Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Megan Risborn's Terribly Poor Strategy

Megan Risborn, chairperson of the Salt Lake County Democrats has said as part of her strategy she'll target Salt Lake City Council districts 1&3. The other day I said this may backfire. This strategy is a very, very poor one. It is a terrible idea. To bring the Democratic party into the race will provoke a response from county Republicans. Megan Risborn will turn the non- affiliated municipal races into just another partisan catfight. As it stands, Salt Lake City residents can choose their municipal leadership based on something other than party affiliation. This has brought out some very good candidates and fostered some excellent discussions. Megan Risborn's stragegy will do nothing but pigeonhole candidates and voters into categories that may not actually apply to them. Is Ms. Risborn truly prepared to wreck the only political sphere we have left in which we can participate without having to be labled by the partisans.

Deseret News Should Simplify

It's nice that to go to a specific section of the Salt Lake Tribune, I just type in www.sltrib.com/whatever section. It's not that simple at the News. Here's the breakdown: Front Page http://sltrib.com/ http://deseretnews.com/dn Utah Section http://www.sltrib.com/utah http://deseretnews.com/dn/cit/0,1549,2,00.html Spors Section http://www.sltrib.com/sports http://deseretnews.com/dn/spt/0,1547,2,00.html Can't it just be deseretnews.com/sports?

Monday, May 30, 2005

Stadium, Salt Lake, Fairpark, RSL

Here's something from the officially unnoficial realsaltlake.blogspot.com. Just when all hope was lost and you thought the stadium was going to be condemned to Sandy and all of its puketacular Mayan wretchedness... Also, here's an interesting fan thread on the topic of the stadium. Sample quote: "It seems like these people are more concerned with what will gain them a political advantage rather than what is best for RSL and the fans." Speaker Curtis and Mayor Dolan, they're talking about YOU. It seems the general consensus among fans (even suburban fans) is the stadium should be downtown.

Friday, May 27, 2005

Utahns Better Drivers than Californians

But we're still not very good. Here's an experience we've all had: Being lectured by some snot nosed Californian about how terrible Utah drivers are. We've always guiltily believed them. After all, California is California, and we're just lowly Utah. It's time to fire back. According to the GMAC Insurance National Driver's Test, Utah scored higher than California. Utah has better drivers than California. In fact, we put nine other states in between us and them. Utah was 33rd, California 43rd. Now, with that said, we do need to be better drivers. I have never advocated the (horrifyingly named) Legacy Highway and one of the reasons is that until Davis County learns to drive on the one they have, they should not be given another. I am mystified that even with all the bellyaching about 15 being the only way in or out, there are still almost daily accidents that back up traffic. I would think that if the route were so important, people would be more cautious about their driving. Part Of The Plan has some good tips for local yokels when we get behind the wheel.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Megan Risbon and Partying up the Non- Partified.

New Salt Lake County Democratic Chairperson Megan Risbon is no doubt excited to get working to get Democrats elected. She should be commended for her energy and excitement. According to the Deseret News, she has "targeted" SLC Council districts 1 and 3, post currently held by Republicans. Though on the outside this seems like solid political strategy, it may actually backfire. One of the reasons Polly Hart lost her election to current council member Eric Jergensen is that she couldn't stop talking about how she was the Democrat and so she deserved the votes of the Democrats. She said it all the time. She wouldn't shut up about it. Many Democrats liked Jergensen and wanted to vote for him and felt free to because it was a non- affiliated election. Polly's harping only turned people off because people don't want partisanship in neighborhood elections.

