Sunday, June 26, 2005

A New Senator For Utah?

This is a thread worth reading. On Utah Politics, a conversation was started on the future of Senator Orrin Hatch. So far, it's 39 responses long and has even elicited a comment from Democratic candidate Pete Ashdown. Which brings up another point. With a guy like Pete Ashdown, why are Democrats still talking about finding someone to run against Hatch? Why do they think finding the biggest name they can will get them the post? Do they need to be reminded that Matheson vs. Huntsman was supposed to be clash of the titans, but was actually the most boring and predictable race last year? The only thing interesting about the race was the civility they showed each other when Huntsman took Matheson out behind the woodshed. Democrats should make their play with Ashdown. He's a good candidate.


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