Tuesday, June 28, 2005

The Internet and the Senate Race

The upcoming Senate race will no doubt be a fun one. On the Republican side, some buzz has placed State Rep. Steve Urquhart on a short list of challengers. On the Democrat side, Pete Ashdown has already officially joined the battle and hired a campaign manager. These two have something in common. Both use new technology to keep themselves in the game. Steve Urquhart's blog is widely read among both online political junkies and members of the establishment who care to use the internet. Pete Ashdown uses his site more comprehensively than any other Utah candidate ever has. Pete is also not afraid to cruise the internet looking for a way to plug his campaign. The other day, he joined a conversation thread about Sen. Hatch at Utah Politics in an effort to reach out to voters. It was a move I don't think many candidates would have the courage to do. I believe Utahns deserve politicians who are not afraid to go on the record as often and accessibly as Rep. Urquhart and Pete Ashdown.


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