The Race Card, The Religion Card

"I don't see how a WHITE, MORMON REPUBLICAN is a good representative for a working-class district that's mostly made up of minorities," That's what Leslie Reynolds-Benns gave as her reason for running against Carlton Christensen for Salt Lake City Council District 1. So, by this reasoning, should we assume that Leslie supported Senator James Evans, a BLACK MAN, over Fred Fife, a WHITE MAN? In fact, according to Leslie's genious political theory, someone should fire James Evans from his current spot as the democratically elected chairman of the Salt Lake County Republicans. As a BLACK MAN, he clearly doesn't represent Salt Lake County Republicans who happen to be overwhelmingly WHITE. Wait a minute, who would (by virtue of their race and religion) properly represent District 1? Would a HISPANIC CATHOLIC do it? What about a BLACK BAPTIST. What about a HISPANIC BAPTIST or a BLACK CATHOLIC or a WHITE CATHOLIC or a WHITE BAPTIST or an ASIAN AGNOSTIC? Answer: Whomever the distric elects. That's Carlton Christiensen, twice. We should elect our representatives for their judgement and ideas. It is very dangerous when we elect them based on religion and race. I know it happens, but for a candidate to step up and declare them actual campaign issues is a very big problem.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Eat Your Heart Out Portland

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

50,000 Volts

I know this is not a sophisticated argument, but this headline: "Woman Beaten in Her Garage by 2 Intruders" makes it very difficult to feel sympathy for this: "Ought Cops Zap Folks? Rocky Creates a Panel" My feeling is if you're man enough to commit the crime, you should be man enough to accept the consequences. And if you're man enough to run from the police or (worse) assault them (police are underpaid), then you're man enough to have your a$$ handed to you with the help of 50,000 volts.

Dueling Headlines

Here's a weird headline combo: Montessori Going Bilingual- SL Tribune Bilingual School is Jettisoned- Deseret News Two different schools, two different cities.

Monday, May 23, 2005

Mayor Anderson Has Areas of Grey

As the Deseret News reported, Salt Lake City may have some trouble with its free airport parking. Mayor Anderson was criticized for using his working perk of free airport parking when he was away on a personal trip. His parking for the trip was worth just over $150.00. It's interesting that Mayor Anderson and his spokesperson Deeda Seed both used the same logical fallacy in defending the parking. The fallacy is called 'Red Herring' and it's used to draw attention away from a central issue or to bring irrelevant points into the argument. So, for the argument "Mayor Anderson used free parking for a personal trip and that is okay", Mayor Anderson and Deeda Seed introduced the following Red Herrings: Mayor Anderson: "The city didn't pay for any of my flight or hotel." Deeda Seed: Anderson hadn't taken a food allowance when traveling and that past mayors and other public officials have also enjoyed free parking. (Paraphrased by Deseret News) Neither of those points are actual arguments. The only real argument introduced by either of them is that Mayor Anderson did engage in some city business while on that trip. That's no much of an argument. According to the News, "Other council members defended the policy by noting that city officials often call the office and check city e-mail while on family vacations." I'm sorry, but calling in to the office and checking emails doesn't turn your vacation into a work trip. Also, check out Slam Smith for some thoughts on this topic.

Bait and Switch and Backstab and Lie

Thank you to the Tribune for calling Sandy's stadium play for what it is: nothing more than a bait and switch. Tom Dolan (part time circus emcee- see moustache) and Greg Curtis (reimbursement double dipper) have taken their disdain for Mayor Anderson to new lows. Maybe Curtis (who, let's face it, should have gone down with the Nancy Workman ship) should spend more time worrying about the state of the state (of whose house he is speaker) and Dolan should worry about his own voters after ramrodding yet another Wal- Mart over the loud protests of residents, and they both should worry less about strangling Real Salt Lake to keep it out of the hands of SLC. On the bright side, today's Tribune includes an article that looks at the different locations for the stadium, while displaying evidence that seems to solidly back the downtown spot. Speaking of Dolan, in the Sandy City poll I talked about a few days ago, one anonymous commenter confessed: "My worst political mistake was working to get him [Tom Dolan] elected." I know, I know, this post is full of cheap shots.

