Monday, May 02, 2005

Letters to the Editters

The best part of the newspaper is right here. The Salt Lake Tribune The Salt Lake Marathon was really great and I wish I were from East Africa. I don't go to Moab anymore because the 90% of ATV riders who are rude give the other 10% a bad name. If you believe in privatisation of Social Security then cancel your life insurance and invest it in the stock market. The deer population is down because there are too many cougars (mountain lions, not fans). The ticket lines and foot shortages at Rice Eccles are the fault of the U., not RSL. I had a dream about George Bush and Jerry Falwell, Bill Frist, and Tom DeLay. If your children grow up Mormon, why are you surprised when you aren't allowed in the temple for their wedding. The Deseret Morning News If you authorize a permit to build a house vulnerable to floods or mudslides, it's your fault. We're being invaded from the south! Dirty jobs like asbestos removal used to be high paying. It costs 3 cents per mile to fuel a natural gas honda. Licensed bison hunters are murderers for hire.


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