Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Megan Risbon, Mayor Anderson, and City Politics

Also in the story by Heather May, Mayor Anderson has said he'd endorse Republican Keith Christensen as a new mayor for Salt Lake City. What about Megan Risbon? It was only a few weeks ago Megan Risbon, Chairperson of SL County Democrats, was talking about how important it was to find Democratic candidates for the city's non- affiliated races. Ms. Risbon also implied she was coordinating with Mayor Anderson in finding a Democrat for the party to support against Councilman Eric Jergensen. Now Mayor Anderson, who was supposed to be tracking down Democrats for city races (and lets not forget his lectures on diversity in city politics), is backing a Republican Mormon. Something tells me Megan Risbon is on her own in this fight. It's best she drop it.

Mayor Becker?

According to the Tribune's Heather May, State Minority Leader Ralph Becker is considering a run for Salt Lake City Mayor. Rep. Becker was very vocal about his interest in Senate District 2 when it was made available. Scott McCoy jumped on it first. Perhaps he's just bored with the H of R.

The Internet and the Senate Race

The upcoming Senate race will no doubt be a fun one. On the Republican side, some buzz has placed State Rep. Steve Urquhart on a short list of challengers. On the Democrat side, Pete Ashdown has already officially joined the battle and hired a campaign manager. These two have something in common. Both use new technology to keep themselves in the game. Steve Urquhart's blog is widely read among both online political junkies and members of the establishment who care to use the internet. Pete Ashdown uses his site more comprehensively than any other Utah candidate ever has. Pete is also not afraid to cruise the internet looking for a way to plug his campaign. The other day, he joined a conversation thread about Sen. Hatch at Utah Politics in an effort to reach out to voters. It was a move I don't think many candidates would have the courage to do. I believe Utahns deserve politicians who are not afraid to go on the record as often and accessibly as Rep. Urquhart and Pete Ashdown.

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Chris Bleak

Utah House Speaker Greg Curtis hired Chris Bleak as Chief of Staff. Many people have criticized this move both for the expense and for hiring a Republican operative. I'd like to come to the defense of fellow West High Panther Chris Bleak. First, let Speaker Curtis hire a Chief of Staff. He probably really needs one and for the Speaker of the House to have a Chief of Staff is a good long term move. In other words, House Speakers from now on should make use of this position. Second, criticisms of Speaker Curtis hiring a Republican are silly. It's not like he's hiring a receptionist. Chief of Staff sits in on meetings and is a really hands on position. For a Republican Speaker, a Republican Chief of Staff is the only rational move.

A New Senator For Utah?

This is a thread worth reading. On Utah Politics, a conversation was started on the future of Senator Orrin Hatch. So far, it's 39 responses long and has even elicited a comment from Democratic candidate Pete Ashdown. Which brings up another point. With a guy like Pete Ashdown, why are Democrats still talking about finding someone to run against Hatch? Why do they think finding the biggest name they can will get them the post? Do they need to be reminded that Matheson vs. Huntsman was supposed to be clash of the titans, but was actually the most boring and predictable race last year? The only thing interesting about the race was the civility they showed each other when Huntsman took Matheson out behind the woodshed. Democrats should make their play with Ashdown. He's a good candidate.

Friday, June 24, 2005

Real Fans are League's Best

Wednesday, as expected, RSL fans showered the field at Rice Eccles with black streamers to celebrate the an MLS record no one wants. Some people raised their eyebrows at this. After all, where's the team loyalty. I suppose it has less to do with the amount of loyalty and more to do with how that loyalty is expressed. The Beautiful Game comes with a fan culture that is very different from other sports. I believe this vindicates Real fans and shows that while they may be dramatically different from the Jazz crowds, they're really getting it right. RSL fans voted No. 1 in league poll

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

A Somber Weekend for Scouting Activities

Reach Upward is headed off with the scouts this weekend and has internalized some lessons following last weekends tragedy. His advice is great for all of us. Of course, as he points out, it's the old tried and true rules of scouting that will provide the best protection.

Monday, June 20, 2005

Black Streamers for Real Salt Lake

In morbid celebration of a record no one wants, Real Salt Lake fans are bringing black streamers to the Wednesday game against Los Angeles. If Real Salt Lake hasn't scored by the 35th minute, watch for a barrage of streamers marking the MLS record for number of minutes played without scoring a goal. RSL east stadium fans have already made the streamers a tradition, launching team colored streamers onto the field (pitch?) after each RSL goal. It's been a while since they were seen.

I Thought I Was Covered by the Constitution

I'm thinking of retaining Charley Foster. Slcspin's bread and butter is politics and blogging politics may become more complicated. State of the Beehive has listed some legal resources for political bloggers.

Someone May be Listening

For the past three weeks, I've been doing a Friday roundup of "Letter to the Editters" for KCPW's Midday Edition (listen to the archives here). I let myself think no one was really out there, but now there is undeniable proof at least one person is listening. This comment was left on a post from last week. "Great, the airwaves have another smug, ironic and insincere talking head (actually head-less since it's radio). Another brilliant idea by our KCPW programmer to bring in a "youthful" audience. Yep, I'm sure that especially cynical population will be a big source of contributions." Zing! So, if you're part of the "cynical population" and you're dying for a smug, ironic, and insincere talking head, then I'll see you Friday's at 88.3 and 105.3 FM-- In Depth, Informed, Smug, Ironic, KCPW.