Friday, May 20, 2005

Letters to the Editters

There were some pretty great letters today. Here is a sample of the Deseret News: "Our legislators are like teenagers with a million parents (taxpayers). They moan and groan about how they don't have enough money." "Fishing worms are even being outsourced. When I was buying worms I noticed they only had Canadian night crawlers. I guess Americans can no longer produce their own night crawlers."

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Dogs Are Dogs

I considered posting on this a few days ago but I was too wound up over Sandy's Chief Backstabbing Liar Tom Dolan. I was surprised to see my point of view in the Tribune in a well written editorial. "It seems reasonable to assume this experience was not one that might harm the students' respect for the sanctity of life or desensitize them to the realities of death, as some have charged. On the contrary, these students undoubtedly know that animals are not only valuable in their own right but invaluable in experiments that have led to many medical advances." I too felt the outrage over the educational dissection of a dog scheduled to be euthanized was a little over the top.

I Couldn't Have Said It Better

RSL season ticket holder Hiba Issa wrote a letter to the Tribune regarding the stadium race. I thought his letter was brilliant. Here's a piece of it: "Now politicians such as House Speaker Greg Curtis appear more than willing to support such a stadium, but only if built where he wants it (preferring Real Sandy to Real Salt Lake). A move like this suggests more of a concern for what will give him a political gain rather than what is better for RSL and its thousands of fans. " Good letter.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Sandy City- A Little Slice of Heaven

Sandy City, home of backstabbing mayors, is conducting a poll asking residents what they feel is the biggest problem in Sandy. There was a category for "inoperable vehicles", "weeds", and "don't know", but there is no category for "crime", "absence of public transportation", "teenage drug use", "adult prescription drug abuse", "too many strip malls", "or stupid ideas to wreck RSL". The runaway winner by a long shot is "junk". So, the biggest problem in Sandy is junk. The second biggest problem is "poorly maintained front yards/fences". Nothing like fixing problems by pretending they don't exist. But it was in the comment section that we really get to peek into the lives of Sandy's citizens. Here are a few: "The biggest problem in my neighborhood is that big brother is getting a little too close at peeking into my private life." "I hate you." "The most serious problem is supersized Don Pott and Tom Dolan causing a Big-Mac shortage at McDonalds." "We need a liquor store on the east side." "Dog owners who let their animals s**t on my yard and then leave it." Pack yer bags, Doris. We're movin' to Sandy!

Monday, May 16, 2005

Tom Dolan and the Art of Backstabbing

As reported by Paul Rolly Friday and Jacob Santini and Derek Jensen Saturday, Salt Lake City was stabbed in the back by their neighbor to the south. Salt Lake City gave Sandy 8 million because Mayor Dolan said he needed the funds for parking at the convention center. Now, after a lunch with Joe Hatch at the Alta Club, he's apparently using the money as a leverage to take the new soccer stadium. Let's review the stadium situation: Stadium downtown- Good idea. Stadium in Murray- Bad idea. Stadium in Sandy- Horrifyingly bad idea. Unfortunately for Salt Lake City, two issues are conspiring to undermine their campaign for the stadium. Rocky has apparently disengaged as Mayor after deciding against another term. The second is that the City Council (a good council overall) is being overly cautious on this issue and jeopardizing their chances with their "wait and see" strategy. 25,000+, 16,000+, 18,000+. I think we've seen enough to move forward.

