioneer Park today. He showed up to support his brother in the Air Force. He was pushed to the ground, spat on and had a drink dumped on him. Someone even tried to hold him down but was only able to scratch his arm as he ran away.

Frank Pignanelli Reads SLCSPIN

That's only fair because I read his column. Frank, thank you for the kind words.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Mayor Anderson Not Debate Leader

The Deseret News article on Mayor Anderson's email included this quote from Mark Bennett, spokesman for the Salt Lake Convention and Visitor's Bureau: "If you're supportive of the president, you might be annoyed that this mayor is taking a stand, But if you're not, it probably increases awareness that in Utah, known as the reddest of the red states, there actually is a healthy political debate led by Salt Lake's mayor." Nice quote. But incorrect. If Mayor Anderson is leading this debate, why did his email begin with: "Hello! Is anything being planned for Bush's visit next week? There should be a major demonstration - with compelling speakers." He's not leading, but he's happily taking credit.

Mayor Anderson Email 2

Here are the newspaper articles on Mayor Anderson's email. Rocky's call to protest Bush makes vets see red- Salt Lake Tribune Rocky calls for Bush protest- Deseret News You can read the full text of the email in the preceeding post.

Friday, August 19, 2005

Mayor Anderson Email

This email was distributed by Mayor Anderson using his city issued mayoral business email account. We all know the Mayor loves to toe this line. Did he cross it? He doesn't think so. But we could expect that. Hello! Is anything being planned for Bush's visit next week? There should be a major demonstration - with compelling speakers. There should be a collaboration of health-care-provision advocates, seniors, the GLBT community, anti-Patriot Act advocates and other civil libertarians, anti-War folks, pro-Social Security advocates, environmental advocates, anti-nuclear-testing advocates, and anti-nuclear-waste-shipment-and-storage advocates. Don't let him come to Utah and not see huge opposition, even in the reddest state! This would send such an important message. A tepid response will just send a message of apathy and resignation. Let the Bush Administration - and the world -- hear from Salt Lake City!!! The advocacy community should be organizing the biggest demonstration this state has ever seen! Please let me know what's being planned. Thanks - Rocky There will no doubt be something on this in the papers over the weekend.

Senator Orrin Hatch: Ready To Sacrifice His Life For Your Taxes

I was pointed to this story by State of the Beehive. Apparently, Senator Hatch is promising that if he's re- elected, he'll be the new chairman of the finance committee. Then he'll fix the tax system "or die trying". Well, because it took him 30 years to consider possibly addressing tax reform I dont' doubt he'll die in his attempt. At least he's telling the truth on that.

Hey, Nancy Starks of Salt Lake City- Go To Hell

From today's Tribune: "I'd like to respond to Cori Christensen's letter (Forum, Aug.13) blaming the Sierra Club for the long waits on Interstate 15 from Bountiful. The blame actually could be found as I read one woman's obituary on the same day: She mothered seven children and now leaves behind 42 grandchildren, 120 great-grandchildren and 19 great-great-grandchildren." Pathetic Nancy. Truly classless.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Ethnic Diversity and Political Candidates

From yesterday's Deseret News: "The Democrats are the ones that keep championing diversity, so why haven't they gone out and recruited minority candidates?" asked Evans, the first black man to chair the county Republicans. "It's another example of paying lip service." The problem with this statement is that the county Republicans are also not recruiting minority candidates. The fact that James Evans is black is kind of a fluke. It doesn't indicate Republican support in the black community nor does it indicate an effort by Republicans to recruite minority candidates. I think James Evans is a competent man. I thought he was a good Senator and I would hate for him to be relegated within the Republican party to some sort of token black man to be held up against the Democrats.