The Evangelicalization of Senator Chris Buttars

It's true Utah politics is dominated by social conservatives. It is, however, a political ideology that seems to be fairly specific to our little corner of the world. In the intelligent design fight, Senator Buttars and the Utah Eagle Forum have taken their cue from the evangelical conservative movement. This may frighten away some conservative Mormon politicians because almost without knowing how or why, Mormons have found their way onto the Evangelical "Going to Hell" list. So, why should Mormon conservatives go to bed with a political movement that won't respect them in the morning?

Lame Paul Rolly Headline

Headline from today's Paul Rolly: Honoring War Dead Now a Crime That's not true. Not even according to the story below the headline. Honoring war dead is not a crime and Paul Rolly's story does not make that claim. But the headline does.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Super Rich Attorney Mud Wrestling

I enjoyed the film "Dusk 'Til Dawn" because it was a big fight between two groups who garnered zero sympathy with the audience. There were vampires fighting thieves and murderers. The audience could just enjoy the carnage without having to worry there may be an actual victim to worry about or a hero to cheer for. This Gregory, Barton, Swapp slapfest reminds me of that film. We can all just sit back and enjoy.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Senator Chris Buttars, the Utah Eagle Forum, Evolution, and Science Education

Senator Buttars and the Utah Eagle Forum are worked up over the teaching of evolution in school. The fear that a child's faith will be destroyed by evolution instruction dramatically overstates the actual amount of science education undertaken by our kids at school.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Standing Up For the Stadium

In today's Deseret News: We are not "foes" of the Fairpark soccer location idea. We are very much in favor — as is Salt Lake's mayor — in keeping the soccer stadium downtown. We feel it will give the stadium the highest probability of success. Short of that, the Fairpark is an excellent second choice — head and shoulders above the first choice of both Murray and Sandy. It will also be a driver in expediting the much-needed light-rail connection to the airport. Real should let the community know where the franchise will be the most successful. The state, county, city and citizens should get behind that location and make it successful. Vasilios Priskos InterNet Properties Inc. Bruce Bingham Hamilton Partners Tony Weller Sam Weller's Zion Bookstore

Monday, June 13, 2005

Jane Marquardt, Eric Jergensen

City Weekly ran a story last week about the Salt Lake City Council Distric 3 race. Katharine Biele said that Marquardt (before she dropped) had the support of House Minority Leader Ralph Becker. After Marquardt dropped, Biele wrote Becker switched his support to Jergensen. She also wrote that Rep. Becker supported Councilman Jergensen in 2001. Actually, Rep. Becker backed Polly Hart in 2001, not Eric Jergensen. It's apparently true Rep. Becker is backing Jergensen this year, but whether he switched after Marquardt dropped is something he's going to have to cop to himself. In other words, did Rep. Becker tell City Weekly he would back Marquardt, or did Marquardt tell City Weekly that Rep. Becker would have supported her had she run? That's not very clear. Something tells me that if Rep. Becker were entertaining thoughts of backing Jergensen (which he clearly was), Rep. Becker would have probably balked at outright support for Marquardt. Especially at such an early stage.

Senaor Hatch's Vulnerability

This is a topic that has been cycling through the blogs for months. Notably: Utah Politics here, here, and here. Today the Tribune fits in a few more pieces including the possibility of a challenge from State Rep. Steve Urquhart.

Utah Policy Daily

Utah Policy Daily received a nice profile in today's Tribune. UPD is an excellent political resource and ads a great deal to the local political landscape. On a personal note, UPD took a chance on listing this blog in SLCSPIN's first few weeks. I am very grateful. Good job, LaVarr.

RSL Stadium and Salt Lake City, County

According to a recent Tribune article, Real Salt Lake has hired real estate brokers to help them find land for the stadium. This is good news for the team and for Salt Lake City. Up until now, the choices have ranged from bad (fairpark) to horrifying (Sandy convention center). Team owner Dave Checketts has been clear from the start that he wants the stadium downtown. Unfortunately, he's been dealt a few bad cards. One is a county government still finding their footing in a very difficult situation. Because of their freshman timidity and fear of upsetting other county political players (Mayor Dolan, Speaker Curtis, etc), the County has not stepped up to back the better downtown plan. The other is Mayor Anderson who, despite being a player in the international environmental and human rights world, can't get a stop light installed in his own city without sticking his foot in his mouth.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Short Break

Back soon (tomorrow)(thurs).

Friday, June 03, 2005

Travis Needs Names

Travis at Gazelem is looking for boy names. He says he's open to even strange names. Let's join in. Maybe he'll offer a cash prize. Hint.

Letters to the Editters Goes Prime Time

Well not really. But it is on the radio. Check it out at KCPW's Midday Edition.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Sandy City Polls On Stadium

According to the Deseret News, Sandy City will poll its citizens to help them move forward in their quest to deny Salt Lake City the Real Salt Lake stadium. Thanks to sources deep within Sandy City government, SLCSPIN has obtained a copy of the poll. Enjoy. Do you like soccer? (choose one of the following three options) Yes No Don't Know Do you like soccer stadiums? (choose one of the following three options) Yes No Don't know Don't you think Sandy is the best place for a stadium? (choose the following option) Yes Isn't Mayor Dolan a wonderful leader and an honest man? (choose the following option) Yes Which of the following options do you think is the best reason for putting a stadium in Sandy? (choose one of the following options) More places to drive Mayor Anderson is a Godless jerk Salt Lake City is too full of liberals Mayor Anderson may be gay Great parking Which of the following options do you think is a reason against building the stadium in Sandy? (choose one of the following options) It may attract too many people from Salt Lake City. It will distract the city from the most important city problems which are people not properly caring for their lawns.