Monday, June 13, 2005

Jane Marquardt, Eric Jergensen

City Weekly ran a story last week about the Salt Lake City Council Distric 3 race. Katharine Biele said that Marquardt (before she dropped) had the support of House Minority Leader Ralph Becker. After Marquardt dropped, Biele wrote Becker switched his support to Jergensen. She also wrote that Rep. Becker supported Councilman Jergensen in 2001. Actually, Rep. Becker backed Polly Hart in 2001, not Eric Jergensen. It's apparently true Rep. Becker is backing Jergensen this year, but whether he switched after Marquardt dropped is something he's going to have to cop to himself. In other words, did Rep. Becker tell City Weekly he would back Marquardt, or did Marquardt tell City Weekly that Rep. Becker would have supported her had she run? That's not very clear. Something tells me that if Rep. Becker were entertaining thoughts of backing Jergensen (which he clearly was), Rep. Becker would have probably balked at outright support for Marquardt. Especially at such an early stage.


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