Friday, May 06, 2005

Megan Risbon and True Democracy

The other day, Salt Lake County Democratic Chairperson Megan Risbon wrote in to the Deseret News to take James Evans to task. She said "Obviously, with his recent loss, he has already forgotten how well a true form of democracy works." She should have picked a different race to use as an example of "true" democracy. Senate District 1 is what's considered a safe seat. It's overwhelmingly Democrat. This is thanks to gerrymandering (which is not the topic of this post) and some simple demographic realities. House District 24 is another example of this. As is Utah County. And Davis County. That's not very democratic. Also, James Evans was one of the recipients of the services of the Truth in Politics campaign. We all remember what that was. Also, not very democratic. So, James Evans wins his first election with broad bi partisan support and advocates for the west side at both the city and state level (remember the heartburn he gave Rocky for ignoring the west side?). But according to Ms. Risbon, the situation wasn't truly democratic until he is unseated (by an extremely narrow margin) in a bitterly partisan election in which a barely legal PAC is brought in to disparage the incumbent thereby giving Fred Fife a very narrow edge. It's no wonder Evans has a chip on his shoulder. True democracy? Puhleeze. Politics as usual. (Please note, this post says only what it says. It does not say Democrats are responsible for jerrymandering nor does it say Republicans don't engage in dirty politics. So I don't want crazy accusations in the comments.)


Blogger Oldenburg said...

I hate it when Politicans of all stripes pick their voters and not the other way around. These Pols think they are entitled to their seat in the state House or Senate or US House.

The unwillingness of these folks to share their resources to help fellow party members so that the more narrowly elected elected officials like Jim Matheson have a better chance of staying in office disgusts me.

5/06/2005 02:48:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't think "true democracy" includes electing representatives of the people to make decisions. The initiative and referendum are better examples.

5/06/2005 10:09:00 PM  

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