Friday, July 08, 2005

KCPW and Utah Policy

As many of you may know, Slcspin has been hanging on the side of the KCPW train for about a month. You can hear "Letters to the Editters" fridays during Midday Edition. (if you can't tune in, you can still pull it up on the site) Another local internet political entity has also jumped on this train. LaVarr Webb and Utah Policy announced their new relationship with KCPW. Even more than before, this will make KCPW the go- to news source for political junkies (and well- informed non- junkies) Of course, KCPW has long had a leg up on other local news sources that are too busy covering car accidents and great summer grilling tips to cover local politics in more than a perfunctory way. Also, Rep. Urquhart and Rep. Dougall were on today talking about their blog, listen to it on the same link.


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