An Amendment Out of Nothing

Scott Howell: Political Junkie, Inventor

Utah Policy published its "Utah's Political Junkie Hall of Fame" today. One of the members caught my eye. Scott Howell is a former Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate. He's also a prankster, or a really bad inventor. Here he is, hawking his latest invention, the world's cheapest hands free device:

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Representative Dougall On Senator Hatch

Recently posted at Dynamic Range, State Representative John Dougall on Senator Orrin Hatch's re- election meddling in the (poorly named) Legacy Highway: "During Orrin's over 28 years in the U.S. Senate, he has had plenty of time to work on fixing National Environmental Policy Act and the Clean Water Act, but, from my perspective, he has accomplished nothing to improve the process for developing transportation systems."

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Congressman Cannon's Health Blog

Mayor Anderson Statement- And Translation

In today's Tribune Mayor Anderson pumped his new candidate for SLC Council District 3, Janneke House. "She has a good sense of what it takes to get things done and not delay them interminably, which we've unfortunately faced from some members of our City Council" Let me translate that for you. "She has a good sense of what it takes to do what I say and not piss me off by trying to represent her district, which I've unfortunately faced from Eric Jergensen" So, Jergensen's got another Mayor Anderson sycophant challenger. Well, it didn't work last time.

Derek Dyer: Blank Sheet

From today's Deseret News: "Unfortunately, all too often that [religious] bias does leak into their judgment," said Derek Dyer, 30, the executive director of the Utah Arts Alliance, who wants to unseat incumbent Eric Jergensen in [SLC Council] District 3. And Dyer, of course, has no bias and never lets anything leak into his judgement. Especially logic.

Civility and Politics

From today's Tribune: The two candidates for West Valley City Mayor are neighbors. So there will be no campaign signs within a designated area. It's nice to see civility in politics, especially campaigns. I'm glad they're preserving peace in their neighborhood. The Mr. Hyde side of me saw the other side of this coin during the Huntsman/Matheson gubernatorial love- in last year: Civil politics is boring politics.

The Senator Hatch, Homer Simpson, Mick Jagger Connection

From today's Tribune, Senator Hatch's comment that Utah County is "one of the most important counties in the country" reminds me of the Simpson's episode in which Homer goes to rock 'n' roll camp hosted by Mick Jagger. One of Jaggers' tips is no matter where you are, tell them their city is the wildest city you've ever been to. Good job, Senator Hatch, for paying attention.

A Quote From Senator Orrin Hatch

In today's Tribune: A quote by Senator Hatch in Utah County "Noting that more than 1,800 U.S. soldiers have been killed in Iraq, Hatch said, 'I don't mean to minimize it, but we lose people every day on the streets in this country - far more than we lose over there'." I don't understand. Who is he trying to help feel better? Victims of violent deaths in Iraq, or victims of violent deaths in U.S. cities. Oh, that's right, he's trying to help Utah County feel better about themselves as victims of neither.

Monday, August 15, 2005

A Dangerous Bandwagon

Charley Foster at State of the Beehive has an excellent post about jumping on a political bandwagon without knowing where it's been or where it's going.

Michael T. Packard Is Wrong

The Deseret News published another "My View" extended public forum letter. This time it was a guy from Sandy named Michael T. Packard ranting against "socialized transportation". That right there should have let me know to keep moving to a new article. That and that it was a horrifyingly boring letter. But there was one point I wanted to address. He said "The times demand the highest caliber of fiscal stewardship". So why would Packard advocate removing public transportation options and lock families into their cars, unable to escape the highway scene while gas prices continue to climb and eat into the family budget? That doesn't sound like fiscal stewardship. That sounds like forcing families to pay too much for outdated technology because of the irrational fear that socialism will be snuck in through the back door of public transportation.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

David Yocom, Nancy Workman Face Off

Salt Lake County District Attorney David Yocom will be on KCPW's Midday Metro today. He will rebutt comments made by former County Mayor Nancy Workman. Prep yourself for the interview by: Listening to Nancy Workman's interview then Listen online to D.A. Yocom's interview.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Danish Eyes On Pete Ashdown

The whole Internet knows Pete Ashdown. Even this guy.