Letters to the Editters

Over the past few days, the best one- liners were in the Deseret News, while everyone who woke up on the wrong side of the bed wrote in to the Tribune. Here are some samples. Deseret News: While I have never met a liberal I haven't liked, "liberalism" is an evil. Boys, I have it on good authority that the girls do not want to see your underwear. Tribune: Hatch single-handedly perverted the confirmation process to an extent unprecedented in U.S. history. As a free American, I'm not free to go to Cuba. Expressions of joy, meaningless fun, mirth and laughter are not part of Utah's values. President Clinton's infamous grand jury testimony dancing around the definition of the word “is” pales in parsing next to Sen. Orrin Hatch's rationalizing about the sabotaging of judicial nominees and his own hypocrisy. I'm 17 years old, but I'm worried about the world my children will be growing up in. I am amazed to watch the radical Republican wave in this country break the rules and try to virtually eliminate the checks and balances in our judicial system. Other than signing the obligatory Republican-ramrodded legislation ensuring that the poor and under-represented remain poor and under-represented   and that the state will be one giant freeway within the next decade, he has done - what? One more example of how illegals, who pay little or nothing into the   system, are sucking it dry. Do the greedy, overpaid desk jockeys at the utility companies have any idea how hard it is for ordinary, honest people to pay their bills these days? Salt Lake County government is a corrupt and self-serving anachronism that has long outlived its usefulness. The best of them [citizens] should stop kvetching about politics and replace the current crop of idiots occupying the Senate.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Donations from the LDS Church

The evangelical Salt Lake Theological Seminary needs money or else it will have to shut down. According to their spokesperson, David Pascoe, the seminary will not seek money from the LDS church and will not accept money if it is offered. Pascoe told the City Weekly, “How could we be funded by the LDS Church and yet have that same authoritative voice for important differences, and be respected by the LDS Church?” Why doesn't Pascoe ask the Catholics, Episcopalians, Buddhist, and other religions who have recieved donations from the LDS Church for various projects. Somehow, they all still find the dignity to continue their religious practices.

Great One LIners

Some great one- liners from letters written to today's papers. There will not be any rock 'n' roll jiving in the [Papal] sanctuary.- Tribune Mr. Colby [president of UTA's board] lives on another planet.- Tribune There was a serpent in the LDS plaza deal. Luckily, she has been replaced with Rocky Anderson.- Deseret News I'm probably still laughing at her ensemble of tight pants, an unflattering blouse buttoned neck high and overly teased hair exploding shoulder length and width.- Deseret News Cold Stone Creamery is an ice cream store. It’s not the Celestial Kingdom.- City Weekly The most surreal letter was from Nadia Kulikova to the Tribune. She defended the actions of the Soviet Red Army during WWII (murder, torture, rape, looting, rape, torture, rape, murder, rape, more rape, more looting, mass killings, rape, subjugating millions under illegitimate governments, assasinations, purgings, false imprisonment, torture, rape, murder) with the explanation that they had spent so much time in foxholes. She did also bring up the revenge factor, (Germans killed Russians so Russians killed Germans), but anyone comfortable in going tit for tat in East Europe and placing blame needs to brush up their history.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Air Force Bases To Be Closed

Picked this up through Slam Smith. Apparently, it's a leaked list of Air Force bases slated for closure. Notice, Hill is not on the list. If it's real, it's good news for Ogden. 1. Altus AFB, OK 2. Beale AFB, CA 3. Brooks AFB, TX 4. Cannon AFB, NM 5. Columbus AFB, MS 6. Ellsworth AFB, SD 7. Goodfellow AFB, TX 8. Grand Forks AFB, ND 9. Hanscom AFB, MA 10. Kirtland AFB, NM 11. Los Angeles AFB, CA 12. McConnell AFB, KS 13. Shaw AFB, SC 14. Vance AFB, OK

John Inglish and the Big Money

John Inglish, head of UTA, earns $267,000. The Tribune defended him, saying criticism of his salary stems from the debate over fare increases and that the legislature only wants to build roads and give the UTA as little money as possible. Maybe that has to do with the criticism, but I think they're overstating the effect of those two issues. In fact, the Tribune nailed down the most compelling reason to question Inglish's salary when they put the amount into perspective: Inglish is paid more than the same position in New York, Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, Chicago, Atlanta, Denver and Oakland. He also makes more than twice as much as Governor Huntsman. The Tribune credits him for being a part of major changes in transportation over the last few decades. Sure he deserves credit, but let's keep in mind, we went from some buses to more buses then fewer buses and two light rail lines. Our transportation is not very big, nor is it very efficient nor is it impressive. He's paid too much. Also, the Tribune says that if the UTA is put under UDOT we can "kiss aggressive transit growth in Utah good-bye". What aggressive transit growth? Does the Tribune editorial staff live in Utah?

