Friday, April 15, 2005

NCLB, Utah, and Racism

Ted McDonough at City Weekly served up an analysis of why Utah is objecting to NCLB. His primary source, Michael Clara, spins an interesting theory of racism. McDonough quoted Clara who quoted an unnamed school principal as saying, "They are illegals. We shouldn’t be required to educate them". Juicy quote, and believable. But third hand anonymous quotes don't bring a lot of integrity into your story. McDonough's other two sources are better. State Representative Duane Bourdeaux said “There is a perception out there, talking to different people, that these [minority] kids are not capable”. Gonzalo Palza, member of Governor Huntsman's Hispanic Advisory Committee, said “It’s creating a generation of functionally illiterate for the future. That has to have an economic impact on the state. Sooner or later, it affects everybody”. For another (credible and worthwhile) point of view on this issue, State Rep. Steve Urquhart has an interesting discussion going.


Anonymous "peachtree city" said...

Life's Reflections

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