Very Weird News Story

Just goes to show anything can happen. Cars Headed For Guatemala Snarl Traffic Less than 40 mph from Salt Lake to Guatemala? That's hardcore. Let that be a lesson to us whiney Americans: Your commute could always be longer. And slower.

Senator Orrin Hatch: Software Pirate?

This story appeared at Wired News days after Senator Hatch announced his brilliant scheme to remotely destroy computers used in illegal downloads. At the time Senator Hatch was bravely defending the music and film industry with destruction of private property sans due process, he was using pirated software on his website.

Another Utah Blog Takes On Senator Orrin Hatch

Mark Allen of Salt Lake City writes Moustace, and, like the rest of the internet, has a big beef with Senator Orrin Hatch. Mark writes: "He spends more time making sure people can’t pirate his CDs than he does keeping nuclear waste out of the state." He's right, you know.

Sherriff Kennard: Untouchable

From the Deseret News: Regarding new campaign finance rules, Sherriff Kennard wondered aloud why he would need to be subject to campaign money rules He said: "I'm at a loss to have anyone explain to me why we need a limit, never in my 16 years have I been influenced by a vendor." Sherriff Kennard has the same disease the Utah Legislature does: I don't need ethics rules because I'm an honest guy. He wins today's "miss the point award".

Senator Orrin Hatch is a 7th Order Graeldiaon Lizardman

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Senator Hatch Failed Utah With The Highway Bill

Brian's Utah Weblog has an excellent post on why Senator Hatch should not brag about his efforts on the transportation bill. Utah: Underrepresented and shortchanged.

Utahns Smarter Than Californians

According to infoplease, Utah is the 28th smartest state in the U.S. The good news: We beat California (#43), whose citizens like to refer to us a "Pootah". Of all states! CALIFORNIA calling US "Pootah"? The bad news: We slipped three spaces from our 2003/04 position, #25.

Texas Legislator Weighs In On Steve Urquhart

Texas Legislator and blogger Aaron Pena has boosted Rep. Steve Urquhart on A Capitol Blog.

Man Of The Match

Andy Williams was Saturday's "Man of the Match", but D.J. Countess was clearly THE MAN after the match when before he even exited the field after the game, he exchanged phone numbers with ESPN's Heather Mitts.

"Like Orrin Hatch, But Worse"

Senator Orrin Hatch shows up in some weird Internet places. Like "The Bloggerwocky".

Read Forma Line

I usually just stick to political blogs and usually steer very clear of personal blogs, but I'm making an exception for Forma Line. Simon J. blogs about life and living in downtown SLC. This blog is well written and surprisingly interesting. He is in the first week of a month long social experiment in which he randomly engages complete strangers in conversation and blogs the result. It's going on my permanent list. Thank you, Charley Foster for this great find.

Real Salt Lake V. Chivas USA

Real Salt Lake beat Chivas USA 2-1 Saturday in a very controversial game. It was controversial because this is how Chivas plays:

Monday, August 08, 2005

Gazelem on Steve Urquhart

Travis at Gazelem posted on his experiences campaigning early for Rep. Steve Urquhart and some thoughts his neighbors have on why Senator Orrin Hatch doesn't do it for them anymore.

Sunday, August 07, 2005

You Get Out What You Put In

LaVarr Webb Sunday on defeating Congressman Matheson. From the Deseret News: "Salt Lake County is the key. If the Republicans can find a respected candidate who can come within 25,000 to 30,000 votes of Matheson in Salt Lake County, then the race is winnable." But, thanks to Nancy "I'm not guilty because I don't understand what's happening" Workman and Greg "I'm not guilty because I"m the only lawyer on the planet who can't recognize double billing" Curtis, it may be a long time before Republicans can get the kind of numbers Webb is talking about. As much as many in the County party don't want to admit it, Mike Ridgeway was dead on right about Workman and the barely legal, waste of time replacement Ellis Ivory. Guess what guys? You live with the party you create. You blew it. Get used to Congressman Matheson.