Monday, May 09, 2005

Heavy Hitter

Salt Lake City Council Member Eric Jergensen has already frightened off the first of Mayor Anderson's challengers. According to Distric 3 rumor mills, Jane Marquardt has quietly stopped campaigning after not finding much support against Jergensen. Jane Marquardt, though receiving a great deal of press when Mayor Anderson announced her candidacy for her, never actually filed as a candidate, so there is technically nothing to withdraw. But apparently it's over anyway. Jergensen's first run was strong enough that Mayor Anderson balked at endorsing his own sycophant, Polly Hart, who ran an uphill battle against Jergensen in 2001. Clearly, Anderson doesn't want to make the same mistake twice, but maybe Jergensen is the wrong battle.

Democratic State Convention Wrap- Up

Others will do a better job than I at wrapping this up. I do, however, feel the 25 vote squeeker Holland saw against Jan Lovett justified my post on her the other day. So, it sounds like Jim Matheson is still the favorite son, but not by the kind of margin previously thought. The conservative platform works for Matheson, but does it work for the delegates? After all, the race goes to those who show up. Democracy for Utah- State party election results Brian's Utah Weblog- Utah Democratic Convention 2005 Deseret Morning News- Union leader to head Demos Salt Lake Tribune- Democrats go with self-styled moderate

Senator Orrin Hatch

Senator Orrin Hatch wrote in to the Tribune Sunday to give his side of the story on the Senate filibusters. I don't know what would have prompted Senator Hatch to defend himself like that. Is he feeling the heat of the "retirement debate"? Or was he just feeling awnry. Whenever a politician is willing to go on record and explain himself, that's a great thing. But it doesn't seem to be his style. Perhaps others would disagree with my thoughts on that. Reach Upward has a very interesting and worthwhile post up about Senator Hatch, his tenure, and his possible future.

Friday, May 06, 2005

Megan Risbon and True Democracy

The other day, Salt Lake County Democratic Chairperson Megan Risbon wrote in to the Deseret News to take James Evans to task. She said "Obviously, with his recent loss, he has already forgotten how well a true form of democracy works." She should have picked a different race to use as an example of "true" democracy. Senate District 1 is what's considered a safe seat. It's overwhelmingly Democrat. This is thanks to gerrymandering (which is not the topic of this post) and some simple demographic realities. House District 24 is another example of this. As is Utah County. And Davis County. That's not very democratic. Also, James Evans was one of the recipients of the services of the Truth in Politics campaign. We all remember what that was. Also, not very democratic. So, James Evans wins his first election with broad bi partisan support and advocates for the west side at both the city and state level (remember the heartburn he gave Rocky for ignoring the west side?). But according to Ms. Risbon, the situation wasn't truly democratic until he is unseated (by an extremely narrow margin) in a bitterly partisan election in which a barely legal PAC is brought in to disparage the incumbent thereby giving Fred Fife a very narrow edge. It's no wonder Evans has a chip on his shoulder. True democracy? Puhleeze. Politics as usual. (Please note, this post says only what it says. It does not say Democrats are responsible for jerrymandering nor does it say Republicans don't engage in dirty politics. So I don't want crazy accusations in the comments.)

