Wednesday, July 27, 2005

The Ambivalence of Paul Rolly

Sometimes Paul Rolly is right on. Other times he is way off. And on occasion, he's both in the same day. Right on: Senator Curtis Bramble has no business giving a lecture on civility in politics. In fact, he has no business lecturing about politics period. I got on his case a couple of posts ago, I'll probably do it again. His RDA legislation "for the children" was crap. When I see him transfer the money for the soccer stadium into next year's education budget, then he'll get some credibility with me. Way off: Hey Paul, back off the cops. So, you're wondering how much taxpayer purchased gas they "guzzled" during their five minute idle at the gas station. How about a few tablespoons. Even more stunning than Paul Rolly publicly repeating this woman's tantrum is that there are people out there who hold the police in such low esteem that the would write down the license plate numbers as if they're criminals. If this self important champion of taxpayers would identify herself, I'll gladly personally reimburse to her the 5 cents used by the police that evening. It'd be her responsibility to make sure it's distributed among the other taxpayers of the city.


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