Friday, August 05, 2005

Digital Joe McCarthy

That's what Mark Cuban called Senator Orrin Hatch. The interview will air on KCPW this afternoon before 5:00pm. The podcast will be up soon.

Teleread On Senator Orrin Hatch

David Rothman of Teleread clues us in on why the tech community is so interested in our senate race.

The Flying Spaghetti Monster

This is a must read. Senator Buttars, if you're reading this, you should definitely check it out.

Disturbing Letters

Here's a frightening thought. These people live among us. And they write letters to the editors. "Some of us have been fasting and praying for good neighbors for years. Praying that a nice Catholic, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, agnostic or atheist would move in next door. The projected demographics are proof that prayers are answered." -Shauna Chambers-Thomas, Salt Lake City It is plain to see that Mormon folks in Utah will forever be hopelessly out of touch with overall diversity, religious diversity and, of course, reality. Oscar Olson, Salt Lake City Shauna, Oscar, we don't need that.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Senator Orrin Hatch Financial Violation

According to The Center For Public Integrity, in 1996, Senator Orrin Hatch accepted $3,000 for his legal defense fund from lobbyist Tom Landin. This is in violation of Rule XXXV of the Standing Rules of the Senate which prohibits the donation by a lobbyist to a legal defense fund set up for a Senator.

Daily Herald Got It Right

I have to give credit to utahpolicy for pointing me to this Daily Herald (Utah County) editorial on mass transit. Of note from within the editorial: "Rather than cursing Congress and the environmental groups[for blocking Legacy], maybe people need to see the setbacks as an opportunity to pursue mass transit more vigorously." "To put it simply, there is no way we can build ourselves out of traffic congestion. As the population increases, we're just going to run out of places to put roads." "Mass transit offers a cheaper way to ease congestion. For about half the cost of the 14-mile Legacy Highway, the state could build a commuter rail system from Payson to Ogden. When one adds in the Utah Transit Authority's current $120.7 million operating expense to the mix, mass transit is still cheaper than freeway construction." Right on the nose.

An Example For Downtown Property Owners

Rick Howa, I'm looking at you. Regarding City Center Storage, 230 South 500 West, this is from Heather May at the Tribune: Artspace bought City Center in 1997 and, until now, has continued to run it as a storage facility. It would have been cheaper for Norie to demolish the warehouse and start over than to renovate it. Even an appraisal found the land was worth more without the brick structure. But that didn't sway her. "Saving these buildings - if everyone tears them down, we have no history. This is the original ZCMI warehouse. To lose this building would just be a shame," she says. True.


Do you want to know the blog buzz on a certain person or topic? Use I had a chance to use it a bit yesterday, and it's pretty amazing.

Senator Chris Buttars Believes!

The quote of the day definitely goes to Senator Chris Buttars who uses passion and determination to make up for big gaps in his vocabulary: "I believe the president believes exactly as I do. I believe he believes in God," Ah yes, to believe. Is there anything more sublime than believing someone believes what you believe? That's now the word of the day. So, if you hear it, respond a la Pee Wee's Playhouse.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Mark Cuban Vs. Senator Orrin Hatch

Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks and blogger (it's true), has committed to fund any candidate who runs against Senator Hatch REGARDLESS OF PARTY AFFILIATION. Mark Cuban: "I'm not pro- anybody, I'm anti- Hatch!" Mark Cuban will be interviewed on this topic Friday by Brian Schott on KCPW. Listen online or to the podcast.

Boyer Company: Not PoliSci Majors

We have a representative government. We all know that. We all like it. Until it works against us. Then it's broken. The Boyer Company, a big fish/little pond developer and the genius behind the world's largest strip mall now has to wait for a referendum before they can plant another few warehouse stores in Sandy. When asked what he felt about the referendum, the dissapointed Boyer guy said: "There's a reason we have a representative government." (DesNews) Good for you. But let's break down that word R-E-P-R-E-S-E-N-T-A-T-I-V-E. Well, it's root is R-E-P-R-E-S-E-N-T. Ask yourself, Boyer Company, who is implied in that word? Guess what? It's not you. Unless, of course, you live in Sandy and you are 50% + 1 of the population.