Tomorrow's a Big Day For Democrats

First I'd like to say I wasn't the only one calling Craig Axford the Mayor Anderson candidate. But I should take responsibility for it and inform whoever cares that Mayor Anderson is actually endorsing Jan Lovett. In a letter to delegates, Mayor Anderson said that while some of the candidates are great progressives, he believes Lovett is best for the job. The question remains. Will that hurt or hinder Jan Lovett. It could help by attracting progressives that would rather follow Mayor Anderson than Craig Axford. But what will this endorsement mean to non- progressive Democrats. Will it entrench them in their support for Wayne Holland? Speaking of Wayne Holland, he's supposedly the moderate, Jim Matheson candidate. He's also the union candidate. But according to Democracy for Utah, Holland said he was not a moderate and actually had more in common with the progressives (not likely considering he doesn't even have a website). Was he just saying that because he was talking to progressives? Also, Jan Lovett picked up the endorsment of the Southwest Carpenters Union. What's going on here? We'll find out tomorrow.

Blair Bumped Blogger Brian

Senator Hatch showed up at Midday Edition with plenty on his mind. One topic discussed on the show is one being kicked around the blogosphere. Is it time for Senator Hatch to retire? There is worthwhile commentary at Utah Politcs that includes a plug for Tim Bridgewater Brian's blog also hit that topic today as well as many other Hatch related issues. KCPW asked the Senator if the reason he wanted another term was so he'd be around for a Supreme Court appointment. Hatch's response left the distinct impression a court appointment may be one of the reasons he's staying in the Senate. Some also speculate (okay, I speculate) that he's keeping the seat warm for Mike Leavitt so Mike can finish his time with W and not have to challenge a Republican incumbent in a primary when he gets back to UT.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Brian's Utah Weblog on KCPW

This week, Brian of Brian's Utah Weblog is the featured blogger for KCPW's Blogger Friday. Listen to him tomorrow at 10:20am. You can also listen online.

Deseret News Letters to the Editters

From the Deseret Morning News: Why don't the Minutemen mention illegal Chinese or Cubans? Bison are harvested just like fish, deer, birds, and asparagus. Teachers are great because many students who are taught by teachers move on to college. Universal health care does too work. Granite school district doesn't teach enough science, art, social studies, and physical education.

Tribune's Letters to the Editters.

Here they are, from the Salt Lake Tribune: I have used the politically correct word 'breasticles' many times over the years. Extremist parties are lethal to democracy. To save gas, I drive 55. Teach our children about Jefferson's slave baby so they don't grow up in a fantasy world. Jolly's Corner Pharmacy doesn't stock Plan B. The average dog is nicer than the average person so visit an animal sanctuary. If we celebrate Mexican holidays then we can make Mexico a state. Tribune should report on the new proof that Bush's Iraq plans were cooked in advance.


So, is the ACLU the only one carrying the torch for this? Seems like the rest of us have found some way to move on with our lives, including Mayor Anderson. ACLU: Salt Lake City- LDS Church Deal 'Unconstitutional'- KSL Judges weigh Plaza property rights- Tribune Main Street plaza battle renews this week in court- Tribune ACLU vents ire over plaza deal- Deseret News Commentary at State of the Beehive

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Letters to the Editters

The best part of my day. The Salt Lake Tribune: I want a coupon from the federal government for a free hybrid car. Just because we live here doesn't mean the U.S. is the best country. A rigorous scientific study of creationism would be very short. "Our great-grandchildren will curse their profligate great-grandparents who left them to pay up with no productive work to pay with". Advanced life forms appreciate the difference between science and religion. Left wing religious people attacking right wing religious people don't see irony. Buy Viagra instead of a big truck. LDS Church should change temple marriage policy to include non- members. The Deseret Morning News: Film filters are for lazy parents. Jane Fonda should be in jail but she's a celebrity so she's free. The full Senate should consider every presidential nominee. Panhandlers shouldn't threaten people. Doctor community should kick out bad doctors. Planned parenthood won't discourage abortions because they'll lose money. Bison meat is better for you than beef. "Who gives a flying fig what the final score is? So what if the shortstop was picking his nose and missed a catch?" 'Cold Case' on CBS misrepresented Mormons. "Building Bridges" dialogue definition excludes those who hold firm beliefs. The ACLU is inventing imaginary liberties. Sell Rocky to a blue state.

