Tuesday, July 19, 2005

This Just In

Rep. Steve Urquhart will make his announcement within the next two days. Look for it on his blog. Speaking of Steve Urquhart, Reach Upward has posted on his reasons for no longer supporting Senator Hatch and and on his interest in supporting Rep. Urquhart.


Anonymous Brian said...

I'm betting Steve sticks to the state legislature. It's an important job with a lot of opportunity for a smart guy to work on issues he cares about.

If Steve chooses to run against Orrin, I think his chances of forcing a primary are pretty slim and his chances of winning that primary are only slightly better.

7/19/2005 10:54:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with Brian. Urquhart's chances are slim...we all know the Republican convention is way more conservative than the rest of the party - let alone Utah at large - so Urquhart may give him a run in convention but I'd be surprised if he really did. Even if it comes to a primary, which it won't, but if it does what can he zing the Senator on that is powerful enough to bring him down? Stem Cells? Good Luck.

Urquhart seems like a nice guy, but has he really handled any 'heavy' pieces of legislation? I've been out of the state for two years and just getting back, but I really don't know that he's done anything that important. He blogs a lot, and it seems like I've heard more about his blog or blogging than his accomplishments/qualifications.

I'm all about challenging the status quo, but in my opinion Hatch's seniority is one of the best things Utah has going for us in DC. I'll be a delegate and I'll vote for Hatch. - Ryan

7/20/2005 07:28:00 AM  
Anonymous fred n. said...

Hatch has been in to long. For years I've wanted to keep supporting him because of his "high ranking position" in the Senate. But he has done nothing with it. I'm supporting Urquhart in this race. And like the Deseret News mentioned in their article this morning, Last convention a newcomer won 40%. Urquhart isn't a newcomer and could very easily get 60%. If you look at the numbers a win is not unrealistic. I too will be a delegate. And I will be voting for Urquhart.

7/20/2005 09:54:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What has he done? Fred come on...and you are going to be a delegate??? Lets see...a freshman Senator when it comes time for appropriations...oh yeah Utah will get tons of funding for schools, transportation, water...Like it or not seniority rules in DC. Let Steve do his thing in the legislature and consider a run when Orin retires...If I do become a delegate I'll vote for Hatch.

7/21/2005 11:26:00 AM  

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