Friday, July 29, 2005

Congressman Matheson: Blue Dog

Many are commenting on the passage of CAFTA. Brian's Utah Weblog John Dougall Here's an interesting angle reported by KCPW. We all know by now Congressman Matheson supported CAFTA. He's done this at the expense of a warm relationship with House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi. Pelosi has apparently threatened rogue Democrats with the loss of their committee seats in retribution for their support of CAFTA. Congressman Matheson may not have much to worry about, however, because his district is considered "unsafe". His reputation and position in the house must be jealously guarded by Democrats. I'm not sure, though, how "unsafe" Congressman Matheson is. He won by 15 points, and Chris Cannon is not having any luck finding a challenger. Plus, thanks to the genious leadership of Nancy Workman and Greg Curtis (who should have gone down with the Nancy Workman ship), Salt Lake County may now be permanently on it's way to the Democrats.


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