Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Letters to the Editters

The best part of my day. The Salt Lake Tribune: I want a coupon from the federal government for a free hybrid car. Just because we live here doesn't mean the U.S. is the best country. A rigorous scientific study of creationism would be very short. "Our great-grandchildren will curse their profligate great-grandparents who left them to pay up with no productive work to pay with". Advanced life forms appreciate the difference between science and religion. Left wing religious people attacking right wing religious people don't see irony. Buy Viagra instead of a big truck. LDS Church should change temple marriage policy to include non- members. The Deseret Morning News: Film filters are for lazy parents. Jane Fonda should be in jail but she's a celebrity so she's free. The full Senate should consider every presidential nominee. Panhandlers shouldn't threaten people. Doctor community should kick out bad doctors. Planned parenthood won't discourage abortions because they'll lose money. Bison meat is better for you than beef. "Who gives a flying fig what the final score is? So what if the shortstop was picking his nose and missed a catch?" 'Cold Case' on CBS misrepresented Mormons. "Building Bridges" dialogue definition excludes those who hold firm beliefs. The ACLU is inventing imaginary liberties. Sell Rocky to a blue state.


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