Pass the Torch

I think I recognize Steve Urquhart and Pete Ashdown in this group of kids. Senator Hatch: Pass the torch, man.

County Sanctioned Extortion

According to the Deseret News: This is the telephone rate for SLCo inmates calling their families collect- Local call: $3.15 for 15 minutes Long Distance: $2.80 plus $.12 per minute The county receives 45% from Qworst and 43% from AT&T of revenue produced by these charges in exchange for providing a guaranteed population of suckers. Here's a great quote from the Chief Deputy, Rollin Cook: "It's not a trick, we're not trying to generate funds on purpose." Oh really? Then give the money back and drop the rates. That's what I thought.

Everyone Wants A Piece of Hatch. Even In Georgia

Doug Kenline from Atlanta Georgia has weighed in on our race and even did an audioblog tribute to Steve Urquhart using the Jimi Hendrix version of the National Anthem.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Another Blogger Comes Out Against Senator Hatch

In fact, he's backing Pete Ashdown Ed Partridge of Part of the Plan is a 20 year Army veteran, registered as neither Republican nor Democrat and has posted some good reading on the upcoming Senate race.

More Reasons To Ditch "Perma- Hatch" (as if you still needed them)

I got the term "perma- Hatch" from Reach Upward. It's pretty good. He's posted today on why he believes we should leave Senator Hatch behind us.

Was RSL Saddled With False Record?

A while ago, Real Salt Lake fans were wringing their hands over setting the record for the longest scoreless drought in MLS history. Thanks to the wonders of blogging, the word is out that the record may not actually be ours. According to usasoccer, the record actually belongs to Colorado Rapids, who apparently have gone five minutes longer than RSL without a score. Colorado Rapids C. Rapids crapids

Monday, August 01, 2005


From the Deseret News editorial: "In the end, when the going got tough, the Minutemen got out of the kitchen. Utah's Hispanic work force, however, did not. They have helped keep much of the state's agriculture and service industries chugging along this summer through unbearable heat. They aren't going South. And it will take more than a handful of hotheads to change that."

More Podcasting. What a Weird Day

Rep. Steve Urquhart just posted the first of what he promises will be many podcasts. It's pretty interesting and short. I just clicked on it and it played. What was that Hatch quote about not being out- high- teched?

KCPW- The Political Junkie Station

KCPW is podcasting. Check it out.

Living Downtown

If in the next month you're engaged in conversation by a stranger in the downtown area, it might be this guy. Who, by the way, runs an interesting and worthwhile blog on living downtown in SLC.

A Senator Hatch Blog? Too Little, Too Late.

I picked this article up on State of the Beehive and one paragraph just stunned me: "The Hatch campaign is taking the threat from Urquhart seriously -- and it may even have a blog of its own soon. "Our campaign is not going to be out-high-teched by anybody," Hatch campaign manager Dave Hansen said." First: It's too late, Dave. You've been out- high- teched for a long time. Second: Senator Hatch and his campaign CLEARLY do not understand the concept of candidates blogging. This has nothing to do with staying high tech or not letting anyone else be "more high tech" than you. It's about openess and accessibility. It's about interacting with voters in a way that leaves you vulnerable and therefore proves your strength as a leader and a person. Senator Hatch, we don't want your staffers to run a blog just so a Hatch blog exists. We don't want you faking like you enjoy interacting with us until the campaign is over. We don't want a high tech campaign half as much as we want our own Senator.

Potty Mouth!

I would have liked to have seen this sign when I was a fourth grader on the bus. I think drivers are more willing now to enforce rules on the bus than when I was a kid. Maybe it has something to do with making the drivers call out the stops. I remember that a lot of drivers really resisted and even refused to do it. But now they all do. Kind of like an ice breaker between drivers and passengers.