Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Governor Huntsman's Interview Problem

Thanks to Brian Watkins for breaking this. I have heard the interview myself, and Brian's account is basically accurate. So, what does this tell us? It may say Huntsman is willing to consider livable wage initiatives, but they took a back seat to his much touted positive relationship with the legislature. It may also mean Huntsman wanted to take his own whack at the Mayor Anderson pinata. Probably it means Huntsman has no real plans for livable wages, but like a good politician, is willing to have a discussion on pretty much whatever topic. Unfortunately, he didn't connect the dots between the wage bill he signed, the resolution the Democrats passed, and the question asked him, and he tripped and fell. I know the Governor's an experienced guy, but there's so much information swirling around him, someone needs to filter it and prep him. Because he tanked that question. And it wasn't even a hard one.


Blogger Oldenburg said...

I think he is playing dumb. But that technique is trademarked by President Bush and Governor Schwartzenegger...sorry try again next time.

4/21/2005 06:18:00 PM  

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