Tunnel Vision

The Capitol Hill tunnel made the news again today in both the Tribune and the News. Yesterday I gave a kind of tongue in cheek tribute to the idea so here's a more serious treatment. First, I like the idea because it's big. It's ambitious and sometimes we need that. We like to tinker a lot to give the appearance of solving problems but without the risk (or results). With that said, I think it's the wrong project for the neighborhood. The tunnel would only dump traffic more effectively into the dead end at North Temple and Main. What they need is traffic lights and stop signs that will encourage commuters into actual commuting corridors and discourage mass migration through residential neighborhoods.

Home Schooling and Church Buildings

According to today's Deseret News, the LDS Church clarified it's policy for non- church building use as it relates to home schooling. For a first- hand look at this issue, visit Gazelem.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Salt Lake City's Hooligans

San Jose squeeked out a tie against RSL Saturday. Alejandro Moreno of San Jose had this to say about the game: "In the end we were able to scrap a point. This is a difficult place to play. The crowd is very much into it, the field isn't the very best surface in the world, so we're happy to get out of here with a point." I think he's talking about when Craig Waibel, whipping boy of section 37, was hit in the arm by an object thrown from the stands on the North side of the field after picking a fight with local mohawk inspiration Clint Mathis. Maybe Waibel and Senator Bramble should get together and go bowling. RSL loyalty doesn't mean throwing things at the other side. That's just not right.

Tunnel Fever

Please, I had this idea like 5 years ago. I've got so many ideas for tunnels in this city. Tunnels are the best. Let's sing a song about tunnels.

Monday, May 02, 2005

Salt Lake County GOP

The Salt Lake County Republican Convention received exactly the same coverage the Democrats did. One article a piece from the "big two" papers. S.L. County's GOP elects a black chairman- Deseret News S.L. Co. Republicans elect new leader who dismisses ethics lapses- Tribune Brian Watkins talks about it today. Also, there is a County GOP group at Yahoo that has begun a recap. Finally, if anyone is interested in the Utah County GOP convention the was apparently also held yesterday, Utah Politics wrapped it up for us all this morning.

Immigrant Workers

I keep hearing about how immigrants are necessary because they do the work Americans won't do. It's a lame argument in the immigrant debate because it's degrading and also false. As the American economy grows, it needs workers. New supplies of workers are come in from other countries and fill whatever job they can. It is NOT work Americans won't do (we've been doing it for generations), it is work that is AVAILABLE for new immigrants and easy to obtain. The English had a similar attitude toward the Irish in the 19th century. The English (and many scholars since then) insist that the Irish came in to fill jobs the English wouldn't do. That statement completely ignores the fact that industrial England had already been built on the backs of low paid English laborers. So, all at once the English were too good for those jobs so they needed the Irish? Immigrants go where there is opportunity. Opportunity is based on economic growth, not on whether the natives are too good for certain jobs.

Letters to the Editters

The best part of the newspaper is right here. The Salt Lake Tribune The Salt Lake Marathon was really great and I wish I were from East Africa. I don't go to Moab anymore because the 90% of ATV riders who are rude give the other 10% a bad name. If you believe in privatisation of Social Security then cancel your life insurance and invest it in the stock market. The deer population is down because there are too many cougars (mountain lions, not fans). The ticket lines and foot shortages at Rice Eccles are the fault of the U., not RSL. I had a dream about George Bush and Jerry Falwell, Bill Frist, and Tom DeLay. If your children grow up Mormon, why are you surprised when you aren't allowed in the temple for their wedding. The Deseret Morning News If you authorize a permit to build a house vulnerable to floods or mudslides, it's your fault. We're being invaded from the south! Dirty jobs like asbestos removal used to be high paying. It costs 3 cents per mile to fuel a natural gas honda. Licensed bison hunters are murderers for hire.