Monday, May 16, 2005

Letters to the Editters

Over the past few days, the best one- liners were in the Deseret News, while everyone who woke up on the wrong side of the bed wrote in to the Tribune. Here are some samples. Deseret News: While I have never met a liberal I haven't liked, "liberalism" is an evil. Boys, I have it on good authority that the girls do not want to see your underwear. Tribune: Hatch single-handedly perverted the confirmation process to an extent unprecedented in U.S. history. As a free American, I'm not free to go to Cuba. Expressions of joy, meaningless fun, mirth and laughter are not part of Utah's values. President Clinton's infamous grand jury testimony dancing around the definition of the word “is” pales in parsing next to Sen. Orrin Hatch's rationalizing about the sabotaging of judicial nominees and his own hypocrisy. I'm 17 years old, but I'm worried about the world my children will be growing up in. I am amazed to watch the radical Republican wave in this country break the rules and try to virtually eliminate the checks and balances in our judicial system. Other than signing the obligatory Republican-ramrodded legislation ensuring that the poor and under-represented remain poor and under-represented   and that the state will be one giant freeway within the next decade, he has done - what? One more example of how illegals, who pay little or nothing into the   system, are sucking it dry. Do the greedy, overpaid desk jockeys at the utility companies have any idea how hard it is for ordinary, honest people to pay their bills these days? Salt Lake County government is a corrupt and self-serving anachronism that has long outlived its usefulness. The best of them [citizens] should stop kvetching about politics and replace the current crop of idiots occupying the Senate.


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